Monday 18th of June 2018

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MMMM sees misogyny now, while before it was just Julia...

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be well aware of Clive Pamer's stupid and sexist comments about Tony Abbott's chief of staff, Peta Credlin

I say ‘living under a rock’ as the media are ‘outraged’. Clive made his comments on Monday night and journo’s were ‘shocked’ — tweeting how ‘nasty’ he was.

By Tuesday morning, James Massola was admirably quick out of the gate with 'Grow up: Clive Palmer's comments about Peta Credlin have embarrassed only himself' and the outrage had seriously begun.

By Tuesday afternoon, we had Sky News host David Speers (the selfsame apologist for Liberal Party staffer Grahame Morris after the latter had said former PM Julia Gillard should be kicked to death) focussing almost exclusively on the sexism — not only outraged by Clive, but also that members of the ‘left’ and the ALP have not exactly been overwhelming in their condemnation of Clive Palmer, nor yelling very loudly for him to apologise to Peta Credlin.

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yeah... man up clive!...


Cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed he told Clive Palmer to "man up" and apologise to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief of staff Peta Credlin.

Mr Palmer has written to Ms Credlin to say he regrets if he caused her any offence by claiming Mr Abbott's $5.5 billion paid parental leave scheme was designed so she would benefit if she fell pregnant.

Ms Credlin, who served as Mr Turnbull's deputy chief of staff when he was Liberal leader in 2009, has publicly spoken about her difficulties in trying to conceive through IVF.

This morning Macquarie Radio host Alan Jones demanded Mr Turnbull explain why he had not publicly leapt to her defence, especially given he had dinner with Mr Palmer last week.

"I was waiting, I couldn't hear any echo from Canberra of Malcolm publicly springing into defence and saying what reprehensible, disgraceful behaviour this is and what an obscenity this woman who worked for me should be attacked in such a way, I was trying to hear the echo from Canberra, Malcolm, I couldn't hear any reverberation at all," Jones said.

"I'll tell you what I did, Alan, because I don't want to create any more pain for Peta than she's already suffered," Mr Turnbull said.

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the misogyny tomato...

the misogyny tomato...

Tony Abbott accused Julia Gillard of being misogynist (a big word for him) because she had not push s stick up Slipper's butt for saying things about women, while she rightly had to wait the parliamentary protocol to be enacted. Meanwhile, Tony Abbott always claimed that women should do the ironing... This is when Julia Gillard, a bit fed up with the now Turd-in-Chief and many other misogynist people, went on the tomato hunt and became famous for saying things about misogyny by this man...


stinging nettle soup for entrée...

Federal MP Clive Palmer has strongly denied allegations he tried to corruptly influence the Queensland Government, after being referred to the state's Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) last night.

The allegations relate to an April 2012 meeting between the mining magnate and Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, just after the Liberal National Party (LNP) won office in 2012.

Mr Seeney claims that during the meeting Mr Palmer asked him for "specialist treatment" for his mining interests "on the basis that he had been a supporter of our government".

"He wanted to bypass the proper processes and we weren't prepared to do that," Mr Seeney told Queensland's 7.30 program.

Mr Palmer, who is suing Premier Campbell Newman for defamation over comments that he had tried to "buy governments", rejected the Deputy Premier's allegations as "simply not true" and said he would be suing Mr Seeney for defamation.

The allegations of Mr Palmer's request for favourable treatment in the meeting form part of Mr Newman's defence in the defamation suit, which was lodged with the Supreme Court on Thursday.

"It's just made up for political purposes. It has got no foundation in fact whatsoever," Mr Palmer said.

"Mr Seeney only came up with this idea when I sued the Premier and the Premier put that [meeting] in his defence, and Seeney went on TV to try and justify it.

"Mr Seeney has lied to Queenslanders and he should resign immediately."

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