Sunday 22nd of April 2018

our dishonest idiot abroad....

the tony and rupert show

Tony Abbott has jogged with firefighters, met Ban Ki-moon and visited the 9/11 memorial.
But no trip to New York would be complete without dinner with Rupert Murdoch.

The Prime Minister was spotted arriving at the media mogul's upscale apartment near Central Park on Tuesday evening local time. He left about two-and-a-half hours later.
His chief-of-staff Peta Credlin also attended the Murdoch meal.
The two came from an event with the Asia Society after an action-packed day in New York City.

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tony dines with the mongrel who brings you this crap:


This was way below the belt. And people buy this crap... Stop buying the merde-och crap! Revolt against Tony Abbott and his backer! Advertisers! Stop advertising in the merde-och crap! Show some decency, please!


And Tony kisses Rupert's arse. No other way to describe this ludicrous relationship... And by the way the picture of the left is a "stock" photo showing a queue of people in Sweden or somewhere like it... UGLY TELECRAP!

the turd talks shit...


In an interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman – conducted several weeks ago but broadcast in the finale of the Years of Living Dangerously series – Obama said “the science is compelling … if you profess leadership in this country at this moment in our history then you have to recognise that this is going to be one of the most significant long-term challenges, if not the most significant long-term challenge, that this country faces and the planet faces.”

But in New York on Tuesday, Abbott had a different view.

“Climate change is a significant global issue – it is a very significant global issue. Is it the most important issue the world faces right now? I don’t believe so. It is one of a number of significant issues that the world faces and we will do our bit. We will be a good international citizen. What we are not going to do is clobber our economy and cost jobs with things like a job-killing carbon tax.”


Abbott is a con-artist. A conman. Abbott is dishonest, proven time and time again.... Don't believe a word he says. He will say anything that sounds important, but his arguments are flawed and he knows it because HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE. Even if his house was taken by the most severe bush fire ever, HE WOULD STILL NOT BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING. 

And the fat man is going to let him get away with it, for now... But we know that this opera finishes when the fat lady sings last... In this case the fat lady is global warming...

Under Abbott, Australia is becoming the most selfish nation on earth. He is an idiot.


dishonest magic from the porkiegraph...

Magic is a trick of hand or words designed to make you believe that something extraordinary has happened: the king of spite is now the Joker of Salami in a blink (or wink of an eye)... Here we have the most dishonest prime minister of Australia presented to us by the Porkiegraph of the merde-och press with a slight twist... They did not say that Tony was "honest" directly, but carefully read the heading:


honestly dishonest


As you see the trick is to associate Abbott with the word "Honest"... This is blatantly dishonest. The side panel off course is about global warming and our Turd-in-Chief is "off the hook" according to the drivelsheet... NO EFFING WAY! Our Turd-in-Chief is not off the hook... We NEED TO HAMMER HIM DAILY! 

We need to relentlessly expose the Turdograph for what it is...

the real picture from the SMH as doctored by gus...

con artist

nothing worse than a winking winker...

new geography lesson...


'Drastic' changes need to be made to the new National Geographic Atlas of the World to reflect the effects of climate change

The Arctic ice sheet has shrunk so much that National Geographic is having to make what it calls “drastic” changes to its atlas.

Geographers say the disappearing ice is “one of the most striking” changes in the history of the National Geographic Atlas of the World, which will release its 10th edition in September.

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see toon at top and mischief above

singing his new song to rupert...

Tony Abbott gave Rupert Murdoch a “full rundown” on his planned paid parental leave scheme before announcing the policy in 2010, in a marked contrast with his decision not to consult the party room, a new book reveals.

The then-opposition leader’s discussions with the News Corp boss are outlined in a book published on Wednesday about the treasurer, Joe Hockey, by the former News Corp columnist Madonna King.

The release of the authorised biography came a day after the Productivity Commission issued a report that suggested some of the $5.5bn earmarked for the paid parental leave policy should be diverted to childcare to make a bigger impact on workforce participation.

The plan to provide six months of paid parental leave at the full replacement wage is opposed by large parts of the Coalition party room and is yet to be legislated.

In the book, King reveals Murdoch was consulted before Abbott announced the policy – including a levy on big business – on International Women’s Day in March 2010.

“Big business rumbled but didn’t erupt at the scheme, but the party room was in uproar,” King writes.

“The hardheads knew that it would open the Coalition up to an accusation of raising taxes even though the extra tax would only apply to big businesses. But, more importantly, neither the party room nor the businesses who would pay had been consulted.