Monday 28th of May 2018

miranda lives on her own little asteroid, near pluto...


Relentlessly, contrary to what Annabel assured us, the merde-och press scribes were pressing on with informing us we're all caught in a Twilight Zone Australian vortex, unlike 'em bunkered in Kippax street.

one lie too many...

When Tonicchio told the world that he was a conservationists, this was one lie too many.

This guy is good. He lies with brilliance.


But after having decimated the science of global warming in this country, after having replaced the scientific advisory panel with a couple of moronic denialists, after having pledged to destroy some world heritage forests in Tasmania, after having passed the buck of environmental control to right-wing pro-destruction of the environment states with a goal to simplify the process of destruction approval, one needs to recognise Tony Bullshitt Abbott is NOT A CONSERVATIONIST.  A CON artist sure... But a conservationist, he ain't. 

Tony is a liar with a long wooden nose, getting longer by the minute — now about 20 feet of four-be-two... Tony is dishonest.

left on their own, abbott and harper...

on their own

not just the lefties think tony's pigeon loft is full of shit.


Hewson is not critical of Abbott because he thinks him too ideologically right-wing. As Liberal leader from 1990 to 1994, Hewson was the most pro-market, pro-privatisation, small-government political leader Australia had seen.

But the former Treasury economist, IMF adviser and investment banker does find the Abbott government guilty of serious unfairness: “They raised expectations that the budget would be fair, but it it’s very inequitable. They said everyone would share the burden, but they clearly didn’t except for the cosmetic 2 per cent levy” on people earning more than $180,000 a year.

“That’s 1 per cent of the income for a higher earner, but they’ve made sizeable cuts of 10 per cent to 15 per cent for people on low incomes” through welfare changes. “It’s a significant hit to people on low incomes,'' he says.

About two-thirds of the adult population agrees with Hewson’s charge of unfairness, according to the polls. But what of Joe Hockey’s rejoinder to the complaint that the budget is unfair? He’s said that government isn’t supposed to deliver equality of outcomes, but should aim for fairness of opportunities.

“There’s too big a gap between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes,” replies Hewson.

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