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on the jewish condition...

moses bush on fire

In the Exodus account, Israel suffered without apparent sin. It prays (cries) for help, and God hears and sends a redeemer [Moses]. In prophetic accounts of the First Destruction, Israel suffers for its sins, but also suffers beyond measure. As very briefly sampled here, late rabbinic accounts of the Second Destruction both imitate features of the prophetic accounts of Israel's sins and also add a new voice: Israel seems fated to its suffering as if there were no apparent reason for it. The Second Destruction appears to challenge Israel's relation with God in unforeseen ways.

Lesson 8: As witness to its terrible destructions, Israel's scriptural readings therefore appear to mark the termini of identifiable epochs in Israel's relation with God as that relation is embodied in all of its theo-political, theo-societal and theological institutions.

We thereby arrive at what might appear to us as an awe-ful response to our prayerful inquiry into the meaning of this past century of destruction. While this is apparently our worst experience of suffering, periods of destruction like this are not unprecedented in Israel's salvation history, and there is - God help us! - no scriptural warrant for our assuming this sad cycle of history has ended.

There is scriptural warrant, however, for our reading the epoch of Shoah as the terminus of a particular epoch of Judaism - what we might call the epoch of modern Judaism. In the third part, I will consider the implications of this possibility.

Peter Ochs is Edgar M. Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia. He is the author of The Return to Scripture in Judaism and Christianity: Essays in Postcritical Scriptural Interpretation and Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews.


Then Moses was savaged by "his own" people":

"This is the same Moses they had rejected with the words, 'Who made you ruler and judge?' He was sent to be their ruler and deliverer by God himself, through the angel who appeared to him in the bush.
34'I HAVE CERTAINLY SEEN THE OPPRESSION OF MY PEOPLE IN EGYPT AND HAVE HEARD THEIR GROANS, AND I HAVE COME DOWN TO RESCUE THEM; COME NOW, AND I WILL SEND YOU TO EGYPT.' 35"This Moses whom they disowned, saying, 'WHO MADE YOU A RULER AND A JUDGE?' is the one whom God sent to be both a ruler and a deliverer with the help of the angel who appeared to him in the thorn bush. 36"This man led them out, performing wonders and signs in the land of Egypt and in the Red Sea and in the wilderness for forty years.…

more than humpteen translations are available of the same thing...


Here, one has to "believe" in god in order to feel the "Jewish pain". The concept of sin — whatever that is, singularly and collectively — is also high on the agenda of beliefs... But all in all, the interpretation of biblical events whether they happened or not, show a strong fatalism that is conducive to a permanent feeling of martyrdom...

This of course is in line with natural consciousness: we know we live (I hope we do!), we know people die, we thus know we die. It's not a sophism it's a truism, though we hope we don't die, because we have invented eternity. In reality, there is no escape: thus from the day we are born we are doomed. We interpret this annoying factor of life with various fantasies. We invent ways to explain our relationship with the unexplainable. We invent rituals, some of which go astray and become sinful golden calves worship, according to the old songbook... We are the people of god. The Jews are the chosen people of god, or did the Jews choose god? Or does god exist?

And this is fair enough. Consciousness is a hard mistress to deal with. Thus the biggest sin would be to abandon one's belief in god... Gus: guilty as charged. The existence of god doesn't make any sense at all once you look at reality and the small print...

So what am I doing here, rabbitting on about something that has nothing to do with me and/or do not understand?... Well it's my own migration, physical and mental, that always attracts me to study what other people believe, without any proofs of any sorts. They rely with vigour on a fanciful record (a bit like relying on the merde-och press for proper "news" information) with varied interpretations and a godly stamp of approved sacredness, in order to reinforce the faith with stainless steel devotion. A lot of written words in the bible is fiction written to suit an outcome. 

Most of what we believeth is fiction. It's fiction that suits a moment but does not survive scrutiny of evolving dynamics, sciences, nor a simple change of weather. We sometimes have to adapt away from fairy tales.

So one can believe that events happened. But the interpretations leave a lot to be desired. And god speaketh or saideth to the Jewish people has not happened for a long time as far as I can tell, unless, Judaism has had it's own secret prophets since the Jews and the Romans put Christ to death. 
Should I believe that according to a "new" hidden Talmud, the decimation of the Jews by Hitler would have been prophetized? Even Edgar M. Bronfman does not believe so....

Should I believe that, ipso facto, Hitler's decimation of the Jews only happened because the Jews had badly sinned?. So what was the sin of the Jews in early 1900 century in Europe? Was it their relationship with cash and capitalism? Or their discreet attachment to gold? Was it because they lived in their ghettos, independently of the gentiles? 

I have no proper idea and nothing makes sense. But I can imagine the next wave of such Ghettos is through the invasion of Europe and the West by Muslims. 

Despite having a certain relationship with cash, the Muslims do not have the same financial power as the Jews ever had or still have... But the Muslims have another discreet weapon: population. Population growth is essential for capitalism to survive through consumerism. Thus there is a subconscious conflict in the mind of the rabid money-men. Yes, when this population reaches critical growth, the neo-fascists of capitalism will have to either capitulate to sharia law and convert, or will have to fight. Time will tell.

Meanwhile the Jews are fighting the Muslims in Palestine, flaunting every human rights in the book. And the neo-fascists secretly approve, while officially demanding restraint. 

Thus, what's what of the Jewish condition? The Jews have their promise land and for most it's not paradise until all of it is theirs to have. There is no room for the Palestinians. What's next?

Oppression or being oppressed is the long history of Israel. For me, most of the interpretation of this history is made to provide a great excuse to being Jewish and eat bagels. Thus I will be awaiting with impatience the next instalment, part three of this discourse by Edgar M. Bronfman.


Gus Leonisky

Your local Jew...

supporting the unsupportable...

He may have been fasting on Thursday “out of respect for his Muslim friends”, but Premier Mike Baird would not withdraw support for embattled Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff.

Mr Alhadeff, who is also chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, issued an apology on Thursday for offending Sydney’s Muslim community by defending Israel’s actions in the deadly conflict with Gaza.

Mr Baird said Mr Alhadeff has his “full confidence”. 

However, Arab community leader Joseph Wakim said that while he welcomed the statement, Mr Alhadeff was “dragged screaming” to apologise and his community relations role remains untenable.

Mr Alhadeff’s controversial remarks were contained in an email to the Jewish community two weeks ago.

They appeared to underplay Israel’s contribution to the conflict, in which more than 600 Palestinians and 29 Israelis have now been killed.

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killing the children...


International scrutiny of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip intensified on Thursday when more than 15 Palestinians were killed and 200 injured in a strike on a UN school in northern Gaza crowded with hundreds of displaced civilians.

Most of the injured were women and children. Among the dead was a mother and her one-year-old baby. UN staff had been attempting to organise the school's evacuation when the attack took place.

Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the UN, condemned the attack, which came hours after the agency had warned that Israel's actions in the Palestinian enclave could constitute war crimes. "Today's attack underscores the imperative for the killing to stop and to stop now," Ban said.

The Israeli military first claimed, in a text sent to journalists, that the school could have been hit by Hamas missiles that fell short. Later, a series of tweets from the Israel Defence Forces appeared to confirm the deaths were the result of an Israeli strike.

"Today Hamas continued firing from Beit Hanoun. The IDF responded by targeting the source of the fire."

"Last night, we told Red Cross to evacuate civilians from UNRWA's shelter in Beit Hanoun btw 10am & 2pm. UNRWA & Red Cross got the message. Hamas prevented civilians from evacuating the area during the window that we gave them."


Will this enter the list of sins committed by Israel, under the eyes of god?... Good frightening question if you are a believer... See article at top.


tit for tat for tit for tat for the last 2000 years...

From Chris Floyd

It is simply a lie that Israel's slaughter in Gaza is a response to an "unprovoked attack" by Hamas. Not only is it a lie, it is a transparent, brazen lie, whose falsehood is glaringly apparent to anyone who had given even a cursory look at coverage of the Israeli government's response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers in June. 

At that time, we were told in many news reports about an Israeli "crackdown" in Gaza, including mass arrests, military operations and, finally, the killing of six Hamas members. It was 
after these operations and these killings -- which were clear breaches of a ceasefire which Hamas had been honoring for 19 months -- that Hamas began its retaliation against Israel's unprovoked attacks.

(And no, the murder of the teenagers was not a "provocation" by Hamas, which disclaimed all connection to the crime. It was almost certainly carried out a rogue clan which has often -- conveniently -- staged provocations whenever it seems that some small movement toward peace might be made, and has been a thorn in Hamas' side for a long time. What's more, as Max Blumenthal reported, the
 Israeli government knew the teenagers had been murdered almost immediately, and who the likely culprits were; but the Netanyahu regime chose to wage a worldwide campaign of mendacity -- and torment the boys' parents -- by claiming they might still be alive, and launching "search" missions for them.)

These are all undisputed facts. The narrative that dominates the Washington media and political discourse -- "plucky Israel attacked without motive by demonic foes" -- is, again, an obvious lie. But that has not stopped it from being repeated endlessly, all across the political spectrum and in every form of media, day after day after day.

It is impossible that Barack Obama does not know these undisputed facts. Standing at the apex of history's most all-pervasive intelligence system -- and receiving daily digests of news reports on volatile areas like the Middle East -- he of all people knows that the Hamas rocket fire was a response to an Israeli military action, an Israeli violation of a long ceasefire. 

It is also impossible that a majority, if not all, of the 100 U.S. Senators who voted to endorse the Israeli slaughter in Gaza -- including stalwart "progressives" like Al Franken and "socialist" Bernie Sanders -- did not know the truth when they cast their ballots. It is impossible that the editors and reporters of the nation's leading media organizations do not know these facts -- which they themselves reported only a few weeks ago.

Yet day after day after day, from the commanding heights of our "culture" (if the debased goon show of our public discourse deserves such a word), the Big Lie thunders forth. What's more, Obama is putting his money (or rather, our money) where his mendacious mouth is, 
tacking $225 million for Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system into a bill ostensibly meant to deal with the influx of child immigrants. Obama and the Senate Democrats are making political pawns out of these children -- most of whom are fleeing Central American hellholes created in no small part by decades of bipartisan military and political backing for repressive oligarchs. (Including, of course, Obama's support for an oligarch-militarist "regime change" coup in Honduras early in his presidency.) With the new money for Israel's military, the Democrats hope to sucker the Republicans into voting for the emergency immigration bill (from which they cut $1 billion -- hey, you don't want to coddle those kids!), or else put them in a political bind if the immigrant-hating GOP votes against the bill: "You aren't supporting plucky little Israel!" 

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more killings of children...

United Nations officials described the killing of sleeping children as a disgrace to the world and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law after a school in Gaza being used to shelter Palestinian families was shelled on Wednesday.

At least 15 people, mostly children and women, died when the school in Jabaliya refugee camp was hit by five shells during a night of relentless bombardment across Gaza. More than 100 people were injured.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said the attack was "outrageous and unjustifiable" and demanded "accountability and justice". The UN said its officials had repeatedly given details of the school and its refugee population to Israel.


All the scriptures of the Talmud and the Bible become more and more shit, day by day....

using traditional tears to justify new ruthless shit...


On Monday, Jewish communities around the world will sit in collective mourning on Tisha b'Av, the day of Jewish tears. So many tears. For the destruction of the First and Second Temples. For the defeat of the Bar Kochba rebellion. For the expulsion of Jews from England in 1290 and Spain in 1492. For the day on which Himmler was given the go-ahead for Die Endlosung, "The Final Solution" - that is, the extermination of the Jews of Europe.

Yet as one of the generation born after the Holocaust, whose identity was shaped in the wake of the Six Day War, I believed that Tisha b'Av and its sensibility belonged to the world of my parents and theirs. It was not ours. They were ha-zorim be-dim'a and we were be-rinah yiktzoru. They had sown in tears so that we could reap in joy.

This has made the past three weeks very difficult indeed for Jews around the world, but above all for Am Yisrael be-Medinat Yisrael. After the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian teenager, rocket attacks from Hamas intensified. The result was a sustained assault of a kind no country in the world has had to face: worse than the Blitz in World War II. (At the height of the Blitz, on average 100 German missiles were launched against Britain every day. On average during the present conflict Hamas has been firing 130 missiles a day against Israel.) We felt the tears of the injured and bereaved. We felt for the Palestinians too, held hostage by Hamas, a ruthless terrorist organisation.


I have news for you, cobber, Hamas is no more ruthless than Israel... And Hamas may have a different tradition about the ownership of that region...