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Global warming is basically a macro-mechanical science of flux with statistical, observational calculations and applied technology. It is a simple science. Compared to the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, global warming should be as easy to understand as buttering a toast on the right side.

But because the resultant beast clearly demands drastic reduction of our emissions of CO2, we are dragging our feet. Well, basically, vested interests are fighting tooth and nail to stop people understanding what it's all about. These vested interests are very powerful. They are the greater part of the neo-fascist capitalist clique. In order to disseminate contrary information (porkies) they use all the tricks imaginable, from employing pseudo-scientists, controlled media as well as encouraging a small nest of scientists dedicated to be contrariant.

I do not mind scientists to be contrariant. It's in the brief of science. But I mind their obvious association with neo-fascist capitalism. Most of these anti global warming scientists — and there aren't many (thank goodness) — act as if to disprove that one plus one equals two. All of these scientists have far less data at hand to formulate anything, than dedicated scientists. As well their analysis of global warming is scientifically improper.
So how do we reconcile our rights to tell porkies via freedom of expression and our necessity to know the truth... which is muddled by these ningnongs?
For example some very great scientific minds were contrariant, but eventually had to acquiesce to being wrong. For many years, Einstein tried to disprove the weird quantum theory but drew a blank. Few people understand the entire complexity of quantum mechanics and yet this counter-intuitive scientific analysis and its powerful mathematical models of the micro/nano world have been essential in the development of much of our technologies of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Another example of scientific contrariant, was a clever precocious mathematician and scientist, Siméon Denis Poisson, who in the 1800s did not believe in the wave nature of light. He was proven wrong, and yet we, plebs, may have no idea what the wave nature of light means... Because in some way, Poisson was half-right since we now ascribe a duality of wave and a particle (photon) to light. 
These are very BIG formulations that cannot be made without moving on to the next level of quantum mechanics. So could the present global warming contrariant/denialist scientists be right in some way? No. Simply no. Their analysis is wrong. Simply wrong. Not even an ounce of doubt about this.
Thus compared to such science, global warming is a very SIMPLE branch of observable science with the need for large nifty mathematical constructs because it is a phenomenon on a relatively huge scale. Scientists working on this understanding have built very complex mathematical computer predictive models, which to a great extend are also very simple compared to those that have lead to the discovery of the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson has been recognised by most intelligent scientists. 
This is the major problem. Out there, on the market place, there are unfortunately unintelligent idiotic "clever" (tricksters) scientists. Most of the denialists are amongst them. Their argumentation could make sense to the unwashed, but can be easily taken apart by proper rigourous scientific analysis. But these low level scientists satisfy a market of journalistic bias and ignorance — which to say the least is unfortunately the largest part (75 per cent) of our communication today. It is easier to not know than to know. Knowledge is hard work. Religious studies are easy kindergarten illiterate fairy floss compared to the hard yakka of acquiring scientific knowledge. Our little pea-brains resist complexity. 
Remember we live in the age of deceit... Lazy wins over hard work. Religion is part of deceit. 
So why do people want to deceive? Back to the nature of our social organisations which by and large are controlled by the neo-fascist capitalists for greed and profit. Nothing more nothing less, apart from little fiddles on the edges — and religion is used as part of control mechanisms. 
The neo-fascists hate science if it's not profitable... Pure sciences are taking a hit daily, because should there be an application from pure sciences to technologies, it is rare that such application be made immediately or even on the near future. In the past such scientific knowledge would have been shared (1920s quantum theory seminars) and led very quickly to the development of technologies such as the atom bomb. Without quantum mechanics, we cannot build an atom bomb. Simple.
Here for example a great Nobel prize Winner, Serge Haroche, still laments the end of pure scientific research in the famous Bell Labs. In 2008, this great institution stopped such research because "the shareholders thought there was no profits in it"... Sad, especially when one knows that eventually one will break the code of quantum gravitation and anti-gravitation — only by investing into such research. It's an area which I have followed very closely because it could be the only chance for humanity to interstellar travel. But I digress...
With global warming science, we need to take a deep breath and revise our carbon based technologies at a rate of knots. This, we are not prepared to do. Well most aware people would, but our neo-fascist capitalist leaders are not prepared to make the necessary leap — AND DON'T WANT YOU TO BE AWARE. They prefer to open a new coal mine in Queensland — adding emission problems to the not distant future, like tomorrow.
Our turdy Abbott regime is retrograde: Turdy himself hates sciences — especially he hates the sciences that tell him he is completely wrong. And wrong he is. This is why I call him Turdy, Tonicchio because he lies and many other names well deserved...
Anyway, the need for freedom of speech is often slanted towards those who can lie or want to control or steal... The poor and the truthful are often shut out of the freedom of speech arena, by loud spruikers and relentless deceit from the neo-fascists in power... 

But quantum theory predicts that a particle (such as a photon or neutron) can become physically separated from one of its properties - such as its polarisation or its magnetic moment (the strength of its coupling to an external magnetic field).

"We find the cat in one place, and its grin in another," as the researchers once put it.

The feline analogy is a nod to Schrodinger's Cat - the infamous thought experiment in which a cat in a box is both alive and dead simultaneously - illustrating a quantum phenomenon known as superposition.

To prove that the Cheshire Cat is not just a cute theory, the researchers used an experimental set-up known as an interferometer, at the Institute Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France.

“Undoubtedly, we need to study all such formations,” Marina Leibman, the chief scientist of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, told URA.RU. “It is necessary to be able to predict their occurrence. Each new funnel provides additional information for scientists.”

There’s been no shortage of theories. Hypotheses have ranged from asteroids to an underground missile explosion to global warming, a melt of the permafrost. Scientist Anna Kurchatova, in an interview with the Siberian Times, suggested that melting could produce an effect similar to a champagne bottle when the cork pops, except on a giant scale.

Studies have indeed shown that the Arctic is heating up. Grist reports one paper in the Geophysical Research Papers suggests that the region hasn’t been so hot in the last 120,000 years. Still, even with more information than before on the Arctic region, it remains so distant a land that it can be difficult to get a good read on it.

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I have mentioned these two articles above as one refers to a very "counter-intuitive" part of quantum mechanics (the famous Schrodinger's Cat that made an appearance in "The Big Bang Theory" TV series, once and in ad nauseam repeats) while the other refers to global warming in that polar region which "has not seen such high temperatures [averages] for at least 120,000 years". This should tell us something but the contrariants will argue something idiotic and win the day in the media.
We're so screwed. 

Gus Leonisky
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Serge Haroche (born 11 September 1944)[1] is a French physicist who was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics jointly with David J. Wineland for "ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems", a study of the particle of light, the photon.[2][3][4] Since 2001, Haroche is a Professor at the Collège de France and holds the Chair of Quantum Physics. In 1971 he defended his doctoral thesis in physics at the University of Paris VI, his research has been conducted under the direction of Claude Cohen-Tannoudji[5]


If I am correct I believe their Nobel prize was for a discreet research into creating nano-observation posts under which small experiments are conducted without smashing the experiment, unlike experiments in a Higgs boson research...


David Jeffrey Wineland[1] (born February 24, 1944)[2] is an American Nobel-Prize-winning physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) physics laboratory. His work has included advances in optics, specifically laser cooling of ions in Paul traps and use of trapped ions to implement quantum computing operations. He was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, jointly with Serge Haroche, for "ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems." [3][4]



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sudden downpours leading to landslides...

Sudden downpours

Profe Ashok Pachauri, a senior consultant with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of the Indian government said monsoonal patterns were no more straightforward as they used to be.

"Sudden downpours in huge quantities helps in reducing the cohesion of soil on the slopes of mountains and as a result we see more and more landslides with increased casualties."

The director-general of Pakistan's Geological Survey, Imran Khan, agreed with that and added that seismic activities were also influential.

"The HKH part of South Asia is undergoing a lot of geological changes due to the accumulation of subsurface stresses."

Meanwhile that next typhoon I have already mentioned is likely to hit south Japan between the 3rd and 4th of August....

warmer in july...

Sydney is forecast to bask in its warmest July weather in almost a quarter of a century on Thursday, with the city enjoying conditions more like late-spring rather than late-winter, meteorologists say.

If Sydney reaches the expected top of 25 degrees, it would be just the sixth such July maximum in the 155 years of record-keeping, said Ben McBurney, a meteorologist with Weatherzone. The most recent, July 24 1990, was also the city’s hottest July day with a top of 25.9 degrees.

“The air mass is warm enough” to reach 25 degrees on Thursday, Mr McBurney said, adding temperatures may remain as warm as 16 degrees until after midnight before a cool change arrives early on Friday. Winds will also gust to about 50 km/h.

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Here I was thinking that July in Sydney had been miserably "cold" (Antarctica is melting) but near the average temperature (new average*) but the last few days have been quite well above average, as if, while still in winter, that was the end of it... There is no two ways about it, winters are getting "shorter" despite some "cold" (cool) sessions...
Meanwhile a week ago there was a "heat wave" in the UK...

brown and green...

The question swirling around Climate Desk today is, “When did Republicans start hating on the environment?” Chris Mooney explores the question by looking into a new study from Michigan State University sociologists led by Aaron McCright. The researchers date the hate to around 1992, and chalk it up to party polarization “driven by increasing anti-environmentalism among conservative elites.”

“The conservative movement replaced the ‘Red Scare’ with a new ‘Green Scare’ and became increasingly hostile to environmental protection at that time,” McCright explains.

Mooney lists a few more scares, including Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance and a “super-intense fight” over northern spotted owl habitat protections. But I’d like to submit that there was also a Black and Brown Scare emerging at this time as well.

McCright’s team alludes to this by pointing to a rise in global environmentalism signaled by the Rio Earth Summit, which led conservatives to associating it with socialism. The Rio Summit may have started setting off white conservatives racist panic alarms as well, by bringing a new focus to righting environmental wrongs in the global South.

I’d also argue that, along with McCright findings, what drove the GOP away from environmental support was the federal government’s burgeoning recognition that its policies were steering pollution disproportionately to communities of color and low income. In the early 1990s, the federal government began working on ways to correct this, which meant funding and resources dedicated to racial equity and injustice — things that the GOP hadn’t quite tolerated since Reagan.

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