Friday 25th of May 2018

making boobs of themselves...


abortion and boobs

Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile says women should reconsider having abortions "if the price of the decision is breast cancer", repeating discredited views that have angered women and health groups.

At a budget estimates hearing at Parliament on Thursday, Mr Nile called on the NSW government to alert women to the so-called dangers of abortion, later claiming that studies confirming the link to breast cancer are being "censored".

"The body is preparing to have a baby … and suddenly it's terminated, and that causes some reaction in the cells, and the cells in the breast particularly," he later told Fairfax Media.

"I can see it's logical. There could be some disturbance to the women's physiology when she has an abortion, because she is programmed to … have a baby, feed a baby, and it stops."


The Australian Medical Association, Cancer Australia and many other health and medical authorities have rejected the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Reverend Nile's comments echo those made by senior federal frontbencher Eric Abetz in a TV interview earlier this month, which earned a rebuke from Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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some have more bile than nile...

Aaah, Kyle Sandilands. Undoubtedly one of Sydney’s most reviled public figures, the radio shock jock is rarely happier than when he’s debasing women live on air. His most recent target, sports journalist and Footy Show presenter Erin Molan, quit what was supposed to be a regular segment after King Kyle accused her siblings of being cocaine users, and the show’s producers allowed a call through asking Molan whether she’d had breast augmentation surgery.

This is typical Sandilands fare, shocking only in the sense that his organs haven’t dissolved under the strain of producing so much bile. But the segment is nonetheless worth listening to because of its brazenness. Unencumbered by politeness or decency, Sandilands’ oozing swamp of hostility is expressed using discursive tactics that have, in recent times, been deployed in ways that give the speaker some claim to plausible deniability.

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run for your life...

New South Wales MP Fred Nile is under pressure to resign after saying the "only man" involved in December's Sydney cafe siege was the gunman.

Mr Nile made the comments on breakfast television, but later said he "misspoke" and intended to call the gunman a "coward" and praise a hostage who reportedly tried to seize his gun.

The Christian Democratic Party MP told the Seven Network some of the hostages endangered others when they fled during the 16-hour siege, which ended with the deaths of cafe manager Tori Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson at the Lindt cafe in Sydney's Martin Place.

"Usually men try to protect the women and it seems that the men were trying to protect their own, saving their own skin, and leaving the women there," he said.

"Where were the men? The only man really there was the man with the gun."

Mr Nile is one of two Christian Democratic MPs who share the balance of power with the Shooters and Fishers Party in the NSW Upper House.