Sunday 26th of October 2014

pyne explains how his elitist toilet-bowl education policy works...



The Education Minister is confident he can negotiate with Senate crossbenchers to get the package through Parliament by November.

"If we don't act and act now, we risk Australia's higher education system falling into a downward spiral towards mediocrity," he said.

Opposition higher education spokesman Kim Carr says the changes have been rushed and will burden students with crippling debts.

"This is a program for $100,000 university degrees and a generation of debt for tens of thousand of Australian families," Senator Carr said.

He also accused Mr Pyne of threatening cuts to research funding if the higher education changes do not get through the Parliament.

"This is a minister who's quite prepared to say anything and do anything to get this warped program through the Senate," he said.

Clive Palmer says his Senators will oppose the higher education overhaul.

Asked if there was any part of the package he could support, he said. "Nothing, absolutely nothing."

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a bad deal for the future of education...

Students will be asked to pay more for higher education under the Federal Government's proposed legislation introduced into Parliament today.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne introduced the legislation this morning, saying it is a "good deal" for students.

The main aspects include the deregulation of university fees and changes to interest rate arrangements for student loans.

Mr Pyne says the legislation will ensure Australian universities can compete globally by setting their own course fees and choosing which courses they offer.

"Deregulation is the only way to respond to what students and employers want," he told Parliament.

Pyne is a shocker of a minister for educashun...

drum roll please... and the winner is:...


GOLD ERNIE and Political Silver Ernie

Christopher Pyne

For claiming that increases in uni fees won't disproportionately affect women because - "women are well represented amongst the teaching and nursing students. They will not be able to earn the high incomes that dentists and lawyers will earn."

Media Silver Ernie

Piers Akerman

"The ABC has tried to foist its left-wing agenda on the nation. Even the cartoon character Peppa Pig pushes a weird feminist line that would be closer to the hearts of Labor's Handbag Hit Squad than the pre-school audience it is aimed at."

Judicial Silver Ernie

Philip Strickland SC 

For suggesting that former MP Jodie McKay's recall of a conversation might not be accurate because she was in "an emotional state".

Industrial Silver Ernie

Wicked Camper Vans

For slogans on their vans:

"Fat girls are harder to kidnap."

"In every princess, there's a little slut who wants to try it just once."

"Life sucks if your girlfriend doesn't."

Sport Silver Ernie (The Warney)

South Coast Winter Swimming Association

in response to women swimmers wanting to join the club moved the following motions:

"That the name of the South Coast Winter Swimming association should be changed to the South Coast Men's Winter Swimming Association."

"That member affiliation of the South Coast Winter Swimming Association is limited to males."


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