Wednesday 20th of January 2021

his budgies are still on fire and he takes us for mugs... while showing off his favourite uniforms...

on fire... and they stink...

"I wish they'd get rid of those blue ties," Ita Buttrose, the founding editor of Cleo magazine, said while commentating on live television. "They're so stupid."

During the week, image consultant Imogen Lamport recommended: "If he wants to appear different, fresh and modern, a light pink could work.

"Or maybe a deep burgundy – red without the aggression."

In an interview with Mr Abbott on Sunday morning, conservative commentator Andrew Bolt rounded off an expansive discussion on capital punishment, Medicare, knighthoods and free speech by homing in on the real issue.

You guessed it.

Bolt asked if Mr Abbott would follow Buttrose's advice and get rid of the blue ties. 

Mr Abbott responded that blue ties had become part of his "work uniform" and that they were here to stay. 

"There's the budgie smugglers, there's the firefighter's uniform and there's the blue tie," Mr Abbott said.

"Blue is my favorite colour and I guess I have quite a big collection of blue ties - there's dark blue, there's light blue, there's blue mixes as this one is. I like them, I like them.

"My work uniform, Andrew, is a dark suit, white shirt and shade of blue tie - I guess that's the way I've become."

One of the iron laws of politics - that female politicians' fashion choices are closely monitored while those of their male counterparts go ignored - seems to be collapsing.


we all need a breathing apparatus... hypocrisy stinks...



There will be no more "benefit of the doubt" for those who might be seeking to harm Australia, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who believes Australians are being played "for mugs".

Mr Abbott took to his official YouTube channel on Sunday to ramp up his rhetoric on national security.

"It's clear to me that for too long we have given those who might be a threat to our country the benefit of the doubt," he said on the video.


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poor fellow our country .....

Yes Gus .... all appearance & no substance.

"We are a free and fair nation. But that doesn't mean we should let bad people play us for mugs, & all too often they have. Well, that's going to stop." says the born-again Prime Trickster.

A warning to lying & corrupt politicians? A warning to the crooked shysters plying bogus ‘financial advice? A warning to the oil companies who have been screwing the people of this country for decades, ably assisted by those same crooked politicians? A warning to the crooked “banksters” who have been gouging Australian consumers since the first fleet landed? A warning to the manipulating media proprietors who have connived to keep this country ignorant for generations? A warning to the ‘intelligence community’ that believes it is & should be above the law? A warning to the religious deviants who’ve molested generations of helpless children with impunity? A warning to the tax-avoiders, job-destroyers & the legions of ‘rent-seekers’ who have grown fat & ugly on the backs of ordinary working Australians? A warning to the ‘shylock’ posing as treasurer who thinks that grinding the oldest, sickest, poorest & most helpless into the ground is something to be proud of?

‘Bollocks’ I say. The only people being taken for mugs in this country are those who continue to believe a word spoken by this utterly deceitful & shameless mob, or any of the look-alikes on the other side who pretend that they will do something to change it.

Poor fellow our country.

gus medal for starting fires...


Prime Minister Tony Abbott swapped his trademark blue tie for his fireman's yellows on Sunday as he received a 10-year service award from the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Arriving in his fireman jumpsuit, a buoyant Mr Abbott strode into the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade on Sunday morning where he joined the other members for the Brigade's annual general meeting and awards ceremony.

"All the boys are here," he said, greeting the men by name. Just three members of the media were on hand to capture the moment, a sentiment which reflects the Prime Minister's famously low-key approach to his volunteer fire-fighting.

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Tony also got a "Gusmedalje de Ouro" for being the biggest political pyromaniac since federation... Did I see one woman amongst the "boys" in the picture accompanying the article?... Yes, our boy still refuse to acknowledge that global warming is not crap... Meanwhile, some of our bushfires, cyclones and wind willes get intensified by GLOBAL WARMING...