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may allah punish saudi arabia...


saudi hebdo

The UN was itself criticised this week for a decision to appoint a Saudi Arabian government representative, Faisal Trad, as the chairman of a new human rights panel. The panel will be responsible for choosing experts to report on human rights violations across the world. Amnesty International likened the appointment to "making a pyromaniac the town fire chief".

Mr al-Nimr's case has attracted more attention than most internationally, both in the mainstream media and among users on social media. The French government, human rights experts and celebrities such as US talk show host Bill Maher have called for the punishment not to go ahead. 

Thousands have Tweeted in support, using the hashtags #AliMohammedalNimr and #freeNimr.

Kate Higham, a caseworker with the British-based group Reprieve, which is campaigning for Mr al-Nimr, said his case was gaining prominence both because of his youth and the nature of his punishment.

"There's a really clear point of international law that's being violated," Ms Higham told Fairfax Media, referring to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits states from handing down the death penalty for offences committed by children.

"I think people are also shocked by the incredibly gruesome nature of the execution."

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Gus: I am shocked at the mode of execution but mostly that some poor kid be executed for having contrary thoughts and ideals to a draconian belief system, which to say the least is barbaric, idiotic, inflexible and ruthlessly rich. Is it time for the rest of the world to ruin Saudi Arabia? It can be done. There is no subtlety about it.

The regime is corrupted by its religious extremism, and, should I be a god-botherer, I would say that Allah is punishing pilgrims in Mecca with a stampeded that just killed more than 300 people, for supporting a religious devotion that has lost its humanity a long time ago — if it had any. 

A crane falls on the great mosque? Allah is angry at the lack of love, lack of genuine knowledge and the lack of forgiveness in the heart of the scholars and kings, now with their hands full of blood and oil. Release al-Nimr. Should we let Saudi Arabia get away with this sordid execution, we will have their psychopathic blood on our hands. We will be accomplices should we carry on business as usual with the Saudis... 

Religious figures have no right to execute a person for not believing in their bullshit, or for seeking democracy, as we all should aspire to. Yes it is easy to trump up some ridiculous offences to condemn a young man, here and be more sadistic than the worse of sadists on earth... 

May Allah punish Saudi Arabia some more for being a kingdom of ruthless men. Time for a massive world protest. 

And America, it's time to stop being on the side of these murderers in Yemen...


when religion is inhumane...


Bonya Ahmed is herself a writer and was also married to perhaps the most famous atheist killed this year, Avijit Roy - the moderator of a popular online blog called "Free Thinking," which defended secular and humanist ideas.

She and her husband were attacked together in February. Bonya lost fingers and was scarred, but lived. Her husband was hacked to death with machetes in a manner that followed the same gruesome pattern of later killings. They had returned home from the US, where they lived, to the Dhaka Book Fair.

The back story to Bangladesh's blogger murders is complex, but here are the facts in brief: in recent years, a group of people who deny the existence of God, some using rational arguments and others using dark and satirical humour, has grown up on the Bangladeshi internet. Other internet bloggers are not atheists, but instead better described as secular campaigners: they use the internet to strongly argue that religion should be kept out of politics.

In this mostly Muslim nation, these bloggers attracted the attention of Islamic groups - especially after they were part of street rallies demanding a death sentence for an Islamist leader convicted as a war criminal.

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The Daily Beast - Insights from neuroscience suggest that the brain tends to automatically accept rather than reject beliefs, oftentimes independent of how logical they might be. If there is anything that global news has shown us in the past couple of years, it's that fundamentalism is on the rise and more pervasive than ever. Fundamentalist beliefs have driven countless beheadings, bombings, and execution-style murders by terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda in the last year alone. At a time when religious extremism is running rampant in large areas of the world, and steadily growing in virtually all others, finding effective ways to fight it at its core is in the interests of all free nations. Although many complex causes of fanatical fundamentalism have been identified by a wide range of disciplines, a growing body of evidence from the field ofneuroscience suggests one major contributing factor: Brains generally accept beliefs because they have to work much harder to reject them as false.

Add fear to the mix and stir... You get a bunch of idiots.



obviously, stoning the devil is not safe...

A huge stampede has killed at least 717 people and injured hundreds more at the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia, in the pilgrimage's worst tragedy in a quarter of a century.

Key points

  • More than 717 people killed, 863 injured
  • Almost 1.4m foreigners involved in 2015 Hajj
  • Iran official blames Saudi Arabia
  • 109 killed earlier in month when crane collapsed

The stampede, the second deadly accident to hit the pilgrims this month following a crane collapse in Mecca, broke out during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual, the Saudi civil defence service said.

The service said it was still counting the dead, who included pilgrims from different countries, and that at least 863 people had also been hurt.

Nearly two million people from across the globe were in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, one of the largest annual gatherings in the world.

Iran said at least 43 of its citizens were dead and accused Saudi Arabia of safety errors that caused the accident.

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saudis and ISIS in the same bloody bed...

The Wahhabite dictatorship of Saudi Arabia belongs to the most despicable regimes on the face of the earth. The US Empire and its Western allies are bosom buddies with this brutal regime. At any time, the 21-year-old Ali Muhammed al-Nimr could be beheaded and then publically crucified. What "crime" did Ali al-Nimr commit?

Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr was 17-years-old when he participated 2012 in a rally in Qatif, a town in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, which is predominantly Shite. He was arrested and accused of participating in anti-government demonstrations and incitement of others to take part in the rally. Further made-up charges against him were; burglary, attacking security forces and belonging to a terrorist group.

In May, a Sharia court passed its "verdict"; beheading with the following public crucifixion. The court dismissed his appeal. Al-Nimr's father asks King Salman for mercy.  The so-called Islamic State (IS) has exactly adopted the Saudi Arabian model of punishment in order to sentence the "infidels". These terrorists show no mercy, too. Is this pure coincidence?

Ali's uncle, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was one of the leaders of the protest marches against the Saudi Arabian regime, is also waiting for his execution. Because the Saudi regime can perform this death sentence at any time, a direct intervention of US President Obama and other Western leaders is urgently needed.

So far, Saudi Arabia has not responded to objections of human rights experts from the United Nations and the French Government to abolish the death penalty. They argue that Ali al-Nimr was a minor at the time of his arrest. Some also claim that Saudi Arabia is punishing him as a revenge against his uncle Nimr. The Saudi regime has one of the highest numbers of executions and beheadings in the world. In this respect, the country is in a race against the Islamic State (IS) to square one.

may god punish the USA...

No matter how bad the fundamentalist Sunni-Islamic Saud royal family are, America’s government still supports them and condemns the countries that the Sauds hate: those are the Shia-led nations of Iran and of Syria.

All jihadist terrorism is Sunni, none of it is Shia; but the U.S. government is anti-Shia, not anti-Sunni.  There were no Shia involved in the 9/11 attacks, nor in the Mumbai attacks, nor in the Charlie Hebdo or other Paris attacks, nor in the London bombing, nor in any of the others. All of the terrorism that wracks Afghanistan and Pakistan is Sunni.  ISIS is Sunni; Al Qaeda is Sunni.  As Sunni fundamentalists, they all hate especially Shia  as “infidels,” because Shia claim  to be Muslims, and Sunni fundamentalists take that very claim to be not only a lie but a personal insult to themselves as ‘real’ Muslims, because they ‘know’ what a ‘real’ Muslim is — they’ve been taught  it, and it’s distinctively Sunni.

The U.S. government keeps harping instead against the Shia group Hezbollah, which is at war against Israel because of the barbaric way that Israel treats its Palestinians.  But that’s not terrorism in anything like the same sense — it’s not jihadist, it’s not out for global conquest; and it certainly doesn’t threaten us.  And it’s really none of America’s business to get involved with, anyway — it is Israel’s problem, entirely: and Israel flagrantly violates even the Camp David accords that the U.S. government itself brokered; and, so, for America to be involved on either side there is plain wrong — but the U.S. government donates, from its own taxpayers, over $3 billion every year to Israel, so that it’ll buy weapons from U.S. arms-makers. This give-away to the U.S. weapons-industry  is supposed to be ‘humanitarian,’ and ‘foreign aid.’ It actually aids more in killing than it does in protecting; the sheer hypocrisy of that subsidy to U.S. weapons-makers is obscene. But anyway: Hezbollah is a sideshow in a discussion of terrorism, and it’s not at all  jihadist. By contrast,the Saud family fund jihad. And yet the U.S. government considers them allies, if not its top allies. Something’s very wrong here.

The Sauds have impunity, at least from the U.S. government.   Instead of the U.S. government being against the tyrants who rule Saudi Arabia, the U.S. government overthrows the leaders (tyrants or otherwise) who are allied with Russia — which just happens to be another country that the Sauds are at war against. Thus, the U.S. overthrew Russia-friendly Saddam Hussein in 2003, and Russia-friendly Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and Russia-friendly Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, and our government is allied with the Sauds and other top funders of terrorism, global jihadist Islam — all of whom are Sunnis — to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, because he not only is Shiite but allies with Russia, and because the Sauds hate Russia almost as much as the leadership of America do (so the U.S. is allied in this with the Sunni dictatorships: not only the Saud royals but the Qatar royals, and the Kuwait royals, and the UAE royals, and all of the Arabic-oil royal families are led by the Saudi King, the world’s wealthiest person, and the organizer of a new Saudi-run Sunni version of America’s NATO alliance against Russia).

The people who control America are lots more anti-Russian than they are anti-terrorist — and any old excuse will serve America’s leaders to ‘justify’ that priority, to the public whom they treat as their suckers, not as the people in a democracy, who are supposed to own  this government (“We, the People …”), and from whom it has been stolen.

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saudis giving human rights a bad name...

Citing systematic abuses in Yemen, two leading human rights groups have demanded that Riyadh be removed from its United Nation’s post that focuses on the rights and well-being of civilians.

On Wednesday, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch released joint statements calling on the United Nations General Assembly to suspend Saudi Arabia from the UN Human Rights Council until Riyadh ends its military campaign in Yemen. Reports indicate that the operation has led to indiscriminate violence against children and civilians, with several school houses and hospitals coming under fire from Saudi-backed forces.

"Saudi Arabia has amassed an appalling record of violations in Yemen while a Human Rights Council member," said Philippe Bolopion, the deputy director for global advocacy at Human Rights Watch. "UN member countries should stand with Yemeni civilians and suspend Saudi Arabia immediately."

The lobbying effort to oust Saudi Arabia from its role on the Human Rights Council comes in the wake of a recent controversy surrounding war crimes committed by Saudi-led forces, as was initially documented by UN researchers.

On June 2, the United Nations added Saudi Arabia to the "child killers backlist" as part of its annual Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) report. Only four days later, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that Riyadh would be removed from the list pending further investigation of the report’s claims.

In an attempt to blunt the controversy surrounding the decision, Ban Ki-moon declared that the redaction was temporary measure meant to ensure the report’s accuracy. The Saudi government, however, contradicted this statement by insisting the removal was permanent.

Several days later, the UN chief went public about the circumstances surrounding his decision, hinting that Riyadh had used extortion to secure the result.

"The report describes horrors no child should have to face, but at the same time, I also had to consider the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously if, as was suggested to me, countries would defund UN programs," Ban Ki-moon said. "Children already at risk is Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and so many other places would fall further into despair."

calendar blues...

Saudi Arabian civil servants will lose 11 days of pay after the country switched to the Gregorian calendar, the predominant format for organizing time in the West. The switch is part of austerity measures meant to curb the budget deficit.

Previously, only the private sector of the Gulf monarchy used the Gregorian calendar of its oil customers to calculate salaries, while the public sector has used the Islamic lunar Hijri calendar since 1932. Under it, a year comprises of 12 months lasting 354 or 355 days, or 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. The salaries are calculated on annual basis, so a longer year translates into less payment for the employees.

arsonists in charge of fire brigade...


UN Watch, a human rights organization, monitoring the performance of the United Nations, has strongly condemned the appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), citing Riyadh’s poor women’s rights record and widespread gender inequality.

“Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief. It’s absurd,” Hillel Neuer, the UN Watch chief, said.

READ MORE: Saudi-led coalition ‘bombing hospitals, violating rights of children’ in Yemen – report

Every Saudi woman “must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death. Saudi Arabia also bans women from driving cars,” Neuer said.

Saudi Arabia was elected by a secret ballot last week by the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), having 54 nations as members.

READ MORE: 2.2mn Yemeni children close to famine, 70% rise in those killed over past year – UNICEF

Saudi Arabia along with Iraq, South Korea and Turkmenistan has been elected for a four-year term, from 2018 to 2022, among the Asia-Pacific States.

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If this does not scare you, you are either dead or a bastard KONservative making a buck out of oil... 


See toon at top...


the proof that the USA are killing yemenis...



On Thursday, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced that the Trump administration had proof that Iran violated UN resolutions by exporting military-grade weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

"The weapons might as well have ‘Made in Iran' stickers on them," Haley said at a press conference at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. "Its ballistic missiles and advanced weapons are turning up in war zones across the region."

The missile at the heart of the announcement was one fired in November, allegedly by Houthi rebels in Yemen, toward Riyadh airport. Saudi Arabia has been at war with the Houthis in Yemen since 2015.

According to Haley, Iran was the supplier of the missile; Not everyone, however, is onboard.

​Speaking to Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, called the move by Haley "disgusting."

"The US is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia that it [in turn] uses everyday to bomb civilians and kill so many people [in Yemen]," Benjamin said. "And then she has the gall to take this this one fragment of the missile and talk as if this is something totally out of the blue? Of course the Yemenis are going to be trying to get back at the Saudis."

"It's absolutely absurd that she's taking this one incident and trying to act like this is an act of war… there has been a war going on since March 2015 with Saudi Arabia being the active participant in the intervention of a country it has no business in," Benjamin added.

Rather than standing next to a missile, fellow guest Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence, suggested Haley should instead "go and stand in front of one of the four [combat littoral ships] that the US sold to the Saudis that's blockading the ports and preventing desperately needed food and medicine from getting into [Yemen]."

"People in Yemen are a step away from starvation… a population of 8 million people could starve to death if the humanitarian supplies don't come in," she added.


As health officials struggle to help thousands of affected Yemenis stricken by the diseases that so often accompany conflict, among them a massive growing cholera epidemic and widespread diphtheria, Benjamin says the move by Haley, and by extension the Trump administration, is simply a distraction.

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Congress has not authorized military force....

Sens. Mike Lee, Chris Murphy, and Bernie Sanders explain why they are co-sponsoring a resolution to force an end to U.S. involvement in the war on Yemen:

We believe that since Congress has not authorized military force for this conflict, the United States should play no role in it beyond providing desperately needed humanitarian aid.

That is why we are introducing a joint resolution that would force Congress to vote on the U.S. war in Yemen. If Congress does not authorize the war, our resolution would require U.S. involvement in Yemen to end.

The senators’ resolution is important and worthy of the public’s strong support. It is the first measure of its kind introduced in the Senate, and it could not be for a worthier cause. There is no question that the U.S. has been and continues to be a party to the Saudi-led coalition’s war effort, and as such our military is engaged in hostilities on the side of the coalition against its enemies. Congress has never voted to authorize any of this. The policy of supporting the war represents our government’s shameful indulgence of some of the world’s most authoritarian and abusive governments, and it makes the U.S. partly responsible for creating the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen is illegal, and it is also indefensible. Congress has an opportunity to repudiate this disgraceful policy once and for all.

There was an attempt in the House to do something similar last year, but the House leadership blocked it. The official excuse for torpedoing H. Con Res. 81 last fall was that U.S. involvement in the war didn’t constitute hostilities and therefore the War Powers Resolution didn’t apply to it. This was similar to how the Obama administration defended the blatantly illegal 2011 intervention in Libya while pretending to respect the WPR. It seems that there will be a similar attempt this time around to deny the obvious:

The Defense Department’s acting general counsel sent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) a letter criticizing the resolution on Tuesday. That letter was sent to all Senate offices Wednesday morning, hours before a high-profile news conference at which Sanders and Lee argued that current American efforts in Yemen ― providing aerial refueling and intelligence to a Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed rebels ― are unconstitutional because Congress has never explicitly approved them.

William S. Castle of the Pentagon disagrees. His letter maintains that the U.S. support does not count as “hostilities” because American forces are not having exchanges of fire with the rebels, known as the Houthis, or commanding the coalition.

It is not credible to say that the U.S. isn’t engaged in hostilities when our military assistance is essential to keeping the coalition bombing campaign going. Our government cannot enable a war and then deny that it is deeply involved in that war. Instead of looking for loopholes for why almost three years of involvement in a foreign war “doesn’t count,” our government should be prepared to justify its involvement publicly and authorize it through the proper channels or halt it all together.


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bastard bombing saudis...

A newly built cholera care center, run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the town of Abs, has been hit by Saudi-led coalition planes in yet another airstrike on the medical charity’s facilities in war-ravaged Yemen.

The attack has rendered the center “non-functional,” MSF said in a statement, with photos from the scene showing that the building’s roof and some of the walls were completely destroyed in the airstrike. Luckily, the bombing in the Hajjah governorate did not result in deaths or injuries, because the “facility had not yet received any cholera patients and was empty,” the statement read

Doctors Without Borders stressed that the cholera treatment center (CTC) was hit despite “markings on the roof of the compound clearly identifying the CTC as a healthcare facility.” According to MSF, the coordinates of the facility had also been declared to the Saudi-led coalition by the organization.


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