Friday 26th of February 2021

the lords of the flies

Apparently the "global warming issue" has been settled in Australia. The Australian government now believes that since "global warming is real", there is no need to monitor it anymore through the public purse. Bye bye CSIRO research and expertise — especially in the new climate of innovation where failure is an option... Is Turnbullshitting us? Yes. He is, with a grand ladle of hot poop. What a lot of rubbish. 

No wonder we get fed up, no wonder we get angry like mad, no wonder I get onto the Shiraz too early in the afternoon. Turdbull is deceitful, annoying and gross, despite trying to appear elegant. He is a master at comfortingly smiling while dishing tonnage of dangerous and inane bullshit. When the other turd Abbott was dishing his bullshit, at least he did not tried hard to hide the fact. He wanted us to live in fear of something all the time, comfortably. Idiot...

Where to then with this "apparent" change of heart about global warming while sacking the experts and canning the messengers? Even the new Chief Scientist lauds the completely ineffective "Direct Action" that Tony started to humour us with to support his polluting friends as Malcolm warned us in 2010. The figures speak for themselves. Under the "carbon pricing" of Julia Gillard, CO2 emission remarkably dropped in Australia. Since the VERY COSTLY and stupid Abbott Direct Action, Australian emissions of CO2 have risen and will rise till about 2030.

But now, Malcolm has mellowed and is towing a dubious conga line of the other 90 per cent idiots in his party who still don't believe in global warming.

So it's now Malcolm turn to humour us by destroying the CSIRO's commitment to more understanding of the issue. And despite, the issue having been "officially" recognised by his himself Turnballcrap, there is still a great amount of  work to be done to muzle the idiotic press such as the news controlling merde-och media and the rabid shock-jocks, like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

Apart from the usual crap these people dish out daily from their high horses, there are other bottled battles between the denialists and the real scientists of global warming.

The denialists argue amongst other stupid things — like there has not been any warming in the last 18 years — that there is no scientific consensus about global warming, despite the fact that more than 97 per cent of proper scientists support the anthropomorphic argument of the proposition.

Let's not be fooled: the EXTRA carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is the major culprit, the scientists point out. Gus could not agree more and dare I say: "we are in deep shit".

So, how do we deal with these TOO POWERFUL denialist monkeys, which in some way allow the Australian government to decimate the CSIRO, while telling us "it believes in global warming"? What a lot of dishonest shit. If Turdblipcock was honest about his "rekindled" belief about global warming, he would instantly place a moratorium on new coal mines. He can do it. He has to do it.

There are several major outfits in the world that have been created by denialists in order to help defeat common sense and favour burning the planet down. They are financed by the fossil fuel industry, mostly via secret channels in order to distance themselves from the industry. Today we're going to look at the Lord Lawson GWPF outfit. It clings to science like a parasitic leech. All the arguments are faulty, wrong and fabricated, but they have the support of a stupid press, not to again mention the Murdoch press, in order to bleed the reality out of equation. So, from a small group of idiots, clamours disinformation by the truck load. They hope that we'll get swamped "in doubt". Bullshit.

Who are the principals of the GWPF — the Global Warming Policy Foundation?

First there is Nigel Lawson who used to be a journalist working for the English CONservatives. Lawson is a global warming sceptic and believes that "man-made global warming is exaggerated" — says wikipedia. Actually Nigel Lawson believes that the concept of anthropogenic global warming is crap. He tries to mitigate while fudging us, but his real aim is to prevent us doing anything about global warming. So is Malcolm also in continuing the mad Abbott Direct Action. 

In 2008, Lawson published a book expanding on his 2006 lecture to the Centre for Policy Studies, An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming. He argued the case that, although global warming is happening and will have negative consequences, the impact of these changes will be relatively moderate rather than apocalyptic. He criticises those "alarmist" politicians and scientists who predict catastrophe unless urgent action is taken. The book has, in its turn, been criticised by the IPCC: Her Majesty's Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir John Beddington, is reported to have told Lawson privately that he had "incorrect" and "misleading" claims in the book.

So really, what if the concept of global warming was wrong — what would be the consequences of doing something clean about it, nonetheless? The only problem would be that fossil fuels companies — which have been ruling the planet and created world wars — and are still pushing for more conflicts along the way to satisfy their want of oil — might have to tighten their belts for a while and leave the word at peace. So even if the anthropogenic global warming was a stupid idea (which it is not), it would still benefit the planet to find more elegant protective solutions than burning the place down, day in day out. 

But the reality is more sinister: global warming is real. GLOBLA WARMING IS ANTHROPOGENIC. Global warming as it stands to develop won't be benign. We're in deep shit.

But the good lord Lawson is annoyed that his CONservative fossil fuel burning mates mates would have to slow down on making hideously large profits at our expense.

On 23 November 2009 Lawson thus became chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a registered education "charity".

Education? Bollocks. Charity? Get orf! The creationists have more credibility at being educational and charitable than this outfit of liars, misfits and twisters of scientific facts. At least the creationists religiously believe in their own bullshit. I can't see how Nigel Lawson can believe in what he promotes. He must have an ulterior motive, like pleasing rich dudes with interest in burning fossil fuels — otherwise why bother, EVEN if the "science was wrong".

But the science is not wrong. 

In 2011, Bob Ward claimed the GWPF was "spreading errors" and "the 'facts'" Lawson "repeated were demonstrably inaccurate". Ward referred to Lawson's "many times" repeated statement that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change worst-case scenario predicted the rise in Third World living standards in 100 years would be limited to just nine times current levels. In fact, said Ward, the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report estimates living standard will rise by a factor of 66, but crucially makes no assessment of how it will be affected by climate change. 

Ward also criticised Lawson for repeating in a 2010 BBC radio debate that Antarctic ice volumes were unchanged — even after his error was highlighted by his opponent, Professor Kevin Anderson. According to Ward, Lawson provided no evidence to back his claim which is contrary to satellite measurements and he similarly incorrectly implied that the correlation between CO2 and sea levels was uncertain as sea levels were rising more slowly since 1950 than before it. The current sea level rise is accelerating

Given the Charity Commission requires that statements by campaigning charities "must be factually accurate and have a legitimate evidence base", Ward suggested that they review the GWPF.

Under the weight of such errors in regard to evidence to the contrary, Nigel Lawson would have had but one choice: say "I was wrong, the GWPF is correcting its errors or the GWPF is full if shit". Nupe. This won't be said and won't be said, even should the planet start to warm up beyond belief tomorrow. Nigel Lawson and his troop of denialists are ingrained in protecting the fossil fuel industry, NO MATTER WHAT. Idiots. dangerous idiots.

So back to the consensus about global warming. Well, most scientists always question their own findings and theories. It's the nature of science to do so, unlike religion that dogmatically postulate that Adam and Eve committed a very serious crime and that we've still got to pay for it, 6,000 years down the track, but we can get some redeeming point should we believe that god send his son in a human form — who got crucified by the romans for being a stirring jew — thus died pinned to across in sufferance, all to remove the stigma of the 6000 year old crime. But the catch is we can't get the redeeming points unless we "believe". Bullshit. Let's go to hell.

So, scientists review the data and compare the data and refine the models. Most of the scientists working on this problem, where the data is more accurate than your local grocer's scales, are quite worried, not that they could be wrong but that they could be underestimating the process, possibly in order not to panic people about. 

Let's not muck about. Global warming is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.  Not just a local pimple on the face of the planet but a very complex fever that will reach an extra nine (9) degrees Celsius average in various banding of temperature levels across the globe by 2200 or thereabout. 

Nigel Lawson got a gong for all his work in government. On 1 July 1992 he was given a life peerage as Baron Lawson of Blaby, of Newnham in the County of Northamptonshire.  Impressive, considering that during the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal, mostly in Lordships, it was revealed that Lawson managed to claim £16,000 in overnight allowances by registering his farmhouse in Gascony as his main residence. Excellent.

We are reliably advised that Nigel sometimes appear on his home goddess daughter's cooking show, when she's not on cocaine or other peppery stimulants. I know from frequenting a few chefs that cocaine is the cooks' drug of choice. I believe it has historical significance. On the other hand, methamphetamine is the official drugs of soldiers and unofficial drug for truckies going in action. The idea here, like the rest in life, including alcohol and COFFEE, is to know the "reasonable" dosage, Like Coleridge.

All the great villainies of history, from the murder of Abel onwards, have been perpetrated by sober men, and chiefly teetotallers. H L Menken

The next person of concern in the GWPF is of course Lord Monckton of whatever breeches. Despite his great talent of speaking with a ton of plums in his mouth, he is so inept at promoting the falsehoods of the GWPF that one could take pity on him. He has no idea what he is talking about but he does it with a great sense of purpose, as if cleaning dunnies, was a major existential problem. Dirty planetary dunnies is the go in Lord Monckton universe. The more fossil fuel we burn the better. I already have dealt with him in reasonable depth in many articles on this site (see)

Dominic Lawson is the brother of Nigella. The son of Nigel, he walks in Daddy's denialist footsteps. I guess he does not know why, scientifically, apart from having his bread buttered on this particular side. 

There is serious cash to be made from promoting denialist crap — and the GWPF promotes crap. So where does the GWPF gets its cash from? No-one knows because registered as a "charity", this organisation does not have to divulge where its money comes from, and the GWPF DOES NOT WANT TO TELL US, though the present CEO, assures the world that no cash comes from fossil fuel companies. Of course. 

It's easy to hide the provenance of the money, but someone found out that a certain Michael Hintze had given money to this GWPF outfit, and one wonders why. Hintze, though a CONservative from Australia, has more common sense in supporting sciences, universities and the arts, than in supporting the GWPF. So why, why? Who knows. Lord Lawson and Lord Monckton did a con-job on him and he felt obliged to throw in a few bucks. 

The CEO of the GWPF is another kettle of fish. Benny Peiser is a worry. He has no scientific university background but is a "historian". During a debate at the Oxford Union in 2005, Peiser stated, "The lack of a balanced approach to the issue of global warming has led to an extremely one-sided and alarmist perception of risk.... Climate alarmists habitually ignore the potential economic and health benefits of warming temperatures. While magnifying the probable risks to health and mortality as a result of warmer temperatures, many underrate or simply discount the possible heath benefits of moderate warming.

Peiser of couse states what Arrhenius already stated in around 1900. A moderate warming can improve the situation in certain countries, especially Europe... But at this stage we are far from "a moderate warming". The time of a "moderate warming" has long passed. We are now climbing the steps towards a more "dangerous global warming".

So Malcolm, be a man — a responsible man. Double the efforts of the CSIRO on studying global warming further and tell your mates in the CONservative party to shove it up their arse.

A bit more Shiraz, please...

Gus Leonisky
Your local pisspot for good reasons.


looking at it from the wrong side of the binocular...

The CSIRO's climate science divisions are expected to be pared back as part of a massive shake-up of the organisation.

Key points:
  • Cuts expected in the Oceans and Atmosphere and Land and Water divisions
  • No net loss of jobs by the end of the two-year period
  • CSIRO to attempt to redeploy staff into other departments

The ABC understands cuts are expected to be made within the Oceans and Atmosphere and Land and Water divisions and up to 350 positions in the organisation will change.

The organisation will attempt to redeploy as many staff as possible into emerging areas such as data science, but there are likely to be redundancies in the process.

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall said the changes would see the organisation move away from measuring and monitoring climate change, to instead focus on how to adapt to it.

"It's inevitable that people who are gifted at measuring and modelling climate may not be the same people who are gifted at figuring out what to do about it how to mitigate it," he said.

"Some of the climate scientists will be able to make that transition and some won't."

Dr Marshall said the shake-up was about renewal for the organisation and addressing the low turnover rates of staff.

"On the good side that means people love working for CSIRO but on the bad side most companies have much higher turnover than we do," he said.

"The good thing about turnover is it creates a career path for junior scientists to aspire to."

a VERY serious error by turnbull — a complete idiot....

Australia will break a commitment made at the Paris climate summit less than two months ago if CSIRO goes ahead with its plan to axe its research programs, one of the agency's leading scientists has warned.

John Church, a globally recognised expert on sea level rise and one of CSIRO's most decorated researchers, said organisation chief Larry Marshall had misled the public by claiming there was now less need for climate research because the problem had been "proven".

It came as US scientist James Hansen, sometimes described as the father of climate change awareness, suggested the person who made that decision to cut jobs in the area was "a complete idiot".

Dr Marshall announced via email on Thursday that 350 jobs would go over two years as the organisation moved away from observing and modelling climate change to working on solutions to the problem.

Details of the cuts have not been finalised, but it is understood one of the world's three major atmospheric greenhouse gas recording stations at Cape Grim, in Tasmania's north-west, is under threat. It is the only station of its type in the southern hemisphere.

The future of programs run by the $120 million RV Investigator research ship, launched amid fanfare in late 2014, are among those that are unclear.

CSIRO staff were forthright in their unhappiness at the cuts at briefings at midday on Friday, describing it as a flawed strategy.

About 100 jobs are planned to go from units dedicated to research in areas including greenhouse gas levels, sea level rise, ocean temperatures, ocean acidification and assessing what is required to keep global warming to two degrees. The jobs would be replaced by new positions in other areas.

Dr Church, who has worked at CSIRO since 1978 and expects to lose his job, said the cuts would make it difficult for Australia to uphold its part of the Paris deal, which agreed there should be greater investment in climate research, including improved observations and early warning systems.

He said the work of CSIRO was considered particularly important because of Australia's role as the major developed country in the southern hemisphere, with a focus on Antarctica and the Pacific.

"There is need for climate science – there are clauses in the Paris agreement that say that. There is a clear need for ongoing sustained and enhanced observations. The science community is actually struggling to address these issues already and so further cuts mean it will be very difficult."

"That's at variance with what the chief executive has been saying, that climate science is done. That's clearly not the case – it's inaccurate, misleading information."

Dozens of scientists issued statements in response to Dr Marshall's announcement. Many were incensed by the former venture capitalist's suggestion that climate change science was a narrow field that had been "proven" to be a problem, and therefore no longer needed to be a focus.

Dr Church said it was true climate change was proven, but more detail was needed if the world was going to adapt.

"To talk about it being a narrow science is completely inaccurate – it's a very broad area. It would be great if CSIRO could invest in mitigation. I don't see any signs it is doing that significantly."

James Hansen, a former NASA scientist known for his testimony to US Congress in 1988 that arguably put concern about climate change on the map, said he was stunned by the announcement.

"Holy shit! That is unbelievable," he said. "Is a conservative denier government in power?

"This seems to be a clear-cut case of shooting the messenger with the bad news. However, the messenger is needed to figure out what to do about the problem."

It is understood that the fate of the Cape Grim station, which is jointly operated with the Bureau of Meteorology, and about 20 scientist positions is not yet decided, but is on the list of possible cuts. 

Cape Grim is among the top sites in the world for monitoring trends in greenhouse gases because purified air reaches the Tasmanian coast having blown 20,000 kilometres across the oceans. The CSIRO has been planning celebrations to mark its 40th birthday in April.

A CSIRO spokesman denied it would be closed.

Scientists at the Friday briefing were told they would be notified by early March whether they had been sacked.

It was expected about 110 of some 135 people employed in a unit dedicated to oceans and atmosphere research would lose their jobs. Most jobs lost would be in Tasmania.

"The mood is very bad and depressed," one scientist who requested anonymity said. "People were questioning the logic of the cuts."

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governmental ideological crusade against science...

A well-resourced CSIRO is crucial if we're going to adapt to climate change. But instead, the rug has been pulled out from beneath it, writes Tom Quinn.

The cuts to climate science positions at the CSIRO that were announced yesterday will directly harm our most climate-exposed industries, with flow-on impacts throughout the economy.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must pull the organisation into line, and give it the funding necessary to do its job, so that we can end the economic vandalism that is harming our economic potential.

The CSIRO announced that up to 350 positions in the organisation will change, with the Oceans and Atmosphere and Land and Water divisions set to be hit hardest.

Chief executive Larry Marshall says the move is aimed at shifting the CSIRO's focus from climate change modelling to climate change adaption.

But it is impossible to adapt without having access to the latest modelling. The lack of accurate flood modelling that takes into account the existing changes to the climate, let alone the changes still to come, is already hampering the adaptation of our major cities drainage networks and planning for new developments.

The CSIRO's land and sea work is critical to the productivity of major industries like our agriculture sector. The early warning provided for the current El Nino year has saved countless farms from overstocking and suffering the economic and emotional toll of drought killing stock.

The aquaculture sector is dependent on modelling too, as it needs to understand how the warming of the oceans will affect our fisheries. Nationally significant fisheries like the salmon industry in Tasmania are already struggling with warming waters increasing mortality rates and disease spread. The deep understanding of the systems at work and the advanced forecasting by the CSIRO are needed for the industry to strategically adapt.

Our cities are also in the process of being redesigned and rebuilt to deal with the impacts of climate change. CSIRO modelling is critical to plan everything from water and sewerage systems, flood and heatwave safety plans for residents, and setting resilient building standards. Without it, the task of rebuilding our cities - one of Turnbull's stated priorities - will rely on shaky guess work while making 100-year infrastructure decisions.

Clearly, a well-resourced CSIRO and science sector is crucial if we're going to adapt to climate change. Yet despite this, what is the Federal Government doing?

It's engaged in an ideological crusade against science.

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pushing the gag beyond the joke...


From Desmog...


Exclusive: Darwin's Descendant Attacks Climate Science Deniers For Appointing Great Naturalist As 'Honorary President'


You might have seen how climate science deniers like to compare themselves to scientific greats of the past to try to lend their arguments a degree of credibility.

One of 
their favourites is Galileo, the great Italian astronomer and physicist who was persecuted by the Catholic church for promoting the theory that the Sun and planets did not revolve around the Earth, but the other way around. 

Now in an example of previously uncharted overreach, one group of climate science deniers is trying to co-opt the great British naturalist Charles Darwin.

Despite Darwin having died more than 130 years ago, the newly formed and very fancy-sounding 
Independent Committee on Geoethics (ICG) has appointed the father of the theory of evolution by natural selection as its Honorary President.

ICG steering committee member Lord Christopher Monckton has written how the purpose of the group is to investigate climate scientists for “fraud” and push for their prosecution.

With no working ouija board available with which to interview the great naturalist, I instead asked Darwin’s great-great grandson Chris about the appointment of his late relative to this new group.  “Hopefully Charles can change their minds,” said Chris Darwin, who lives in Australia’s New South Wales.

He told me:

“This seems in line with what they’re about. That is, using smoke and mirrors to confuse the real science. I can understand why they would grab a big name from history to give their case some respect, but it seems a silly thing to do and it’s a ridiculous choice of person. 

Charles was all about verifiable evidence and, on climate change, the verifiable evidence is pretty clear. If you adopt any of Charles Darwin’s thinking systems then you would have come to the conclusion long ago that climate change is occurring and that we have to take it very seriously.”

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The GWPF is a laughing stock. It could be doing well as a comic act but it's principals are complete idiots... See toon at top.