Tuesday 10th of December 2019

bananas alright .....

From great rooster to cheap feather duster ….

our great international statesman, the great besider: a full partner in the discredited coalition of the willing, who championed Australia’s participation in its first illegal war of aggression, that wrecked the world’s oldest civilization ….

able to topple the government of East Timor in a single bound ….

our dear leader; feared nemesis of the axis of evil & terrorists everywhere; proponent of “aspirational prosperity” & defender of “decent profits”, says of petrol prices:

“I worry about it a lot because I wish I could do something to, in a big way, I mean you can fiddle at the margins, but the main reason is that the price of crude oil around the world has gone up and that has affected the cost of petrol at every bowser in the world.”

Yes sirree, the little insightful warrior prince, capable of bringing down the great Saddam, wrings his hands in helpless anxiety as the world's biggest oil company, Exxon Mobil, booked a profit of $A13.6 billion last quarter ….. that’s A$54 billion a year or A$1 billion a week. Exxon’s ugly sisters, Royal Dutch Shell, added A$9.5 billion for the quarter (up 40%), BP A$9.5 billion (up 30%), ConocoPhillips A$6.8 billion (up 65%) & Chevron A$5.7 billion (up 19%), collectively generating A$45 billion for the quarter.

bananas alright …..