Monday 16th of December 2019

rice crackers .....

notes like bullets

Gus music review weekly:
The Secretary of State may be a wonderful piano player of the sonata "prayer for peace" in front of non-connoisseurs, but she's a shocker when it comes to the international diplomacy symphonietta in C major by Grant Peace. Her renditions are out of tune and full of false notes, birth pangs and awful twangs, as if she'd had no idea what the melody was or should be... May be she'd missed too many rehearsals, has been on the bandwaggon or she does it purposely to annoy the captive audience, especially those in rendition centres. Mind you, one could also blame the orchestra conductor, the infamous El Bushakaian, who lost the symphonietta songbook at the beginning of 2001 and never recovered the tempo.

Gus hopes that the new conductor (to be decided next year by the CEO of the electronic voting machines) of the White House bandoniums incorporated will tune this bad lot... But I don't think so... More cacophony ahead I'm afraid... and even more cannon firing than required in the 1812 overture... Boy, theses yanks do not know when to stop.