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Every day, we watch television, we read newspapers and visit websites on the net. Everyday we are fed bullshit, half-truths, mediocre explanations, stupid ideas, erzatz of condensed conundrums about life out-there — and controlling information in triplicate about our work. We are "communicated" to...


We also have been to school where our brain has been whacked into beliefs. We talk to mates about crap, we experience various ludicrous adventures like fishing in mosquito infested swamps as if it was Nirvana and we have let our parents tell us what they believe we should believe until we fly off the coop and start the process of selling crap for a buck ourselves. 

In whatever we do for a buck we need to know stuff. So we absorb stuff. We have absorbed stuff. If we did not we would not be able to sell stuff. 

The stuff we know and learn is not intrinsic to the universe but mostly to the way we build our relationships as well as our furniture — intellectual furniture and homely furniture. We chunder slightly different colour of stuff from the stuff we learn. We call this progress. We have bypasses and safety valves, including bullshit and satire. With all this equipment of stuff, including philosophy, we manage pain, hunger, contentment, procreation and death. We are self-duplicating peanuts surviving a very short time on planetoid Speck (Specko for short).

There are protocols and shared views which help us make create more stuff that we can sell — including moronic ideas, and more determinant protocols on the value of golden sacred hats and a few carrots.

We survive. We have to sell stuff of value to someone else, even if what we sell is crapoid. Some of us sell attractive conspiracies. Some of us sell the latest model of washing machine. Others sell their handy skills to make washing machines. There is a kind of twiddled uselessness/usefulness dynamic in this loony process. But it works...

It could be a chaotic chortle all along, but some people do sell us the idea that they control the stuff. They are the bosses, the politicians and the religious doodahs. They are there a) to help themselves to a bigger slice of the cake and b) making sure we do as we're told. Otherwise it would be a market of pandemonium. 

The system of stuff has to have some flexibility and balances, because unless you are like me a complete idiotic nihilist, you have to believe into something relative — including sciences.

But, amongst us, there are lizards and rampant absolute lunatics whose idiotic concepts are tradable nonetheless. The Christian and Muslim religions have been traded commodities on the lunacy market for a very long time and still hold some cherished value amongst the desperate, the psychopaths, sociopaths and the hatted-mad in charge of selling guilt, weapons and crusades.

Guilt is the most traded item on Specko. Guilt about being slacko at work. Guilt about not believing that the world, including planet Specko was created in six days, guilt about being a greedy lunatic who eats too much and seeks to steal his/her neighbour's wife.

And there are various level of guilt and various values depending on the social network we are born into. There will even be some "accusation" of guilt from the lunatics in charge that will determine our fate — including being stoned to death — and that of others, within the borders of which social beliefs we end up belonging to.

We become crusaders (pawns) for these beliefs otherwise we are treated like traitors or crackpots. In order to become crusaders we need to be religiously and patriotically illused in the art of soaking up beliefs. So we have been chamber-potty trained to watch television, to read newspapers and to visit websites on the net — or books (rarely these days). Everyday we are fed bullshit, half truths, mediocre explanations, ideas, erzatz of condensed conundrums about life out-there — and information in triplicate about our work, while some other deluded dude stamps "passed" or fail on the result. See the little stickers of success while the failed bizos go back to the foundry.

All this feeds the machine which — according to some greedy bastards (those psychos who take 10 per cent of the loot at the till while controlling 99.98 per cent of it) — needs to grow, despite the threat that this growth could have on our planet Specko — turning it into planet Murko. 

Being a crackpot is okay as long as the story-line is traditional or we sing a song on the traditional theme. Crackpots who come along with new crackpottery are strongly denounced by the media (the TV, newspapers, serious websites) as being unserious crackpots. We cannot stray too far from our deluded traditional narrative, which to say the least, has produced our glorious survival so far — with old churches and tall buildings, the spires of which try to reach the clouds where the old kook lives.

This is where David Icke comes in. He has a theory which he has been selling for a while now. His theory is as much crackpotted as the old crapooted theory of a god dying on cross to wipe the sins committed since Noah went on a cruiseship to survive biblical floods, with an animal circus minus the dinosaurs. Because Icke's theory is a new tradition of misunderstanding crap, he is poopooed by the turditional media (TV, newspapers and serious website like that of a certain fundamentalist really crackpotted idiot called David J Stewart).

They ridicule Icke's ridiculous views and they accept the crackpotted belief that the old kook in the clouds has created the universe in six days flat out and that, should we not believe this crap, we will burn in Hell for e-Ternity.

Hell does not appear like a nice place to be. Burn another dedicated candle to the glory of the old kook.

Planet Speck is thus home to crackpoetry — I mean crackpottery. It is the best kingdom of best quackery in the best of the universes.

And daily we grind the grindstone... should we stop grinding the grindstone, the other grinders would stop giving us our daily carrot. That's the pay off.

Here David Icke could be correct to claim that some of our leaders are lying shape-shifting lizards. They lie because our media (we are fed bullshit, half truths, mediocre explanations, ideas, erzatz of condensed conundrums about life out-there — and information in triplicate about our work) is designed to make sure these lizards can get away with giant porkies. Look at Blair, Bush and our own John Howard. If you don't believe that these are lying shape-shifting lizards is because you are stupid worms yourselves, ready to be squashed alive by falling stuff from the back of a truck...

Was the war on Saddam a conspiracy? You bet it was... By lying shape-shifting lizards? After reflection, I would not go this far. Lying shape-shifting psychos? Sure.

Gus Leonisky
Your local non-lizard...


the moon is a hollow space station...

Conspiracy theorist David Icke claims he was verbally abused by Australian TV hosts after they aggressively challenged him on his belief that the moon is a hollow space station.

Icke slammed chat show hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic for their behavior during the Thursday morning interview, accusing them of being “childish and superficial.”

The eccentric former journalist, who is currently touring Australia and presenting 12-hour seminars, said he was also abused by another team member of the show off air.

Footage of the interview shows Wilkinson and Stefanovic grill Icke over some of his more bizarre conspiracy theories, which include the belief that many influential people are actually shape-shifting lizards.

a phoney enemy using real people...



The 9/11 culprits delivered the fabricated imagery of global Islamic terror to the proprietors and beneficiaries of America’s permanent war economy. Especially since 9/11, the strategy has been to create patsies and to sponsor covertly the recruiting, organizing, arming, and violent incursions of mercenary soldiers. Whether pictured under the flags of al-Qaeda, al-Nusra or the so-called “Islamic State”, these mercenary forces are paid handsomely to perform the role of vicious Muslim terrorists acting out of no other motivation than their own blood-thirsty religious extremism.

In this fashion the new enemy has been shaped, inflated and deployed as needed in order to justify all sorts of interventions, including aggressive warfare anywhere in the world. Under Israeli direction the core of the US political economy was thus revivified in the name of anti-terrorism. After the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s the military-industrial complex needed a new enemy. Neoconservative activists supplied “the West” with a concocted enemy. They also helped ramp up the activities of the war machine with the necessary political bribes, media propaganda and military directives aimed at transforming the US Armed Forces into an edified instrument for the expansion and further empowerment of Greater Israel.

The alignment of opposing forces in Syria well illustrates the way the core countries and satellites of the Israeli-American juggernaut have integrated mercenary forces fighting under Islamic flags into the machinery of aggressive and psychological warfare. NATO’s program of false flag terrorism in Europe was one of the models for this new round of false flag terrorism aimed at demonizing Muslims. Where the operatives of Operation Gladio engineered violent acts in the 1970s and 80s to blame and thereby demonize both communists and left-leaning progressives, the current round of serial false flag terror events is aimed at inciting Islamophobia. The manufacturing of hatred towards Muslims is a necessary psychological pillar of Likudnik Israel’s agenda of violent expansion.

A key facet of this strategy of tension is the increasingly transnationalized and privatized police state that has become deeply intertwined with a massively augmented surveillance state. Since 9/11 the apparatus of law enforcement has been thoroughly politicized and turned against the human rights, civil liberties and public interests of citizens. Without a doubt the quality of life has declined significantly, as the instruments of Cold War anti-communism have been transformed into agencies supposedly devoted to anti-terrorism. This concocted series of post-9/11 conflicts, starting with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, are presented in ways calculated to confuse, deceive, disorient and mislead an anxiety-ridden public. Police and military coercions to hold and expand empire are misrepresented as simple fights for and against “terror.”


This phony war on terror originates in the 9/11 deceptions. This phony war draws on a long heritage of duplicity in international banking, where the same financiers loan money to both sides in conflicts. In many core episodes in the so-called Global War on Terror, both sides are subject to the control of the same paymasters, the same high-finance power brokers. In this heavily engineered series of manufactured conflicts, citizens expected to pay the enormous cost of these military operations are plunged into a fog of war. Whole populations are deceived, distracted and mercilessly exploited. We are presented with a barrage of alarming media images constantly signaling to us that our most menacing enemy on earth is the scourge of Islamic terrorism.

One of many intended consequences is to divert our attention away from our growing subjugation to the bondage of compounded debt enslavement. This theft is imposed through the machinations of the world’s centralized private banks. These kleptocratic institutions exploit the indebtedness of nations to privatize the ownership of commonly-held infrastructures and resources, all the while forcing governments to cut back resources for public services like health care, education and social security. " target="_blank">


Dr. Hall is editor in chief of American Herald Tribune. He is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen's University Press entitled "The Bowl with One Spoon".

the world has been taken over by alien lizards...

Controversial British conspiracy theorist David Icke has been banned from entering Australia, with the Home Affairs Department cancelling his visa.

Key points
  • Mr Icke's visa was cancelled on character grounds
  • Mr Icke was due to speak at events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Sydney
  • Jewish communal organisation the Anti-Defamation Commission launched a campaign to revoke the visa


Mr Icke, 66, believes the world has been taken over by alien lizards, including some who have infiltrated the British Royal family.

He is a Holocaust denier who argues the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City were an inside job.

Mr Icke was due to travel to Australia next month, taking his latest speaking tour to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Sydney.

Tickets to his appearances ranged from $55 to $75.

"Four hours that will change your life, the World's Most Famous Alternative Researcher has put together a presentation that will blow even the most open of minds," the tour website said.

"The man who predicted 9/11, The Banking Crash, Cashless Society, Transhumanism and more, years before they reached the public arena.

"He has been ridiculed time and time again but as the passage of time passes he is proved right again and again and again."

Sources told the ABC his visa had been cancelled on character grounds.



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