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home sweet home...

home sweet home...



I feel for Ross Gittins. 


In this morning SMH (15/2/2017 – Sydney Morning Herald) Ross laments the fact that he had trusted Malcolm Turnbull and got disappointed. Poor Ross. He thought Malcolm was a better man than I ever did. What follows are only my fleeting impressions. I could be wrong but I doubt it.


I met Malcolm a few times in the 1980s, on the social circuits, when Malcolm did not know if he was “Martha or Artha” politically, unless it was a deceitful attitude to test the waters, but Mal was as ambitious as hell is burning in religious circles.


On other social circuits (I don’t know why, but I’d become a ring-in fake member of rent-a-crowd) I met people like John Gorton who was a fabulous honest bloke with the scarred-face of a tough mafia hit-man as his head had been reconstructed from various pieces after I believe a nasty aircraft accident during WWII. Next to Gorton would often stand the tall man himself, Gough, who would call me “comrade” like he called everyone else. Gough would tell a lot of past anecdotes in which genuine hope for a better society had been the key point of his policies. Next to him stood the misunderstood Australian Simone de Beauvoir – no, not Germaine Greer – but Margaret Whitlam. These were genuine people. 


Malcolm was never genuine. He goes and went with the wind where the money goes and went. At the moment it’s not the wind but coal. There he was: who would make him the best offer? The Libs (KONservatives) or Labor? Malcolm believed he was destined for great heights despite being a short man – somewhat shorter than Napoleon (who was not short, by the way, but was called short by the Brits who wanted to belittle him), but with more burning desires. Narcissism is an understated position in regard to Malcolm. Putin is in the same boat, but his social views are more genuine: he wants the best for Russia. Malcolm wants the best for Malcolm. His views are in tune with “social order” in which he and his mates, the rich, are “at the top” rather than “a better society” which Gough had been working for.


Malcolm had a bit of cash of his own. He had invested in destruction of rainforests in the Solomon Islands “possibly for the better good” of whatever -- as Malcolm seems to always find the better good when whatever is there is utter crap. When he was “Minister for the Environment” in 2009, he sort of dismissed a claim of the “illegal” destruction of the Indonesian rainforests as a local problem. He could not say much more could he?


Remember: “it has never been a better time to be Australian”… To tell the truth times were better under Julia, but don’t tell him that, because he would go into a boring tirade with fiddled facts and rubbery figures why it was not -- while happiness is a feeling, totally independent of fiddles and rubber dongs.


As a Lawyer and a journalist he had co-written a book called “Spycatcher”. This was about Peter Wright autobiography of a senior spy who spilled the beans on MI5 – basically a whistle blower who made Malcolm famous for standing on the side of truth. Malcolm never stood on the side of truth. He stood plumb in a neat controversy that would bring him some cash and fame. Nothing else. If he really stood on the side of whistleblowers, he would give a golden pass to Julian Assange to come back to Australia. 


To me, Malcolm is basically a conman. An unprincipled conman. But he hides it well. I saw him a few years ago, after his $5,000 diet of special Chinese tea that could have come from Peter Foster the conman, but came from Shukan Liu, a Chinese doctor. Malcolm after his “diet” looked like a miniature “rake” floating in the middle of a grey suit that was too big… I made a toon about this… His tailor had not worked his full magic yet, it seemed – or our Mal had lost more weight after the previous adjustments. And “Rake” he appeared too, like the loony lawyer on the famous TV series (Rake), but without the warped sense of humour nor the joviality of the character. Same flipperiness, same slipperiness, but most boring demeanour. I did a toon with Freud falling asleep while analysing what Malcolm says (zzzzz... zzzzzz.... zzzzzz...) …


Lucy Turnbull is and was a rabid rightwinger. She might have been the clincher who pushed Mal to join the party of ratbags, the Libs (KONservatives). See, Lucy, Malcolm’s wife, is the daughter of ultra conservative Tom Hughes who was Attorney General during the ill-fated Liberal (KONservative) era of John Gorton, who as mentioned earlier was an honest man. Considering the cabinet was divided equally on Gorton’s proposed reforms, Gorton, the Prime Minister of Australia, voted against himself. He though there were too many loonies in his cabinet. 


From my observations, most Libs (KONservatives), if not all, hated people on welfare, hated Aborigines, hated multiculturalism and so forth. Except John Gorton. Yesterday, when Malcolm proudly recounted the story of the Aboriginal family whose land had just been returned to after a 27 year court battle, one could see the others Libs (KONservatives) on parliament benches twisting their mouth as if sucking on bitter lemons, unless it was my imagination or my memory of times past. Here, one has to also know that Malcolm had disbanded yet again the Aboriginal body in which the Aboriginal people look after their own affairs – a body which already was a shadow of what used to be after having been disbanded by John Howard and then Tony Abbott. Gnawing and belittling is the name of the game.


So Ross Gittins is dismayed that Turnbull has backfliped, done a piked-somersault with a twist and a reverse pedalling on his 16-speed bike, all at the same time on climate change. And Malcolm the debonair gets away with it. To a point. 


Here the Murdoch press is in a quandary. Murdoch loves the Libs (Konservatives) but never liked Turnbull, even if Murdoch turns up to Malcolm’s Regal soirees at Kirribilli house

It’s more for show. Murdoch never rests on his laurels, especially after having unleashed the Trump on the world stage. Uncle Rupe smiles a lot these days and this could be due to having his new squeeze, Jerry, by his side. But be sure that Rupert is plotting a way on how to bring back his protégé, the young Tony Abbott, to the fore and depose Turnbull. It’s delicate surgery. Murdoch is used to perform this kind of brain-operation in the public’s mind. He did Trump, didn’t he? The Russians? Balderdash!... Bring back Abbott is why Uncle Rupe has Peta Credlin commenting in his papers -- the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph. This is why he has Devine and Bolt having a bit of a tiff on radio… to maintan critical “exposure”…This is why he supports the denialists against the scientific consensus on global warming. This is why Turnbull has changed camp. It’s easy. One day “you know” that global warming is real and the next day “you believe” it’s crap. Turnbull has played the same trick over and over on other issues. Take marriage equality for example. Last year he was the darling of the Mardi-Gras. This year, after having twisted like the mind of a bi-polar schizophrenic, he is not welcome. 

Look at the “republican movement”. In 1999, when Howard defrauded the question for the vote in opposition to what the public wanted, Malcolm led a duplicitous ridiculous model of the republic which always was going to fail the voters. His Republican model was elitist to the extreme. Imagine YOU could not join HIS republican movement unless YOU were invited to join. YOU could not apply. This was the summit of disdain. 

Meanwhile, on the social circuits, gallery openings and other artistic events one could meet Lucy Turnbull’s uncle, the great Robert Hughes, the ferocious art critic. I could not claim to be an artist without being shot down in flame for being an impostor… I have been a bullshit artist all my life, and though I could bullshit with brilliance about art, I could not match the clarity and erudition of Robert Hughes. It always took me several days after a repartee to think of a good line. By then the conversation was as cold as Antarctica. 

So in terms of bullshit, I know a bullshitter when I see one – and Malcolm is right bang in middle of the sting. He is the ringleader of Ocean Eleven and the instigator of The Great Train Robbery. Thereafter he will piss on his mates. 


The title of Madam Annabel Crabb’s book on Malcolm says it all; “Stop at Nothing


It’s an expose of Malcolm’s flaws and achievements, we are told by the blurb, including writing stuff with our old now dead mate Bob Ellis, and being a wing man for Kerry Packer, then pissing on them furiously later on. Despite this, Bob Ellis had a deluded view of Malcolm being a honorable man. Bob was also deluded about Rudd... Crabb explores how Turnbull has “changed” as if “he has improved”… She’s deluded to the hilt like a fence-sitter with a sore arse. Turnbull never “changed”. He changes all the time. Change is the consistent character of Malcolm. He is change incarnate,. Change itself. Not for the better, but to favour Malcolm.


So Malcolm now talks shit about coal. Malcolm now thinks it’s convenient and the easy solution to a problem that doesn’t exist and never existed despite having made noises to the contrary before this.


Global warming is crap. But in order to make coal palatable to the morons like me out there who still think global warming is real, let’s mention “clean coal” and “creating jobs” by giving one billion dollars to Adani. It’s deceitful. Malcolm is deceitful.


Next problem? Let’s hammer the poor to help the disabled after having already damaged the disabled policies.  

This one is not a backflip but a consistent policy in the Liberal (Konservative) Party. This is “social order”. We’re at the top, you’re at the bottom. This is not a benevolent society, though charity and religious beliefs are tax exempt. They should not. These tax exempt enterprises (usually run by KONservatives) are robbing the public good in favour of private endeavours in which Konservative brainwashing is at the core: “Me on top, you at the bottom. Let’s keep it this way.”


Turnbull has no principles, unlike Tony Abbott whose principles are ugly but on the table. But after so many twists, backflips and turn around, may be, and I say may be, is there no place left for malcolm to go, except to backtrack and become a bit more honest? Uncle Rupe might come to “like” Malcolm, despite the history between the two men, during the Kerry Packer era. All the twists and turns now have Turnbull in the ultra-right loony camp. The return of the prodigal son (Tony Abbott) could be too hard to contemplate. When I say “like” I mean Murdoch taking Malcolm as convenient for the moment. It can never be love. 


And when Malcolm insults Shorten, the press thinks this is an assertive move but it only diminishes Malcolm. Sure Malcolm can swim. If he does not, he will rob you of your life-jacket.


I would not say any of this should Malcolm take this country on the right (here I mean CORRECT) path. But Malcolm and his bullshit are taking Australia into the dark murky waters of fake hopes and destruction. This is unnacceptable.


These were my impressions. I could be wrong but then I’m not a politician.


And no-one important reads this raving lunatic, Gus of Gustaphianaland (La-la-land for the intimate and the inmates)’s posts.


So I feel for Ross Gittins. He is a journalist who has to be “balanced”. I don’t have this dilemma. Ross got tricked by the Malcolm. I never did.



Gus Leonisky

No longer a fake member of rent-a-crowd, for being too decrepit, drunk and being called an outspoken “Kommunist” when I am only an atheistic futurologist thinker. Good night.

hitting one's head against a lump of turnbull coal-bullshit

Call it fatigue, call it frustration, but some of the best brains in the country are fed up.

Australia's leading climate scientists joined their New Zealand counterparts in Canberra for a four-day conference last week, but dark clouds lingered over their discussions.

The theme of the conference was "Australasian weather, climate and oceans: past, present and future". 

And global warming was never far from the guests' lips.

"There is definitely what you would call 'climate fatigue' on the part of scientists," said Dr Andrew Glikson, from the Australian National University's School of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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not only in aussieland... in nuzealand too

More than 1,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and a state of emergency declared in the New Zealand city of Christchurch as a raging bushfire headed into its fourth day.

The fire in the Port Hills district of the city began earlier this week but spread rapidly overnight to cover more than 1,800 hectares, emergency workers said.

At least 11 houses have been destroyed.

"Yesterday we were chasing a monster — we were trying to catch it, and you add in wind and it becomes totally uncontrollable," emergency management spokesman Richard McNamara told Radio New Zealand.

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mal has no policy on emission reduction...

SA's wind farms in place because of 'Mr Turnbull's scheme'.

All but one wind farm that's gone into South Australia has gone in because of the Commonwealth Government scheme and not because of the State Government.

The Prime Minister's particularly critical of the South Australian Government for what he describes as the South Australian Government's scheme.

It's not the South Australian Government's scheme — it's Mr Turnbull's scheme.

Federal Government has 'no policy'

[The Federal Government] has no policy to achieve the Paris emissions reduction pledge it itself on a national level.

But it is critical of the states who have stepped into the policy vacuum created by there being no national policy.

The state governments — in particular Victoria, the ACT and Queensland — have committed to quite significant renewable targets by about 2030-35 of about 50 per cent.

If nothing changes, we actually achieve the 28 per cent reduction with no national policy.

read more:


Mal has no proper policies on CO2 emission reduction because he has no idea and does ot want to have any that could upset his "balance of power" which is relying on his party supporting the coal industry (that's why they call themselves the COALition) — no matter what.

Coal is one of the worst offenders of global warming. Not a lump of coal as the other idiot's (Scott Morisson, another deceiving idiot full of self-confidence in being a tough sarcastic idiot) stunt in in Parliament, but the burning of it. Mal will not do anything that could rock this entrenched stupidity. Ipso facto, Malcolm Turnbull is stupid. He will stay this way because when the wind changes, he will be cross-eyed like the village idiot... Sorry, my apologies to the village idiot, at least the village idiot is not doing any damage to the entire planet, as far as I know....

play the ball not the man...

"Play the ball not the man"

We can be bold enough to make a stand and do battle for our views and beliefs. But we must strive to be mature enough not to resort to unnecessary personal attacks upon people with opposing views. 
The "ball" is our personal view and the "man" is someone with the opposing view. 
... phrase really is from the world of soccer.



Here a few people —and myself — are annoyed at me for playing the man rather than the ball in the article at top, and in general with my caricatures of the loonies in power. And I agree. It's uncouth. But the ball is honest. The man is cheating. So how can you play the ball when the man cheats and the referee is blind? You kick the man in the nuts. Simple.


unsafe as houses on a warming planet...

It's time people who lost their houses and estates in the recent bush-fires to sue the government for negligence. Global warming is here and measurably increases the risks of droughts, heatwaves and floods. Global warming is the direct resultant of lazy policies such as those of Malcolm on "clean coal" and his deliberate poor understanding of renewables. It's deceitful. Malcolm is deceitful. The people who have lost their houses should sue Malcolm and sue Tony Abbott for good measure, plus sue all the ignoramuses in Canberra who deny the PROVABLE anthropogenic origin of global warming and its relationship with increase in intensity and frequency of strong weather disturbances leading to bushfires, floods and drought. 

And the people who have suffered damages from the downburts which have hammered Sydney twice this week, should sue Malccolm for deliberate negligence as well...


It's time.

changing its name to "dirty energy finance corp"...

The Coalition is considering changing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation rules to fund new coal-powered plants.

One week after the CEFC chief executive, Oliver Yates, told a Senate committee that investment in new coal plants were a very risky proposition for taxpayers, the energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, said the change was an option because “it’s called the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, not the renewable energy corporation”. 

Currently, the CEFC cannot invest in any project that does not reduce emissions by 50% or more on the average across the national electricity market. The CEFC rules, set by the previous Labor government, also rule out funding nuclear power and carbon capture and storage.

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Josh Frydenberg is another idiot who rules your life. In the COALition, idiots are the majority... No, they are the unanimity...

mixed messages...

Malcolm Turnbull has hit back at suggestions that his house’s large personal rooftop solar and battery system sends a message contrary to the government’s endorsement of “clean coal”.

He rejected the idea that he had ever been critical of the renewables sector and dismissed his treasurer’s brandishing of a lump of coal in question time as “theatrics”.

“It’s not a question of beliefs, saying ‘Do you believe in renewables?’,” the prime minister said.

“It’s like saying ‘Do you believe in tables?’ Renewables are there, they are doing well, they have got certain characteristics and you have to design your grid to take account of that.”

read more:


Here once more, the PM is loading the discussion with poison. The point is that there NO NEED TO BUILD MORE COAL POWER STATION.  The second point is that "clean" coal is a con at this stage and the most expensive way by far to cook your dinner tonight. Coal has been subsidised worlwide for too long. Asked the IMF about it: 

Fossil fuel companies are benefitting from global subsidies of $5.3tn (£3.4tn) a year, equivalent to $10m a minute every day, according to a startling new estimate by the International Monetary Fund

The IMF calls the revelation “shocking” and says the figure is an “extremely robust” estimate of the true cost of fossil fuels. The $5.3tn subsidy estimated for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments.

The vast sum is largely due to polluters not paying the costs imposed on governments by the burning of coal, oil and gas. These include the harm caused to local populations by air pollution as well as to people across the globe affected by the floods, droughts and storms being driven by climate change.

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as donald chastises the media, our malcolm does the same...

Malcolm Turnbull’s frustration is showing with the media and Tony Abbott.

Would you say those messages aren’t getting through to the public, this isn’t the first Newspoll that’s been a bad result for the government?

The important thing for me to do is to focus on the task at hand. If I may, with great respect to all of you in the media, you’re very readily distracted by personalities in politics. 

You’re much more entertained by conflict and personalities than you are by jobs. You don’t seem to have a great deal of interest in the cane growers or the cattle producers or the bottlemakers or the data centre owners or the butchers who need the support of the government to ensure that they can have the export markets to reach out to and the affordable energy that they need to keep their businesses going. 

Now, you can focus on the personalities if you wish, that’s up to you, but I’m focused on jobs, I’m focused on economic growth, I’m focused on ensuring that as hard-working Australian families can get ahead, and on that note we must return to parliament.

read more:


"And this is why hard-working Australian families working on weekends will get their pay packet cut. They will have to work harder. Boom. "

AND the "data centre owners"? Do you mean those people who employ Indians from India to fob you off nicely to a level 2 technician "who will monitor your problem for the next 24 hours", like the Telstra mob does? Get a life Malcolm...

today is gus' lazy day...

I don't feel like doing any cartoons today... I might do this arvo, who knows... In the mean time I have been going through the Gus's View to shed a few tears of pain... Politics is a painful process of vicious deceit... And we've been at exposing this crap since 2005 on this site. Gus did his first cartoons in 1951... They are still relevant in my head today: Bash politicians, the police and the army... In Europe, 1951 was quite crook on this level. These days we can accept that the army and the police are "under instructions" from stupid psycho politicians. This does not change much our love for the way we are dumbed down and corralled into sheep-pen. So, while being prisoner of the state, we can dream on...


Some of the cartoons disappeared from the posts when the site moved from one provider to another. Some blocks of files did not cross over. No worries. From time to time I try to reinstate those lost pictures some of which I can't find because my storage discs have gone kaput... So is das Leben...


the republic was in good hands...