Friday 25th of May 2018

the old 18C changes hidden in a cartoonist's death trick...

whatsisname again

Bill Leak may have been the poster boy for "free speech" anti-Section 18C nutters, but his death has not heralded the end of racism and bigotry, writes John Passant.

BILL LEAK'S DEATH has produced various responses.

The Australian, the newspaper for which he cartooned, has been one long eulogy for him — complete on the weekend with a wraparound four pages of adulation.

This cult of Bill is driven by The Australian’s campaign against what it calls "political correctness" and what I call human decency. This is centred on Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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Meanwhile at Murdoch HQ, the shitty centre for the elimination of political correctness:

Reforms to Australia’s section 18C “race-hate” laws could come as soon as next week as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull fast-tracks the changes following cartoonist Bill Leak’s death.

Coalition MPs say they want the issue to be dealt with “quickly” after an inquiry into the reform options, News Corp reported.

The controversial cartoonist’s high-profile 18C investigation has increased the urgency for an overhaul of the legislation under the Racial Discrimination Act.

Cabinet is expected to assess proposals, with updated processes for dispute resolution at the Australian Human Rights Commission largely supported by Coalition MPs and the cross-bench.

Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen told News Corp he favoured a “swift” resolution on the basis that words such as “offend”, “insult” and “humiliate” were removed from section 18C.

“If coming to a consensus view means getting something through the parliament that is completely at odds with what the rank and file are calling for, we may not as well even do it. It will end up becoming a negative,” Mr Christensen said.

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am I racist?...

'In asking Australians to face up to racism, it appears to be their individual prejudices that concern SBS rather than the structural racism that is built into Australian institutions.' 

~ Emeritus professor Barry Hindess

ON SUNDAY 26 February, Australia's SBS TV network broadcast Ray Martin's Is Australia Racist?

It is the first programme of the Face Up to Racism week (#FU2racism) and it's a good question, but it deserves a tougher answer than SBS managed to provide. 

Fortuitously, perhaps, this week also included the release of an inconclusive parliamentary report on what, if anything, should be done about the wording of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA).

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