Saturday 14th of December 2019

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Beazley flirting with xenophobia: Vanstone

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone has launched a scathing attack on the Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley, saying he is fanning fear of foreigners.

Ms Vanstone has focussed on the Labor leader's campaign against the Government's 457 visa program for skilled overseas workers.

The scheme allows skilled workers to stay in Australia to fill job vacancies in high-demand areas.

Mr Beazley says the system is flawed with some unscrupulous employers using the scheme to hire cheap labour, while turning unemployed Australians away.

Senator Vanstone has accused Mr Beazley of a flirtation with xenophobia.

"He isn't a racist but he's prepared to fan the racist card for electoral advantage and I think the electorate will mark him down for that," Senator Vanstone said. 

Labor frontbencher Tanya Pleberseck thinks Senator Vanstone's accusations are laughable.

"Amanda Vanstone or anyone else from the Liberal Party talking about fanning the fears of racism in this country is one of the best ironies I have ever heard in politics," she said.

"This is from a Government that goes out on the one hand and says people who come here should learn English, and on the other hand cuts their access to English language classes.

"I really am left speechless by the notion that Amanda Vanstone would be pointing the finger at anyone."

A spokesman for Mr Beazley says Labor has simply been highlighting Government incompetence on immigration.

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Yes, it's a joke Gus.

I can remember when 457 visas were only available to the chief executives of local subsidiaries of foreign companies, management employees with unique & essential knowledge of the parent company or employees with specialist technical skills. In all instances, the companies concerned were required to give undertakings that, in return for being granted such visas, training would be provided to local employees, such that the need for 457 visas to be granted would disappear.

Of course, little johnnie & his gang have corrupted all that, just like everything-else they touch. They've outsourced the function to immigration "agents" who now "market" 457 visas to anyone who wants one, whilst Veranda Vanstone concentrates her energies on deporting awstraylen citizens who suffer from the wrong "appearance".

Recently I met a student who was working for the awstraylen subsidiary of the world's biggest whitegoods manufacturer (Chinese) .... no problem with his 457 or its regular extension; no specialised skills; no english language capability; had a high-falutin' title but was actually being paid less than Missy at McDonalds down the road & he only got the gig because the MD of the company was a pal of his father in China.

Meanwhile, Electrolux has just announced it will close its Adelaide manufacturing facility because its costs make it uncompetitive. Perhaps those now unemployed awstraylens in Adelaide will be able to obtain the equivalent of a Chinese 457 visa & go work in China??