Tuesday 19th of February 2019

squishy tomato joyce was prepared to flush the aussie economy down the toilet for sympathy with the USA...



Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been criticised for suggesting Australia might support US trade sanctions on China, with his comments labelled “potentially very dangerous” by one expert.

Mr Joyce, acting Prime Minister while Malcolm Turnbull attends the G20, said Australia would “obviously have sympathy” for economic sanctions imposed by the US against China over its trade relationship with North Korea.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was forced to shut down talk of sanctions, with a spokeswoman saying: “The Australian government has no plans to introduce economic sanctions on China.”

Despite the statement, Labor seized on the comments on Thursday, describing them as “utterly irresponsible”, while one expert said they were “potentially very dangerous”.

“It’s economically dangerous. If we punish our largest trading partner what does that mean for our economy,” ANU China expert and economist Jane Golley told The New Daily.

“It puts us right in the middle where we don’t want to be. If you reduce trade between the two largest economies in the world, everyone feels the effect of that.”

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brown-nosing at the second level of self-importance...

As Labor branded the remarks "irresponsible", senior Turnbull government ministers have been forced to clarify, saying there were no plans to impose sanctions on the Chinese state and that Mr Joyce was referring to existing arrangements surrounding businesses and organisations dealing with North Korea.

In the wake of an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council overnight, where the United States also warned a military response was possible, Mr Joyce said the "key person" who could affect the intensifying situation was China. 

"China has more cards on the table on this than most and should be dealing with this promptly," Mr Joyce told ABC's Radio National.

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squishy tomato joyce was making impressions of an idiot...


The deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says he’s prepared to support a clean energy target such as the one recommended by the chief scientist, Alan Finkel, if the Liberals agree to set a threshold allowing high-efficiency coal in the mix.

Joyce told Guardian Australia on Thursday he was prepared to take a positive recommendation to the Nationals party room on the clean energy target if it was set at a level at which coal was eligible for certificates.

But he said the Nationals were not able to take a formal decision on the central recommendation of the Finkel review until cabinet has resolved where to set the threshold.

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Impossible to be more idiotic than the deputy... Well, possibly yes, but this is challenge for you idiots in the Liberal (KONservative) Party out there... Tony? Are you there?...

High efficiency coal? Don't make me laugh...


tomato joyce is a noo-zeelandeer...


New Zealand's Prime Minister has confirmed that "unwittingly or not", Barnaby Joyce is a citizen of the country because his father was born there.

Key points:


The Deputy Prime Minister revealed this morning that he was contacted by the New Zealand High Commission last Thursday and advised he "could be a citizen of New Zealand by descent" because his father was born there.

Prime Minister Bill English said he was informed about Mr Joyce's case late last week and that "unwitting or not" he is a New Zealand citizen.

"It is a matter for the Australian system to decide how Australian law applies in his case and how they deal with this issue," he told reporters.

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Unfortunately, hee has to go. Staying in parleement would make a meekery of the law, and wee don't want this, do wee?


Apparently, Joyce never went to New Zealand like he never went to England either...


tomato joyce and his privates' affairs...

An insider source has told the ABC the Prime Minister's office intervened to ensure Barnaby Joyce's girlfriend was moved from his office.

Key points:
  • The ABC was told Mr Joyce initially resisted calls to distance himself professionally from Vicki Campion
  • Ms Campion was moved to Nationals Minister Matt Canavan's team
  • The role was newly created, and unadvertised, according to the source


The Deputy Prime Minister began an affair with his media adviser Vikki Campion and was advised last year that it was inappropriate for her to continue working for him.

But the ABC has been told Mr Joyce initially resisted calls to distance himself from her professionally until the Prime Minister's office became involved.

After a high-level meeting between the PMO and the Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Campion was moved into a newly created and unadvertised position in Nationals Minister Matt Canavan's team, according to the source.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce has contradicted that account.

He said it was false to claim Mr Joyce met with anyone from PMO to discuss shifting Ms Campion before she was moved.

Senator Canavan, himself a former staff member in Mr Joyce's office, is a friend and ally of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Hey, Mal! Creating a new non-specific job for the girlfriend of Tomato Joyce is akin to Wolfowitz providing a job for his own squeeze. He got the sack from his job at the World Bank. Creating a new "job" is far more serious than the "affair" itself. When Junie Morosi was exposed, the Libs got totally frothed up like rabid dogs. Now they play the "we don't do the sordid sex stories" righteousness card as if they never had. Ugly beasts...

moving the pregnant furniture...

The mainstream media claim they didn't report on Barnaby's affair when it mattered because they didn't know for sure. Jennifer Wilson calls them out.

Over the last two days, since the Daily Telegraph revealed the worst-kept secret of 2017, there’s been a deluge of rather plaintive articles from journalists explaining why they didn’t publish the story of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s extra marital affair with his former staffer who is also pregnant with his child, due in April.

Some have claimed they were respecting his right to privacy. Some have taken the high moral ground and spoken at length about gossip, rumours and lack of evidence. Or, “We asked him and he said no, it’s private.” That’s one of my favourites. Not in the public interest to publish, is another explanation. I addressed this last one HERE,  in October 2017, prior to the New England by-election in December.

In this piece titled 'How Vikki Campion came to work for Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce', Malcolm Farr gives background to the affair.

Bearing in mind that Farr has tweeted that the affair was only a rumour, denied by Joyce, I found this paragraph in his piece startling:

Inside the Joyce office there were other clues and they were quickly picked up by the minister’s highly respected chief of staff Di Hallam.
Ms Hallam took two important steps: She sent Mr Joyce to the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reveal the romance and Ms Campion was moved to the office of then Resources Minister Matt Canavan in late 2016.

“Clearly they thought her presence would be a problem, so she (Ms Hallam) made a decision,” said a source familiar with the situation.

In 2016, the affair was far more than a “rumour”. It was considered so serious that the Prime Minister was advised and Ms Campion was moved (according to some accounts, promoted with a salary increase) to Canavan’s office to get her out of the way.


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Read from top... Joyce is a duplicitous idiot and Tamworth is proud of their chosen duplicitous idiot... whose views on marriage are... Ah forget it. No point explaining the hypocrisy of the man... :

'He speaks for us': why Tamworth is oozing sympathy for Barnaby Joyce.... Idiots...


See also: https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/barnaby-joyce-needs-to-face-reality,11184


At the Guardian, Catharine Murphy gets her knickers into a knot... : Barnaby Joyce: I didn’t report it because I couldn’t verify it

and a teary eye about barny tomato in the murdoch papers...




of soup and lilith...





There was one article last year about happy married couples in the Duly Terrorgraph... No kidding there was a segment on Barnaby MARRIED TO HIS HAT... I will try to resurrect the picture from one of my moribund computers... FOUND IT!:

barnaby and his hat

And of course this was published way after he was "re-elected" after his Kiwi heritage was exposed and after his continuing affair with his staffer... Back on the market? Bullshit, Barnaby Strawbery Juice and the merde-och media were playing us for fools.... He already had a ring through his nose, the cad...

barnaby has sinned...



I am sure Barnarby's family would not mind a bit of privacy, but the Murdoch media has gone in overdrive. I believe the Barnaby Tomato Joyce rigmarole won't go away until he resigns for parliament AS HE SHOULD. Of course Father Brennan is more of a good guy except when he defends the secrecy of confessing priests who have "played sex" with children...

the amazing bullshit from the PM's office...


PM's office says Campion's jobs didn't break rules because she wasn't Joyce's 'partner'

Malcolm Turnbull’s office says he was unaware of relationship between Barnaby Joyce and former staffer...


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Who are they kidding?...!!!!!! WHY MOVE THE STAFFER THEN? Read from top.

The more the story is evolving, the more they bullshit with dungs everywhere to cover their track... It ain't going to work!

"it" rains...

Former Nationals whip Damian Drum says he was aware of “rumours” of a relationship between Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion when he hired her as a political staffer last July, but he had been told the affair had ended.


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Who told  Damian Drum that "the relationship was over LAST JULY"? Barnaby? We know that Barny Tomato Joyce is a two-timer, a bullshitter with a hat, and not very clever... So I'm sure that Damian Drum being closer to him than we are, would know that being told "the affair had ended" is not enough to be sure...

As far as I am concerned, Barnaby can do whatever he likes, but he has to STAY OUT OF POLITICS. He has to resign and stop bullshitting the public.

we, the cynical public vs the above-board pollies...


cartoon SMH
Goodbye Mr Joyce, it's time to go

Sorry Barnaby, you have to go. A politician who misleads us with rhetoric of the traditional family, faithful wife and husband fulfilling their duty of procreating – who then has an affair with an employee – is no longer trustworthy.

Christina Foo, Wahroonga

Senator Nigel Scullion's angry claim that he doesn't even know if any of his National Party colleagues are talking about the Joyce affair (" 'Where do you guys get off?': Cabinet minister's hallway rant over Barnaby Joyce", smh.com.au February 12) shows very clearly how out of touch the Nationals are, not only with each other but also with the concerns and expectations of the wider voter community.

Sue Dyer, Downer (ACT)

Where do you guys get off? I'll tell you where! Wherever it is that the press might get off pursuing Joyce, rest assured the community is getting on. The Libs and Nats keep imploring us that there's nothing to see here, move on folks, it's a media beat-up. They're wrong. This is actual news and it IS in the public interest. Trust me, we are mad out here in voterland.

Camille Manley, Potts Point

The news that the Coalition is threatening to retaliate with similar revelations if Labor pursues Joyce does nothing to reduce my concerns about parliamentary standards. Cathy McGowan has called for a review of workplace behaviour with a view to raising standards within Parliament. Surely this case is evidence the review is long overdue.

Mary Grimshaw, Ryde


What a relief to know there is no wrong doing in the Nats shuffling Vikki Campion between well-paid executive jobs. It was an extraordinary coincidence these jobs apparently became available to coincide with her need to move on on each occasion. As to whether this was proper, the PM's office now advises all is well as there was no breach of the relevant code of conduct because "Ms Campion was not his partner at the time of the staff appointments". It's self-serving to suggest the only reason this does not require further scrutiny is because the couple only took the step of actually moving in together under the same roof in recent weeks. It doesn't pass the sniff test for me.

Andrew Dunshea, Bathurst

Ms Campion cannot work in Mr Joyce's office because of their relationship. So, miraculously, a well-paid vacancy appears in Senator Canavan's office, and Ms Campion waltzes in. Then when Canavan is forced to step down, another miracle happens and another highly paid job appears in Mr Drum's office. Senator Cormann just declares that this whole sage is "completely above board". What part of due process do these people fail to understand?

Jane Edwards, Peterhead

This is a public matter when you're the deputy PM. Australia honestly deserves better and we certainly don't need Turnbull or Cormann defending what's OK or what's not on the matter. Say goodbye please Barnaby.

Ted Bush, Ermington


The Prime Minister's support for Joyce should just about be the final nail in the coffin for this government.

Brian Johnstone, Leura

Why would anyone want to be a politician? You become a kind of pressured FIFO person, and just like all FIFO workers, you are subject to the stresses now being documented, which can potentially result in mental health issues, even suicidal tendencies. Not to mention the additional burden of parliamentary and media scrutiny, and personal vilification, that are part and parcel of the politician's job. And it must take amazing organisation and perseverance on all sides to ensure your marriage and children do not carry the can for what is, after all, just a job. We should be surprised there is not more evidence of family breakdown in Canberra, especially politicians with young children. And we could hope that instead of censuring politicians for their human proclivities (or quibbling about the recent sensible workplace transfer of one of the parties involved) we would instead see the suggestion and development of improved family-friendly policies for politicians. That could be one good result from a very sad situation.

Merran Dawson, Beecroft

Campaigning in the New England byelection, Joyce must have known the full details would come out soon, or at the latest when the baby was born, and he had to know how that would affect his political career. He had no right to expect the voters to re-endorse him. He should have retired from Parliament as soon as his dual-nationality was revealed.

Richard Mason, Newtown

It should come as no surprise that individuals might encounter, in their workplace, a person with whom they may establish a meaningful relationship, without this being in any way a product of workplace advantage or harassment. Joyce is being unfairly targeted. The Opposition is being highly exploitative in their criticism of him and his perfectly "human" situation, irrespective of any disharmony it may be causing key players within his family. After the dual-citizenship debacle, Joyce deserves privacy, not more condemnation.

John Feller, Randwick

An unnamed colleague has felt compelled to throw the switch to vaudeville and describe Joyce as a "once-in-a-generation leader". A small mercy I suppose, but one for which we should nevertheless be grateful.

Michael Hinchey, New Lambton

Describing Campion as "the mother of his child" is insulting and disgusting in the extreme. " Most unfortunately, most media outlets, even the ones we thought might have been enlightened, have adopted this language when reporting on this issue. This is a prime example of how remarkably sexist we are in this country.

David Andrew, Paddington

Perhaps it might be time to retire to that prime farmland in the Pilliga. He could even join Shut The Gate. And sow oats to his heart's content.

Craig Worsley, Tweed Heads

Hi Joe. How are you? Is there a nice preschool close to your residence in Washington? Just asking. Barnaby

Colin McAuliffe, Epping



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Passing the "sniff test"... The cartoon by Cathy Wilcox is the best of the decade. Brilliant! 

Saying "sorry" is not enough Barnaby. You should realise it's time for you to go. Bye bye... 


and it gets worse...


It’s a helluva risky business writing a column about Barnaby Joyce at the moment. Not because he’s doomed and you might find him rolled out of office like a dangerously bulging tin of deeply dodgy potted meat before you can get the piece to your editor. He’s doomed, but it’s a slow motion train wreck. He’ll probably last until the weekend.

No, it’s risky because just when you think you’ve got this thing nailed down, it gets worse.

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John Hewson says Barnaby Joyce “gave up his right to privacy” because he managed his marriage breakdown and new relationship so poorly, saying he should have made a public statement before the New England byelection.

Speaking on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night, Hewson said his policy as federal Liberal party leader in the early 1990s was that private lives remained private but that “if you’re using your position to a particular benefit, I think you have a case to answer”.

The deputy prime minister’s home life was the first topic addressed by the panel, which included Western Australian Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, the Labor frontbencher Terri Butler, the Australian’s associate national affairs editor, Chris Kenny, and the Guardian Australia columnist Van Badham.


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life is cruel...

I am surprised that no-one in the shitopolliesphere has intimated that Vikki Campion was a Labor plant to make Barnaby fall on his arse... Com'on, Barnaby.... QUIT WHILE YOU'RE BEHIND... the situation is not going to improve...



Politics live: Barnaby Joyce under pressure as Liberals say Nationals must recognise he is 'damaged beyond repair'