Sunday 23rd of July 2017

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Democrat launches unlikely bid to impeach Trump

Brad Sherman accuses US president of obstructing investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


A California Democrat has filed an article of impeachment against US President Donald Trump in a longshot bid to remove the president from office.

Brad Sherman filed the article on Wednesday, accusing Trump of obstructing investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, in part by firing former FBI Director James Comey.

Sherman acknowledges that filing the article is "the first step on a very long road".

"Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump's campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia," Sherman said in a statement.

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meanwhile in the middle orient...

The Trump administration's inconsistent foreign policy in the Middle East is likely to prompt Washington's European allies to side, at least on critical occasions, with Russia, geopolitical analyst Gilbert Mercier told Sputnik. As a result, the United States could end up isolating itself, he added.

The Qatari crisis has become a litmus test for major geopolitical players, exposing who is really interested in maintaining stability in the Middle East and who is exercising a Machiavellian approach to the region's affairs.

"The United States, which has largely, deliberately or not, instigated the crisis cannot provide a diplomatic solution, therefore Russia, China and the EU will have to step in and play a decisive role in the matter to diffuse it," Gilbert Mercier, author of "The Orwellian Empire", editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post, and geopolitical analyst, told Sputnik.

On June 5, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Qatar in what appeared to be a coordinated move. The countries closed land, air and sea passage to all vessels and vehicles coming from or going to Qatar.


The Gulf monarchies also handed a 13-point ultimatum to Qatar, demanding, among other things, the severance of ties with Iran and  that Doha-based news organization Al Jazeera be shut down.

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President Donald Trump says the mood in the White House is "fantastic" despite intense scrutiny of his campaign's alleged dealings with Russia.

He told Reuters the administration was "functioning beautifully".

The president also defended his son, who it has emerged met a Russian lawyer during the election campaign.

US media describe the White House as being in chaos over the story, with a Trump ally calling it a "Category 5 hurricane", the Washington Post said.

Donald Trump Jr met Natalia Veselnitskaya believing she had information that would damage his father's opponent Hillary Clinton.

Mr Trump Jr told Fox News the meeting was "such a nothing", and "a wasted 20 minutes", but accepted he should have handled it differently.

Critics say he may have broken federal laws.

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a witch hunt ...



The result of the latest fanfare is an attempt to tie in the Trump family to Trump himself, to target a specific culture of management indifferent to the borders of ethics — even legality. In short, critics are on the hunt for the beating patriotic heart, the chest-thumping ideologue they cannot find.

The use of the term “witch hunt”, a favourite of the Trump family, is not inaccurate. A family member is intended for burning and the establishment high priests across the political spectrum want a sacrifice for flag and country.

It’s not that corruption, collusion or entertaining interests deemed inimical to the state do not take place in rampant, easygoing fashion: it’s the fact that Trump has become something of a realisation — that the business of U.S. officials for decades has been business rather than patriotism. It is a sin that has been closeted rather than spoken about. 

The nexus between the nakedly private and the political – between graft and the pursuit of enterprise – has been revealed. The question of illegality, however, remains unanswered and Robert Mueller’s task has simply gotten more interesting.

Dr Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne. You can follow Dr Kampmark on Twitter @bkampmark.

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The Democrats are stirring for fizz where there is none... Nothing new... Meanwhile Comey did not do is job. Hillary should have been charged and we should have had President Sanders.