Tuesday 17th of July 2018

heated debate about sharing a bed in the middle of power price rises...


CANBERRA -- Been hearing frustrated Turnbull Government MPs say recently they want to talk about pretty much anything else but same-sex marriage?

There's general agreement on that view, but for different reasons. The firm voices from opposing perspectives just want the issue dealt with. Some, including Government MPs, don't want to be talking about tinkering with marriage, full stop. It is, bring in marriage equality for same-sex attracted people or put the issue to bed once and for all. Well, for this term of parliament at least.

Turnbull calls crisis meeting on same-sex marriage https://t.co/JVn7SxFjGe via@FinancialReview

— Phillip Coorey (@PhillipCoorey) August 3, 2017


Just as a frustrated Prime Minister calls a special Monday afternoon meeting of Liberal MPs - the day before Parliament resumes - to try and end the internal war over same-sex marriage, Malcolm Turnbull is returning to political ground that he thinks can be a winner for him - tackling rising power prices.

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Same Sex Marriage | Malcolm Turnbull MP


The results of the Wentworth survey on same sex marriage show a clear majority of respondents are in ... “The issue of marriage equality is a human rights issue.


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Countries such as the US, the UK, New Zealand and Canada already recognise same-sex marriages. They also have bills of rights which accord some recognition to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Australia does not yet recognise same-sex marriages – not even those marriages recognised in their countries of origin. Neither does Australia have a bill of rights with the result that the federal protection of rights such as freedom of religion is more piecemeal than in other countries. In Australia, the tendency has been to treat the freedom of religion on contested questions as an exemption to sex discrimination laws. This results in freedom of religion being treated as a second order right. But in international law, it is a first order “non-derogable” right.

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