Tuesday 21st of August 2018

rome is on fire... bernardi plays the fiddle like nero... they laugh...


NERO NEVER FIDDLED while Rome burned.

It is a popular myth, but it’s simply not true — there were no fiddles back in Roman times.

Nero is, however, reported to have sung a song about the sacking of Troy while watching as 70 per cent of Rome was swallowed by flames in a single blistering gulp.

Some of our current crop of politicians have gone one better — they now laugh like small children whenever climate change is brought up.

This week, the conservative side of politics continued what seems to be the running gag of climate change for the during a motion by Senator Peter Whish-Wilson calling for recognition of Australia’s climate scientists.

Whish-Wilson told the floor and later posted on social media, that it was “the angriest I have ever been in the Senate” as he watched members of the house openly mock climate scientists.

Liberal Senator James McGrath stood to read what appeared to be his party’s talking points in a deadpan monotone stopping a number of times to smirk and chuckle.

Leader of the Australian Conservatives Party, Cory Bernardi, rose to make a point of order, informing the house that it was, in fact, he who had been raucously laughing.

Presumably, he was concerned the people who voted him in would be upset if he wasn’t earning his base pay of $199,040 a year by chuckling his way through Senate motions.

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his fiddle is on fire...

Bernardi's fiddle is on fire

But alas he does not feel the pain

Because the stupid arse is all vain

His brain long destroyed by the pyre


Global warming is real says the song

"Me be laughing" says the ningnong...


Note: the violingolo being played by Bernardi is a super nukular double-headed instrument especially designed for ignoramuses who have no idea about proper fingering nor scientific rigour.


the reverse side of history...

Perhaps it was because Nero played the fiddle, they burned Rome.

Oliver Herford (1863-1935)


It was a lyre, played with a large plectrum dragged across the strings...


Here The Great Fire of Earth was a planetary fire in the year AD 2064. It caused widespread devastation, before being brought under control after six millenniums. Differing accounts either blame Emperor Turnbullius with his mates Bernardius and Abbottus for initiating the fire back then at the beginning of the 21st century. Bernardius and Abbottus wanted to circumvented the Senate by burning coal and more coal. Turnbullius was more devious and tried to salvage cheap electricity prices by prolonging the life of a clapped out coal-burning bonfire... Gus Leoniscus, drunk on the grapevine, describes the Great Fire as Arson, though Bernardius blamed the Globalwarmistus for nothing.

beyond warming...


A recent study estimate there's only a five per cent chance the planet will only warm by two degrees, reports Scott Colvin for Truth Out.

IN A December 2011 article, Noam Chomsky noted that in addition to those preaching skepticism of climate change, there exists another group of climate commentators whose input is ignored by the mainstream media: those who insist that the dangers of climate change go far beyond what we are told is the scientific consensus.

This latter group has grown increasingly vocal, especially outside the U.S., but it is still not being paid enough heed.

In a recent Vice articleNafeez Ahmed broke the story of Schroders, a British investment firm with US$542 billion under management, privately advising its clients that global temperatures could reach 7.8 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. Of course, as is well known, the safe limit for warming is generally considered to be 2 degrees celsius.

As Ahmed puts it, a temperature increase of 7.8 degrees

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This possibility is not new. As pointed by Gus in the early days of this website, his own calculations showed that global warming could go between 6 and 9 degrees Celsius with 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. The tipping point was 1996 when humanity should have stopped pumping any more CO2 and sequester most of the EXTRA added CO2 to arrest the temperature gradient at 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. In subsequent calculations, Gus has presented a more "restrained" estimate in What is global warming? 

This morning at 5 o'clock in Sydney's inner west, the temperature was 29.6 degrees Celsius. This was most unusual. Then the temperature dropped and hovered around 28 to 29.8 for the rest of the day.

Scientists are officially using very conservative models in order to manage the political situation. In private scientists working on this issue are more than worried. They are shit-scared. Global warming is bypassing their conservative expectations by a big margin. The number of hurricanes in the mid Atlantic this year has baffled "meteorologists". Mind you, the sea temperatures being "higher than normal" are likely to bring more "energetic" disturbances and more moisture up in the warming atmosphere, leading to more storms. 

We need to stop using fossil fuels. Point blank. All our energy needs and transport needs have to be based on renewables. LEAVE THE COAL IN THE GROUND.