Tuesday 21st of August 2018

a freeman story...



Morgan Freeman's latest publicly stunt permanently stained his legacy after the famous actor decided to join the fake news industry by passing off a blockbuster script as a true story.

Morgan Freeman declared in his latest two-minute video that "We have been attacked. We are at war", but he's wrong in saying that Americans have been victimized by Russia, but should have rather told the truth that they're under attack by their own government. To channel Freeman, "Imagine this movie script", albeit modified to reflect real-life events instead of conspiratorial ones:

A globalist power cabal made up of the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (the "deep state"), in conjunction with the Democratic Party, "Cultural Marxist" professors, the Mainstream Media, and Hollywood have attacked American democracy using non-stop infowar operations against their own fellow citizens to spread propaganda and false information aimed at convincing people that the Republican candidate and future President of the United States is really a Russian puppet.

A few years ago this might have sounded just as ridiculous as the narrative that Freeman read off in front of the cameras, but the difference is that this actually happened whereas his story still remains the realm of fiction. The conspiracy theory that Russia somehow swayed the 2016 election has no basis in reality, and it's very condescending to the millions of average Americans in the Midwest who swayed the election for Trump to even infer that these patriotic citizens were under the influence of a foreign intelligence operation at the time.


Midwesterners didn't tip the election for Trump because President Putin, the FSB, RT, or Sputnik told them to — which they didn't — but because they had enough of the old order of business in the US and were desperately craving a change, any change, to improve the all-around deteriorating conditions that have come to define their lives. Trump promised law and order, jobs and strong borders, and a no-nonsense approach to American domestic politics, the complete opposite of Hillary's platform and exactly what Midwesterners wanted to hear.

Even without the DNC leaks, many of those folks would never have countenanced voting for Hillary due to her husband's toxic legacy and that of his party. Moreover, these voters didn't need proof of Hillary and the Democrats' corruption because they had suspected it all along, though the amplification of their crimes by the global media vindicated them for what The Establishment had falsely claimed for years was just another tinfoil hat "conspiracy theory".

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disaffected washington and hollywood liberals...

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman has enjoyed a lucrative career playing American presidents in a variety of big budget, blockbuster movies. However his latest role as narrator of a crude anti-Russian propaganda video, produced by a group of disaffected Washington and Hollywood liberals, suggests that he has now lost the plot.

At the height of the McCarthy anti-communist witch hunts in the United States in the 1950s, Hollywood threw up its share of courageous men and women who refused to kowtow to the crude propaganda that was a ubiquitous feature of the nation's cultural values during this period — propaganda designed to demonize Russia, its people and government, as America's mortal enemy, bent on its destruction and global domination.

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meddling with non-meddlings...


Morgan Freeman’s honey-kissed baritone has narrated dozens of documentaries and public announcements in the Oscar-winner’s long Hollywood career.

But the 80-year-old star’s tenure in the business probably failed to prep him for the Russian reaction that greeted a two-minute online video he recorded recently for a group hoping to keep alive concerns over Kremlin meddling in the 2016 Presidential election.

Freeman is being portrayed as a tool of the U.S. establishment trying to bring down Trump, and as a man suffering from a “Messianic complex” from movie roles playing God and the president of the United States.

A “#StopMorganLie” hashtag is circulating aimed at discrediting the actor.

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Apparently it's okay to bash Putin as “a former KGB spy” who has “set his sights on his sworn enemy, the United States.” but it's not okay to lambast the legendary American actor for expressing an opinion with no proof on the matter. Now, the "investigation" is peeling Yahoo and Facebook, and looking in cyber dusbins to find connections between Trump and Putin. There aren't any. 

It is well known that Putin was a KGB spy and that George Bush senior was a CIA chief. It is well known that Putin is trying hard to make friends with the USA, but the "establishment" in the US don't want to trust him because whatever.

Putin never hid the fact he  preferred Trump as candidate for the US Presidency, but he was prepared to work with Hillary, though Hillary would have dropped bombs on Damascus to piss him off. Putin did not interfere with the US elections... Rupert Murdoch and the evangelicals of the bible belt did interfere with the US elections, but then they are "American citizens" and were allowed to push the vote for Trump.


and hillary...

A 2009 email recently obtained by Judicial Watch reveals a Clinton Global Initiative invitation to then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin from the Clinton Foundation.

Despite Hillary Clinton taking shots at Russian President Vladimir Putin during her current "What Happened" book tour, it would appear the former secretary of state had no issue with Putin as long as a dollar was attached. Additionally, then-President Dmitry Medvedev and former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev also received an invitation from the foundation.

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russian ruskies did it from russia...




The Washington Post’s RussiaGate vendetta is fostering a culture of New McCarthyism quicker than US President Donald Trump can provoke CNN’s Jim Acosta into a fit of rage.

After running a blockbuster headline Monday that former President Barack Obama “sought to prod Facebook on Russia role,” the news outlet retracted part of the story Tuesday. “The president did not single out Russia specifically” when he spoke with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about taking on fake stories and disinformation on the social media site, according to the Post’s updated story.

A separate report, "Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America’s racial, religious divisions," demonstrates that “Russian ads” focused on major social issues in the US like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights.

The reports paint a picture in which "Russian ads" were able to out-muscle all US-purchased digital political advertisements in 2016. Clinton’s campaign dropped $55 million on digital ads during election season, while Trump’s campaign allocated $90 million to digital advertisements, Politico estimated.

It takes a certain kind of imagination to construe the "Russian" purchase of $150,000 worth of Facebook ads as evidence Moscow secretly tried to meddle in American elections. Indeed, the Washington Post admitted that “Facebook said the spending represented a tiny fraction of the political advertising on the platform during the 2016 campaign.”


Facebook earned $26 billion in advertising revenue during fiscal year 2016, according to the company’s full year 2016 results. “Russian ads” accounted for three-tenths of one percent of the firm’s 2016 ad revenues, Sputnik News calculates.


The Washington Post editorial team doesn’t "even know, by the way" what entity in particular purchased the ads, “they’re just presuming it was a Russian company of some sort," University of Pittsburgh School of Law professor Dan Kovalik told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & ClearTuesday.

​"One of the things I notice in all of these articles – these RussiaGate conspiracy type articles – is that everything can become 'linked to the Kremlin,' but nothing can ever actually be traced back to the Russian government itself," said Walter Smolarek, Loud & Clear’s producer.

"The Post has begun blaming almost every unpleasant development in the world on Russia! Russia! Russia!" George Polk Award recipient Robert Parry wrote in response to the Washington Post’s "Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America’s racial, religious divisions" article.

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Obviously, the Russian Ruskies from Russia's advertisements were far better written than the Yankee ones, especially those of Hillary... 


crafty fake news from the CIA...


Russia’s crafty campaign to hack the 2016 election may seem unprecedented, but in a way it’s not. Sure, secret agents and front groups have hacked email systems, dumped documents on WikiLeaks, paid an army of internet trolls and spent thousands buying political ads on social media. It all seems new because the technologies are new. But it’s not the first time a government tried to mess with our heads by manipulating our media.

In fact, for more than two decades during the Cold War, the public was bombarded by an enormous publicity campaign to shape American views of Russia and its foreign policy. Advertisements appeared on every TV network, on radio stations across the country and in hundreds of newspapers. The campaign may have been the largest and most consistent source of political advertising in American history. And it was orchestrated by a big, powerful intelligence service: the Central Intelligence Agency.

It all began as a cover story. As the Cold War was getting underway, the C.I.A. wanted to take the fight into Russia’s backyard. So, in 1950, it created Radio Free Europe, a government-sponsored broadcasting station. Ostensibly, it provided unbiased news for Eastern Europeans, but in fact the agency used it to wage a subversive campaign to weaken Communist governments behind the Iron Curtain.

But how to hide the agency’s hand? How to account for the millions of C.I.A. dollars pouring into the broadcasting station? Simple: pretend that ordinary Americans are paying the bills.

The C.I.A.’s freewheeling spymaster, Frank Wisner, created a well-heeled and well-connected front group, the National Committee for a Free Europe. Each year it ran an enormous fund-raising campaign called the Crusade for Freedom (later renamed the Radio Free Europe Fund) that implored Americans to donate “freedom dollars” to combat Kremlin lies, complete with annual appeals resembling a hybrid of World War II war bond campaigns and contemporary NPR pledge drives.

Every president from Harry Truman to Richard Nixon endorsed the campaign. So did hundreds of governors, mayors, celebrities, editors and executives. Entertainers like Ronald Reagan, Rock Hudson, Jerry Lewis and the Kingston Trio pleaded for donations on radio and television. The Hollywood producers Darryl Zanuck and Cecil B. DeMille amplified those messages, as did powerful media figures like Bill Paley, the president of CBS; C. D. Jackson, the publisher of Fortune; and the media mogul Henry Luce. Even newspaper delivery boys played a part, soliciting donations from subscribers on their paper routes.

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