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In August it was revealed that New Zealand Labour MP Chris Hipkins had submitted questions about eligibility for New Zealand citizenship which assisted the Australian opposition to establish that the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, was a dual citizen and therefore potentially ineligible to sit in parliament.

The revelation prompted the defence industry minister, Christopher Pyne, to accuse Labor of engaging in a “conspiracy using a foreign government” to bring down the Australian government.


At the time Bishop noted that “New Zealand is facing an election” and “should there be a change of government I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations designed to undermine the government of Australia”.

On Friday, Turnbull told 3AW he had congratulated Ardern on Thursday and would work constructively with her, as former Australian prime minister John Howard had done with the former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark.

“I have got no doubt we will work together effectively, confidentially and constructively as Australian and New Zealand prime ministers have done ... for generations,” he said.

“I am certainly looking forward to doing that ... I do expect to trust them.”

Turnbull said Ardern had “deplored” and regretted the “political activity in New Zealand” when she discovered it.

“You’re better off not scratching away at past political episodes. I’m looking forward to a great relationship with the new government. [Ardern] is committed [to the relationship], I had a very good discussion with her last night,” he said.

Asked if Bishop needed to apologise, Turnbull replied: “No. No.”



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Congratulations to Jacinda Ardern for this unexpected victory. Let's hope that The Aussie sourpuss do not try to interfere with her good work as they tried to do, prior to the New Zealand elections... For Julie Bishop to say that "should there be a change of government she would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations designed to undermine the government of Australia", is a bit rich coming from a woman who has shifted allegiances between potential PMs more times than one can have hot dinners in a year. She should be sacked for interfering in another government's workings, far far more seriously that alleged Putin's influences in the US election of the Dumb One.


today's comment by the shit-pumping expert is vile...


Piers Akerman is entitled to his opinion but he goes shit-munching apes with his description of Jacinta Ardern becoming New Zealand Prime Minister. If you can bypass the paywall, read Piers' crap at:

New Zealand's Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes the country a laughing stock


he also says: "New Zealand's Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern speaks to the media after her 

first caucus meeting. Nobody's laughing at this fart joke"


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a blatant failure...

New Zealand’s newly-elected prime minister has called capitalism a “blatant failure” that has failed low-income people in the country and around the world.

Jacinda Ardern, who will take office next month after the New Zealand First Party agreed to form a center-left government with her Labor Party, aims to limit the systemic problem of homelessness plaguing New Zealand. 

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from the woman who nutured the biggest turd in aussie history


As it stands Australia’s got no Deputy Prime Minister (instead an acting parliamentary leader, whatever that means); an as-yet-undetermined acting Prime Minister; no real Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources; and a Prime Minister who was scheduled to be out of the country for most of the next month; or, alternatively, Australia won’t be fully represented at important international gatherings like APEC.

What a shambles.

It’s telling that Julie Bishop wasn’t immediately designated acting PM.

Canberra gossip is that Turnbull is concerned about her loyalty and rumours that she’s eyeing off his job; yet he now needs her more than she needs him.

It’s even more telling that Barnaby had anticipated his disqualification but the Prime Minister had not.

So much for Malcolm Turnbull’s declaration, doing his best QC impersonation, that the High Court “will find” that Barnaby Joyce was entitled to sit in the Parliament, despite inheriting New Zealand citizenship from his father.

I’m told George Brandis isn’t to be blamed for overstating the legal case on section 44, that it was the PM himself who decided a bullish attack was the best defence.

Yet another example of poor judgment by a leader now caught in a vortex where nothing goes right.


Watching this unfold from New York I’ve got to say, surely we’re better than this?

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Yes, Peta Credlin is correct about Malcolm and that we are better than this — by default. We need to remember (we have not forgotten yet, have we?) Peta was the person who held Turdy Abbott on a tight leash and piloted him to go and piss on everyone's parade, here and overseas, using his natural talent to cock up a leg along every lampposts he could sniff. Blimey... I supposed if she had not been holding him back tightly, he would have destroyed a marble table at Kirribili or such.

Peta is such a predictable sour gripes about her fare Abbott losing the leadership to Mal Trumble.

Whatever you dream of, Peta, please do not hope for a return to the "good old days" of Turdy Abbott leading this country. Tony's PMship was the pits of ignorance and of idiocy, using anger — and all the sins his Church ever thought of — to make up for his massive shortfall in skills of any sorts. Tony was a dud, a fart in the history of this fair country and anyone who had the temerity of supporting him should shut up...

the sucking-bludgers in parliament...


Noely Neate pens an open letter to any media interested in the biggest taxpayer-funded scam of all.

Dear A Current Affair, tabloids and other interested media,

Have I got a front-page scoop for you!

Forget dole bludgers, this is welfare bludging on steroids. I'll give you the teaser. Then, how about you go and do the rest of the work?

I've heard there is this bloke, wealthy in his own right, who has been part of a taxpayer-funded rort since 2005. He got the gig fraudulently but has received taxpayer funds all this time. In fact, he is still being paid by the taxpayer.

Not only did he falsely sign a declaration, he did it more than once! When asked about whether he was eligible to apply for the job he laughed it off. Then, when he was finally forced to fess up, he kept his high paying gig.

Centrelink: tick a wrong box 10 years ago? debt collectors are coming

Government: fudged your citizenship? keep all your money, it's cool

— Josh Butler (@JoshButler) November 1, 2017


Somehow, he also managed to avoid suspension while the matter was investigated.

But wait, there is more ...

It had to go to the High Court and the taxpayer paid for his defence!

No consequences

Then, when the High Court – unanimously – declared this bloke should never have been eligible to benefit from this scheme, he still managed to escape consequences:

  • He was not made to pay back the taxpayer squillions earned fraudulently; 
  • He was not made to perform community service; and
  • He did not receive gaol, and
  • He did not receive a suspended sentence.

Nope, this guy was not even charged with fraud and so gets to reapply for his exorbitantly paid taxpayer-funded position.

That's right, the taxpayer is funding his entry back onto that gravy train.

Surely this is the scoop of the century. I mean, this has to be the largest welfare scam in history — imagine the front pages.

S.44 has become a test of intelligence & competence. If politicians can't pursue 'due diligence', they don't deserve to be a politician.

— Joan Evatt (@Boeufblogginon) November 1, 2017


If that is not enough to whet your appetite, I have reason to believe the Federal Government helped cover this up. Remember when we had that close call with declaring war on New Zealand?

In fact, the government could be covering up other massive welfare cheats too.

Some voters have called for an audit of everyone in this particular taxpayer-funded scheme but the government has so far refused to heed this advice.

There could be more cover-ups

Which begs the question, What is the Federal Government hiding?

Look, I don't want to tell you how to do your jobs, but I've seen you feature welfare bludgers before. I've seen the outrage you have displayed on punters behalf when people have taken the piss out of taxpayer funds. And I've watched on as peak hysteria in media resulted in governments bowing to Royal Commissions, dismantling of failed initiatives or dodgy schemes that are ripping off taxpayers.

The Turnbull Government has been hit this morning, after revelations that minister Josh Frydenberg could be a dual-citizen. #9News

— Nine News Australia (@9NewsAUS) November 2, 2017


Surely, you don't want to miss this scoop? It could give you endless headlines demanding this dodgy taxpayer scheme be thoroughly audited and the welfare cheats prosecuted or, at the very least, suspended from participating in this scheme for a period of time.

I know this might be a hard one for you to investigate — the conspiracy is massive. The Federal Government has hung out the "business as usual" sign and is closing ranks to protect these people from any consequences from their fraudulent access to this scheme. Also, you might have to sideswipe your Press Gallery mates who would normally give you tip-offs, as they seem to be limiting the fall out of this scheme. Though, to be fair, there could be a tinge of Stockholm Syndrome there as they are so used to this "business as usual" they can't see how much of a rip off this particular taxpayer-funded rort is and the extent of its abuse by people in power and their mates.

But c'mon guys, do us, taxpayers, a favour, rip open the wound and end this ongoing swindling of public funds.

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