Wednesday 12th of December 2018

from a condescending prick...


But I said the Turnbull speech trumped Joyce’s in a close run thing — a triumph in itself in this week of misplaced triumphalism.

The highlight of the Turnbull “gay marriage” speech – such a staunch supporter, just ask him – was this piece of patronising gibberish:

“Co-dependency is a good thing. If we believe two gay people are better off together than living alone, comforted only by their respective cats, then why should we deprive that relationship of equal recognition?”

The question is equality before the law – specifically Sections 5 (definition of marriage between a man and woman) and 88EA (recognition of overseas marriages not between a man and woman) of the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) as enacted under Section 51(xxi) of the Australian Constitution (the marriage power).

It is not about religion, or sex education, or de facto relationships, or cats. 


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In the toon above: Felix the Cat — first incarnation in 1917 by Pat Sullivan...


not joyful

It’s actually making me feel sick hearing @TurnbullMalcolm speaking about the SSM Survey in parliament like it was a joyful experiance, it wasn’t. It was painful, humiliating, disrespectful and carries a hurt I’ll feel for years.

— DEANation (@deanarcuri) December 4, 2017

Finally, Turnbull cited former British Prime Minister David Cameron — the bloke who brought on Brexit. That still-unresolved matter has seen an increase in hatecrimes, cost millions and was essentially designed to outsource petty internal differences between two white conservative men who attended Oxford University.

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friendly fire...

Malcolm Turnbull continues to be hurt by friendly fire from his own side. He is blamed for the Coalition government's ills even when he can't be reasonably held responsible for them.

The government is behind in the opinion polls (although he personally leads Labor's Bill Shorten) so he must be the problem. Same-sex marriage passes without enough protections for religious freedom, so he must be to blame. The Coalition loses a state election, so he must be at fault.

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One must admit that Turnbull is clever. He has the knack to do do things while being pelted by most of his own side whom he give them the rope to hang themselves — and by some stupid cartoonist called Leonisky. He is pelted by his own side because he goes against the grain of his own CONservative side of politics as he sees an opening on offer from a few of his "brave" members of parliament who see their future go to the dogs should they get no satisfaction be it for the bank Royal commission or the marriage equality. He does a body count. Suddenly, the rainbow appears in the sky like after the deluge. 

But there is still that sting in the tail or the bite in his fang. Trumble appears more like a well-fed cat who goes and kills birds for pleasure, rather than by necessity. Trying to destroy Labor has been his pass-time since he made his decision to join the Libs, though Labor helped him to get those two things through. Should he had more CONservative troops in parliament, under no circumstances would he had been able to achieve anything on these two front. So "reluctantly", we have a Royal Commission into the banking system but he's going to go after the unions super funds to dilute the fact that the banks did all "the" rotten things. It's sophistry of the grand kind. "This dog pooped in the lounge room — all dogs are to be blamed." It's a bit dis-genuine, if you want my opinion which you don't.