Wednesday 14th of November 2018

turdy defends himself against parkinson...



Tony Abbott has hit back at Martin Parkinson, the head of Malcolm Turnbull’s department, for publicly observing that his decision to sack him after coming to office in 2013 damaged the public service.

Parkinson told a Melbourne University podcast this week he had no “personal animus” towards Abbott, but he said the former prime minister had damaged the public service when he sacked him for following the legally mandated directions of the Rudd and Gillard governments.

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born to destroy...


52. Overturns the “critically endangered” listing of the Murray Darling Basin — 11 December 2013.

51. Dares Holden to leave Australia, leading to Holden announcing closure of Australian manufacturing operations, which will cost Australian workers 50,000 jobs — 11 December 2013. 

50. Approves Clive Palmer’s mega coal mine in the Galilee Basin, which opponents say will severely damage the Great Barrier Reef — 11 December 2013.

49. Demands that the few childcare workers who got pay rises “hand them back” — 10 December 2013.

48. Approves the largest coal port in the world in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area — 10 December 2013. 

47. Removes the community’s right to challenge decisions where the government has ignored expert advice on threatened species impacts — 9 December 2013. 

46. Downgrades national environment laws by giving approval powers to state premiers — 9 December 2013. 

45. Undermines Australia’s democracy by signing a free trade agreement with South Korea allowing corporations to sue the Australian Government — 6 December 2013.

44. Damages our diplomatic relationship with our nearest neighbour East Timor — 5 December 2013.

43. Repeals the pokie reform legislation achieved in the last parliament to combat problem gambling — 4 December 2013.

42. Suspends the Wage Connect program, despite it being proven to deliver good outcomes for unemployed people — 3 December 2013.

41. Axes funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, forcing the 46 year old organisation to close — 27 November 2013.


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And of course Tony is the idiot who — with his co-conspirator Clive Palmer — destroyed the very efficient "Carbon Pricing" policy of the previous government to replace it with a fake "Direct Action"... which has since been very costly and totally ineffective...


a really bad cartoon by bill leak, for the really bad TA...


Working for The Australian, an Uncle Rupe's media outfit supporter of all things Abbott ever did or would do, Bill Leak showed a very poor choice of idea with this stupid cartoon. As if! As if Turdy Abbott was able to punch Assad ever, making Daesh wait for Turdy's next punch! Our Turdy had no influence whatsoever on an awful situation concocted by the West to get rid of Assad, in the most illegal manner under the UN charter.

Yes I know, Mr Murdoch uses the UN charter printed version as toilet paper, but really...

a bad cartoon by Bill Leak.


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what abbott legacy?... zilch? nada? zero? shit?...


It wasn’t entirely clear from my vantage point but it looked for all the world like Christine Forster, sister of Tony Abbott, may have rolled her eyes as her brother launched with gusto into the soundtrack of his contemporary political life: treachery from the top.

Forster was just one in a sea of faces in the visitors’ gallery in the House of Representatives on Thursday who arrived early and lingered late. As the marathon debate ground on, the onlookers leaned forward with an undimmed sense of anticipation, enjoying their ringside seat on history.

The visitors clapped heartily during the contributions that inched the debate forward, giving Thursday’s proceedings a kinetic quality, a rare sense of interactivity, of theatre-in-the-round. They injected joyful exuberance into a chamber that has spent much of 2017 hermetically sealed from the voters, preoccupied in its own grim state of war.

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and he even damaged the "no" vote...


“If you’re worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote no, and if you don’t like political correctness, vote no because voting no will help to stop political correctness in its tracks.”

Those were the words former prime minister Tony Abbott used to kick off his campaign of opposition to same-sex marriage after the announcement of the postal survey.

Abbott was one of the most high-profile campaigners against marriage equality but a poll obtained by Guardian Australia suggests far from helping the no campaign, his unpopularity was lead in its saddle bags.

Confidential campaign-tracking polling conducted by Newgate Research for the Equality Campaign found that on 12 September, Abbott had a net favourability rating of -28% when respondents were asked to rate his contribution to the marriage debate...


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how turdy damaged the RCWC...


by Michael Galvin:

In a remarkable achievement, it took just a single article in an obscure publication for Tony Abbott to destroy the aspirations of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. What a tremendous wrecker he is!

One of the curious things about Tony Abbott – that lingering political ghost from the recent past – is that he himself willingly provides most of the evidence needed to conclude that he is one of the best wreckers ever seen in Australian public life.

 A brilliant case in point is the article he published in Quadrant a couple of months ago. Assuming most IA readers have probably not opened a copy of Quadrant in recent memory – and why on earth would they want to? – here is a close reading of the piece Abbott actually wrote. It is classic Abbott: a facility with words that cannot cover up the ineptitude of the substance or its effects.

Abbott manages to pull off not one but three wrecking jobs in just a few hundred words. He destroys whatever chance there might have been for his “Apologia pro Western Civilisation” (sic!) degree to ever find a home in any self-respecting university; he manages to portray Paul Ramsay the man (about whom I know nothing much) as a very average kind of person; and he has managed to have Ramsay’s legacy forever associated with a controversial, stupid stunt.

Abbott begins with a list, not of Ramsay’s fine qualities, but of all the things that make Ramsay underwhelming.

As Abbott tells us in the first paragraph, Ramsay

'... was not a dominating personality; not an organisational expert; not an intellectual giant; not an impresario of ideas; and not a financial genius.' 

Damning with faint praise, indeed.

Abbott doesnt stop there. He also points out that Ramsay dropped out of his degree at Sydney University, despite his expensive private school education, that he went straight into his father’s property development business and that he was a lifelong follower of the Liberal Party. (With a private school education and a property developer father, what a surprise!)

Oblivious to the discomfort that these attributes might make friends and family of Ramsay now feel, Abbott does finally stress that Ramsay had one defining virtue. Loyalty. Who would have guessed? Abbott’s enduring obsession with his own victimhood status – done in by disloyalty – makes this a shining value, but it could also be pointed out that mafia bosses, Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un share the same obsession with personal loyalty. (That irony, of course, is lost on Abbott).


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massively ignorant...

THIS MONTH has seen a sudden upsurge in the cultural battles between the conservatives and mainstream academia.

It has centred upon the offer of a substantial donation to the Australian National University (ANU) by the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation for a bachelor degree and an accompanying scholarship program.

The Centre is chaired by former PM John Howard and has Tony Abbott on its board.

Abbott wrote in Quadrant about its purpose with the following statement described by Eureka Street as "the clincher":

'Almost entirely absent from the contemporary educational mindset was any sense that cultures might not be all equal and that truth might not be entirely relative.'

Eureka Street put it very succinctly:

'This is supremacist stuff, and also massively ignorant. Sophistication in art, literature and science has never been a monopoly of the West unless a case could be made that the rest of the world were somehow less human.'

ANU's Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt issued a statement on 5 June 2018, pointing out:

'ANU Centres have received donations from a range of countries in addition to funds from government and industry. In all cases, ANU retains control of both curriculum and staffing decisions.' 


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