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xmas gifts to the nazis in ukraine...

mad santa

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has approved a plan to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, a long-awaited move that deepens America’s involvement in the military conflict and may further strain relations with Russia. Moscow responded angrily on Saturday.

The new arms include American-made Javelin anti-tank missiles, U.S. officials said late Friday. Ukraine has long sought to boost its defenses against Russian-backed separatists armed with tanks that have rolled through eastern Ukraine during violence that has killed more than 10,000 since 2014. Previously, the U.S. has provided Ukraine with support equipment and training, and has let private companies sell some small arms like rifles.

The officials describing the plan weren’t authorized to discuss it publicly and demanded anonymity.

The move is likely to become another sore point between Washington and Moscow, as President Donald Trump contends with ongoing questions about whether he’s too hesitant to confront the Kremlin. Ukraine accuses Russia of sending the tanks, and the U.S. says Moscow is arming, training and fighting alongside the separatists.

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The French President and the German Chancellor believe that Russia must return to the Joint Control and Coordination Center from which it withdrew a few days ago. They also called on the parties to the Ukrainian conflict to exchange prisoners.
The French President and the German Chancellor, intermediaries in the Minsk Process, called on the Russian military to resume their participation in the Joint Monitoring and Coordination Center, reiterating their commitment to the political and diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.


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Background: the Ukraine crisis

The on‐going crisis in Ukraine erupted after former President, Viktor Yanukovych, refused to sign an Association Agreement (AA) with the EU in November 2013, and instead sought closer ties with Russia. Following radical protests from pro‐Western groups (read Nazis and thugs paid for by the USA and disinformation from Soros), Yanukovych stepped down and fled to Russia. Moscow responded by annexing the Crimea (a territory which had been Russian for a long time, even during the USSR) in March 2014, sparking wide‐ranging EU sanctions; at the same time, pro‐Russian separatists (read the majority of people who ARE RUSSIANS in this part of Ukraine) seized control of Luhansk and Donetsk, in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region (They did not want to live under the new "Nazi" regime which had deliberately killed ethnic Russians in Kiev). The AA was signed by the EU and Ukraine's newly elected President, Petro Poroshenko in June 2014, and ratified by the EP and Kyiv on 16 September. Following the October elections in the rest of Ukraine, rebels in Luhansk and Donetsk held their own 'elections' (WHY QUOTE MARKS?) on 2 November, highlighting Kyiv (Kiev)'s lack of power in the region.

This Ukrainian rapprochement with the West had been engineered by the US since the agreement and contrary to the agreement made between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev. 

Many false flag events, including the downing of MH17 in the Dombas region, have been blamed on the rebels. It can be proven by proper analysis that the rebels could not have done it, nor the Russians either, but the blame was apportioned to them anyway by the West — with not a single proof. As well, many ceasefires were broken, most of which by the Poroshenko government using "Thugs" and army paid for by the USA to ensure the rebels were blamed for the crap.

The decision by the US's Mad Santa to supply the Ukraine Government with "Lethal" weaponry is totally contrary to the Minsk Agreement. We know the value of such agreements in The Donald household as they can be found as toilet paper in the White House's president private dunny. In order to flush this agreement down the toilet, the USA blame the Russian from supplying weapons to the rebels, with not a single proof. Nothing new: the US lie and get away with it in the Western media that has no idea what is going on, apart from the shower of chook manure fed to them by the Pentagon.


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marking the territory of the empire...

In Germany, some lawmakers have questioned the department’s counterterrorism Immigration Advisory Program, where travelers at foreign airports are investigated and sometimes interviewed by plainclothes Customs and Border Protection officers before they are allowed to board flights to the United States.

Those American officers can recommend that airlines deny boarding to foreign passengers. A Government Accountability Office report found that the customs officers stopped 8,100 known or suspected terrorists, or individuals with connections to terrorist groups, from traveling to the United States in 2015, the most recent year that data is available.

But Andrej Hunko, a member of the Germany’s Left Party, said the actions amount to an extrajudicial travel ban and accused the United States of moving its “immigration controls to European countries.”

Canadians flooded their prime minister’s office in August with letters and emails protesting legislation to allow American customs officers stationed at Canadian airports and train stations to question, search and detain Canadian citizens. Unnamed government officials told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that the volume of mail received was “unprecedented” and took officials by surprise.

The measure passed two weeks ago after Ralph Goodale, Canada’s public safety minister, assured Parliament that the American officers would rarely use their authority to question or detain Canadian citizens. More than 400 Homeland Security employees are stationed in Canada — the most of any foreign country — which Mr. Goodale called a benefit to both nations.

“We face shared threats from drug smugglers, terrorists and human traffickers, and we could do things over the phone,” Mr. Goodale said in an interview. “But there are real advantages to being able to meet and talk to people face to face as you deal with these security threats.”

In Tanzania, Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators were accused in May of using “Mafia-style” tactics for helping to extradite suspects accused of drug smuggling to the United States before their appeal to block the transfer was concluded.

The costs of the Homeland Security operations abroad also have raised questions by critics in the United States.


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the 2% darling of the western poliies and media...

Even though Vladimir Putin’s ascendancy in the polls has been verified by Western pollsters, and even though a few more level-headed Western outlets feel obliged to admit he would likely win a free and fair election with ease, the majority of the mainstream media have taken the launch of the presidential campaign as a cue to almost entirely bury even these basic facts, and instead to focus on claims that the ‘only real opposition‘ in Russia has been banned from challenging Putin due to flagrant political censorship.

By ‘only real’ opposition they mean Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, lawyer, ‘activist’, occcasional chum of neo-nazis with an awkward tendency to compare racial minorities to cockroaches, and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, who is, ironically, currently serving a suspended sentence for fraud and embezzlement, and is, thereby, banned under the Russian Federation’s constitution from running for elected office. 

In case it has passed you by, the western media love this guy. For them he is a mash up of Jesus and John Lennon spiced with a whiff of bad boy. They eat him up. And when high enough on his amazingness they celebrate him in rich prose: 

For the UK Independent Navalny is “Putin’s biggest rival”. For the BBC he is “Russia’s vociferous opposition leader”. For Time he is Putin’s “Nemesis”. For Masha –facts only slow me down – Gessen in the New Yorker it is nothing short of miraculous that he is still alive, such a threat he poses to Putin. To the Guardian, abandoning all pretence and going straight for the “most heedless eulogy” award, he is a “firebrand bidding for Russia’s soul.”

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gloryland of the nazis...

Can you believe it? 2018 is the year of the NAZI snowflake! They whine, cry, and they still kill innocent people. They also donate a lot of money to Congressional Reps who support their goals. When congressional leaders openly believe that it is your duty as patriotic Americans to support and ultimately die for the families of the lever pullers and torturers at WWII’s death camps, it’s time to tar some of them out behind the woodshed.

Today, a Congressional love fest extends to the people who shot at your dear ole’ granddad or grandma during the war, or maybe stole their clothes, pulled their teeth, and threw them in a gas chamber. As an American, should your Congressmen force you to help people celebrate the fact that their relatives were death camp torturers and executioners? This is Multiculturalism at its finest.

After you read the proofs, you are going to do the unthinkable. You’ll have to choose between supporting politicians, PACs, and caucuses that do illegal and immoral things like supporting ISIS, or choose the heroes in your own family and patriots that fought against Adolf Hitler’s Naziterror or Islamic terror, in the form of ISIS/ IGIL.

On second thought, let’s simplify this even more. Will you choose ISIS over your wife, husband, son, daughter, and favorite dog? When ISIS is represented in Congress, rest assured, you sure as hell aren’t.

While it’s common knowledge US military has been supporting ISIS in Syria, it’s not well known that US Congressmen are honoring ISIS terrorists and other vermin on C-SPAN. Is this the kind of representation you voted for?

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lost the boundaries of the reasonable...

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - UK intelligence community was "furious" due to recent statements of Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, who assumed that a Russian attack on the nation’s critical infrastructure could kill thousands, The Times reported Sunday, citing its sources.

"People­ at GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters] were furious," a source told the media outlet, adding that Williamson could use some classified data partially received from UK allies.

The comment follows Thursday's Defense Secretary's statement during an interview with The Telegraph, claiming that Moscow was researching UK infrastructure connections to energy supplies for opportunities to create "chaos." According to Williamson, these alleged possible cyberattacks could kill thousands of people.

READ MORE: UK Defense Minister Claims Russia Could Kill Thousands in Infrastructure Attack


Sources suggest that disclosure of such details about Russia could anger the UK's intelligence partners.

Another source from the UK defense intelligence called Williamson's claims "amateurish."

"No one has ever gone that far before in quantifying the potential riskto life as a result of a destructive attack by Russia, or any other hostile nation, against Britain’s infrastructure. We wouldn’t want to speculate and be alarmist," the source told the media outlet.

The UK Ministry of Defense denied that Williamson used classified information, but confirmed that a complaint was made by a Foreign Office official about the "tone" of his interview.

READ MORE: Why So Hyperbolic? Reasons UK Defense Sec Said What He Said About Russia

Responding to the awkward Williamson's remark, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov has already slammed it, stressing that the defense secretary in "his ardent struggle for military budget notes, seems to have lost understanding of the boundaries of the reasonable."

READ MORE: Russian MoD on UK Defense Minister's Claims: 'Beyond Common Sense'

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Russia has never planned to attack any NATO member. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that NATO member states recognize this but use the pretext of alleged Russian aggression to deploy more equipment and battalions next to Russian borders.

blank check (cheque) for war and unthinking war yes-man...

Judah Grunstein dubs Trump “the generals’ president” because of his total capitulation to whatever the current and former generals around him want:

Trump’s generals have instead gone back to the future, restoring the model of a U.S. military that faces no fiscal or strategic constraints, while preparing for a conflict—a conventional war with either or both of its nuclear-armed big power competitors—that is not just unlikely, but unwinnable. 

While it is true that Trump voiced some objections to foreign wars long after they were over or when it was no longer very risky to do so, it is important to remember that he was always in favor of throwing more money at the military from the beginning of his campaign. He seized on the nonsense talking point that the military had been “depleted” under Obama, and he has continued to use it until now, and he made undoing the imaginary “depletion” one of the main planks of his platform. Since Trump is a militarist, and since he now comes from the more hawkish of the two parties, it was more or less a given that he would waste huge sums on higher military spending while agreeing to the policies favored by Mattis, McMaster, et al. Add to this his fetish for “strength” and “greatness,” and you have a recipe for massive wasteful spending on weapons and programs that the U.S. doesn’t need. When there are already Pentagon agencies losing track of how they spend hundreds of millions of dollars, throwing more money at a huge department with inadequate oversight is pure folly.

The increase in military spending that Trump has endorsed reflects his impulse to give the military whatever they want. In addition to being completely unnecessary, higher military spending will indulge the Pentagon in all its worst habits:

The Pentagon budget request for 2019 puts the military on a course of spending unmatched since the Reagan-era buildup, boosting the number of troops, warplanes and bombs, according to documents and analysts.

But, defense analysts say, the $716 billion spending plan risks flooding too much money into a Defense Department that may not spend it wisely.

“The risk is that when the budget is flowing freely, policy makers are usually reluctant to make hard choices,” said Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a non-partisan think tank.

“While this is not a record increase, it comes on top of a budget that was already higher than the peak of the Reagan buildup when adjusted for inflation [bold mine-DL],” Harrison said.

The fantasy claim that the military budget suffered significant reductions in the last decade has been one of the standard hawkish criticisms of the previous administration, and Trump takes that falsehood as gospel. The truth is that an already bloated military budget has continued to grow, and Trump proposes to make it grow even faster. Everyone in Washington was so desperate to have the generals rein in Trump that most of them never thought through what it meant for Trump to be the military’s unthinking yes-man.


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the paul connection...

Emails seen by the Guardian show a regular pattern of interaction between Manafort, Friedman, Gates, Kilimnik and Ukrainian officials. Gates, who went on to work with Manafort on the 2016 Trump campaign, wrote several messages. In February Gates admitted conspiracy and lying to the FBI, and agreed to cooperate with Mueller.

At the time Kilimnik was the Russian manager of Manafort’s Kiev office. Kilminik is understood to be “Person A” in Mueller’s latest indictment, filed last week. It says the FBI believes Kilimnik has ties to Moscow’s GRU spy agency, and adds that Gates was aware of this. Kilimnik denies a connection. Friedman confirmed he had met Manafort and Gates but said he had done so “because the client asked me to”.

Manafort’s media operation included attacks on Clinton. In October 2012 Gates emailed Manafort and Friedman, flagging a piece written by the journalist Ben Shapiro. The Breitbart article criticised Clinton for her public support of Tymoshenko, who had recently made an electoral pact with the far-right Svoboda party.

The article cited a Jewish “leader” who accused Clinton anonymously of creating a “neo-Nazi Frankenstein”. Gates wrote: “Gentlemen – Here is the first part of a series of articles that will be coming as we continue to build this effort. Alan, you get full credit for the Frankenstein comment.”

The alleged use of offshore accounts is likely to interest the FBI. Manafort is accused of concealing more than $75m earned from his work in Ukraine

Yanukovych’s attempts to woo western leaders ended in October 2013 when he accepted a bailout from Moscow. He fled to Russia after anti-government protests. In 2015 Friedman wrote an authorised biography of Silvio Berlusconi. Manafort continued to work for Yanukovych’s party up until he joined Trump’s campaign. Manafort denies wrongdoing and has said he will fight Mueller’s charges.


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This is more complicated than it looks. The undeclared payment etc for work done in Ukraine by Paul Manaford was most likely done on behalf of the CIA (possibly unknown to him in regard to this connection) rather than the GRU. Here I am using the Theresa May technique of blaming "someone without proofs" but please indulge me. Being an expert on the "double-cross system" and of "edging your bets" on the derivative market (betting against yourself), one has to see the biggest picture of creating an event that seemingly will go against you while semi-officially the US administration under Obama, with also "that other woman" (Nulan — also somewhat connected to Breitbart — and of course Soros) helping the Ukrainian "revolution" (extreme right) to the tune of US$5 billion. This Manaford "black Op" was designed to make the Ruskies comfortable above the plimsol line, while the hull of the Ukrainian ship was being rusted at speed by the same organism below. If you don't follow me, that's okay. The name of the game eventually is "Destroy Russia" by whatever means and deceit. Manaford was employed (possibly attracted by greed — who wouldn't?) to perform the deceptive part of the double-cross, without him knowing the full-picture... Of course Putin could not do much, except take Crimea, an honest blitz with a referendum like that of Scotland, to either secede or remain... The USA are still reeling... The Mueller inquiry will have to sidestep a lot of this shit or shut itself down... in order not to "reveal too much..." some of it implicating La Madam Clinton...

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in the long-term box...

Ukraine froze four corruption investigations into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in order to avoid angering the American president, as the White House finalized a $47 million deal to sell anti-tank missiles to Kiev.

According to Ukrainian officials who spoke to the New York Times, Kiev is too reliant on US financial and military aid to risk irritating Trump, who is hugely critical of the investigation into alleged Russian interference and collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

Volodymyr Ariev, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and ally of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, admitted that the Manafort investigations were put “in the long-term box” to avoid spoiling relations with the Trump administration.

“In every possible way, we will avoid irritating the top American officials,” Ariev said.


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fake news on the BBC?....

US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, received a secret payment of at least $US400,000 ($531,000) to arrange talks between Mr Trump and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko last year, the BBC reports.

Key points:
  • Donald Trump met with Petro Poroshenko at the White House on June 2017
  • Mr Poroshenko came away pleased with what he called a "full, detailed meeting"
  • Michael Cohen and Mr Poroshenko have both denied the story


The payment was arranged by intermediaries acting for Mr Poroshenko who wanted to open a back channel to the US President, the BBC said, citing unnamed sources in Kiev.

Mr Cohen, who was not registered as a representative of Ukraine, was brought in because Ukraine's registered lobbyists and its embassy in Washington could get Mr Poroshenko little more than a photo op with Mr Trump while the Ukrainian leader, "needed something that could be portrayed as 'talks'," the broadcaster reported.

"This story is completely false," Mr Cohen said in a text message to Reuters.

The White House did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

In a statement to Reuters, Mr Poroshenko's office also said the story was false.


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Israel supports nazis...

A group of more than 40 human rights activists have filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, demanding the cessation of Israeli arms exports to Ukraine.

They argue that these weapons serve forces that openly espouse a neo-Nazi ideology and cite evidence that the right-wing Azov militia, whose members are part of Ukraine’s armed forces, and are supported by the country’s ministry of internal affairs, is using these weapons.

An earlier appeal to the Defense Ministry was met with no response.

The ministry’s considerations in granting export licenses for armaments are not disclosed to the public, but it appears that the appearance of Israeli weapons in the hands of avowed neo-Nazis should be a consideration used in opposing the granting of such a license.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time in which the defense establishment is arming forces that embrace a national socialist ideology.

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