Tuesday 17th of July 2018

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Daniel Andrews on Thursday returned from holiday, a week after several incidents involving African teenagers prompted Mr Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to speak out.

"I had a number of discussions with him before the end of the year, and whilst I don't talk about private discussions I have with the PM, I can confirm for you that despite his recent commentary, he didn't raise these matters with me," Mr Andrews told reporters.

"I might be dobbing myself in for a phone call later today, he might feel the need to now raise these matters with me, having felt the need to rubbish Victoria Police, rubbish Melbourne, rubbish Victoria, that's what he's been 

Mr Andrews backed police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton's announcement of a joint task force with the African community to tackle the issue.

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tackling kanbra crime wave...

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has vowed to give police all the powers and resources they need to tackle youth crime, amid growing concerns about gangs in Melbourne.

Returning to work after a week off, Mr Andrews said Melbourne remained a safe city, but there was no excuse for violent or criminal behaviour.

"I will not cop people fronting up and saying, 'Oh well I don't have a job' or 'I've had difficulty in my life, therefore I had to behave this way'," Mr Andrews said.

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The main gang to deal with is the gang of thieves lurking in parliament, Kanbra...