Friday 21st of June 2019

dutton — the political smart-arsed master of the universe with too many hats...


Daniel Andrews on Thursday returned from holiday, a week after several incidents involving African teenagers prompted Mr Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to speak out.

"I had a number of discussions with him before the end of the year, and whilst I don't talk about private discussions I have with the PM, I can confirm for you that despite his recent commentary, he didn't raise these matters with me," Mr Andrews told reporters.

"I might be dobbing myself in for a phone call later today, he might feel the need to now raise these matters with me, having felt the need to rubbish Victoria Police, rubbish Melbourne, rubbish Victoria, that's what he's been 

Mr Andrews backed police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton's announcement of a joint task force with the African community to tackle the issue.

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tackling kanbra crime wave...

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has vowed to give police all the powers and resources they need to tackle youth crime, amid growing concerns about gangs in Melbourne.

Returning to work after a week off, Mr Andrews said Melbourne remained a safe city, but there was no excuse for violent or criminal behaviour.

"I will not cop people fronting up and saying, 'Oh well I don't have a job' or 'I've had difficulty in my life, therefore I had to behave this way'," Mr Andrews said.

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The main gang to deal with is the gang of thieves lurking in parliament, Kanbra...

dutton is a shit politician saying shit things...

The federal home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, told Fairfax Media on Sunday night the death of Chol was a “tragic and needless loss”, but also evidence of a “major law and order problem in Victoria”. It comes a week after Malcolm Turnbull warned of community concern about “Sudanese gangs”. 

Andrews refused to engage with Dutton’s comments on Monday, referring to him as “that person”, but he also told ABC Radio that Chol’s family “deserve better than what they’ve been given” since her death.

“In relation to the very tragic death of Laa Chol, I don’t think her family will be getting much comfort from this sort of discussion,” he said. 

“I don’t think her family, I think they deserve fundamentally better than what they’ve been given these last 12 or 24 hours.”

He also said Chol’s death was as much a “violence against women issue as it is anything else”. 

“What we have here is yet again another woman whose life has been cut short,” he said.


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Not only the family of this young woman, who died tragically, deserves better than the political smart arsed comments by Dutton,  — AUSTRALIA DESERVES BETTER THAN PETER DUTTON... Dutton is a shit politician saying shit things...


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dutton resigns... "you’re a fucking disgrace"...

In addition to Warren Entsch criticising Tony Abbott for breaking his promise of “no wrecking, no sniping” we hear that Nationals MP Damian Drum also issued a “scathing assessment” of people leaking and undermining the leadership. 

“You’re a fucking disgrace,” he said according to one Liberal MP.


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"he had to know he was cooked"...

Section 44 of the Constitution has struck down many a politician in the past year — but is it powerful enough to take down the Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton? 

This time it is not dual citizenship under s44(i) that is at issue. Instead, it is the more obscure s44(v) in the spotlight.

What is section 44(v) about?

Section 44(v) says that any person who "has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth" is disqualified from sitting as a member of parliament.

Mr Dutton, as recorded in the parliamentary register of interests, is the beneficiary of a discretionary family trust. This trust, through its trustee, apparently owns two childcare centres in Queensland. 

The allegation is that since July 2, 2018, the trust, through its childcare centres, has agreements with the public service to provide childcare services in exchange for childcare subsidies.

Mr Dutton may argue the childcare centres merely receive the subsidy on behalf of the parents and do not have an agreement with the public service. But if it is found there is such an agreement, it would appear Mr Dutton has a beneficial interest in a trust that has an agreement with the public service, potentially triggering the application of s 44(v).

Last year, in a case concerning Family First senator Bob Day, a majority of the High Court held that the beneficiary of a trust which, via its trustee, is party to an agreement to which section 44(v) refers, has an indirect pecuniary interest in the agreement, and is therefore disqualified from sitting in parliament. If the facts set out above are correct, this would place Dutton into the realm of potential disqualification.

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errant political activities are seldom scrutinised...

The breakdown of journalistic integrity due to media monopoly means that errant political activities are seldom scrutinised. 

The electorate may not look beyond the commercial media for their information and are hoodwinked by amoral parties of pick-pockets and conmen who tell them not to worry and that they will be looked after. It is only when it is too late that the stakeholders will realise they have been robbed.

In Australia, all government agencies and statutory authorities are required to follow principles of governance and probity in their commercial dealings.

"Governance" means established steps and actions, with inbuilt checks and approvals. "Probity" means the correctness of action within established moral and ethical convention.

There is no exemption to this. A group or an individual in public office who ignores these principles and engages in dodgy accounting or shady legal artifices to achieve an outcome that is political, rather than in the public interest, is corrupt.

In Victoria, prior to the November 2014 State Election, the Napthine Liberal Government had proposed the East-West Link — a major infrastructure project that divided public opinion. The Labor Opposition, led by (current Premier) Daniel Andrews, promised to scrap the project if elected.

Notwithstanding – and while in "caretaker mode" – the Napthine Government signed a contract with an international consortium to commence the project. Not only did they sign a standard contract, it was later revealed that the Liberal Premier Denis Napthine and Treasurer Michael O'Brien had jointly entered a "side agreement" promising compensation to the consortium if the project was subsequently abandoned.

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looking for leaks in dutton's titanic...

Federal Police are raiding the Department of Home Affairs over leaks in relation to the au pair affair that embroiled Cabinet Minister Peter Dutton last month.

Key points:
  • Police have executed a warrant inside a Home Affairs office in Canberra
  • Leaked documents detailed the Minister's intervention in the visa cases of two au pairs
  • The AFP says it has conducted "a number of activities" in its investigation


AFP officers entered one of the department's buildings in Canberra this morning, with suggestions they were seeking to secure evidence on computer systems.

Police received a complaint from the department last month about an "unauthorised disclosure of information".

The ABC understands a warrant has been executed inside the building.

A trove of emails between Mr Dutton's office, Home Affairs personnel and others was leaked to Labor last month, revealing there had been ministerial intervention to prevent the deportation of a French woman in 2015.

Alexandra Deuwel, 27, was planning to work as a nanny for Adelaide pastoralists Callum and Skye MacLachlan at their Barossa Valley farm in breach of her tourist visa.

Mr MacLachlan is a cousin of AFL boss Gillon McLachlan.


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