Thursday 21st of March 2019

the whitewash of a whiteboard...


In today's Telemurdocrap sheet of a glorious Sunday, the 4th of March, 2018, Miranda Devine is talking about our absurd political culture and how a whiteboard became a celebrity... No, she's not talking about Turdy Yabbott as she usually praises Him as lord and master on most occasions, but to damn him for the job he and his Christian mates did on "poor" Michaelia Cash. As Miranda says:

Cash was kicked while she was down last week by the Abbott baddies, not because they were offended by her comments [Gus: as they should have since she was rumourmongering about the female staff of Billy the Short], but because they revile her as one of the 54 party room "traitors" they will never forgive for voting to replace him [Turdy] in 2015.

That's the other backstory behind the Cash hysteria last week: the relentless Abbott insurgency which weaponises even the feeblest Labor attack*.


Well I am dizzy from all this. So Miranda reminds us:

No, Cash never ran away. She faced up to the music day after day this week, through relentless hours of cross examination in Senate Estimate hearings, attacked by the worst* [make up your mind, Miranda] of Labor's worst, and abandoned by conservatives who should know better."

Here Gus is floored by Miranda's "impeccable" argument that they "should know better" (whatever that is)... But, despite Cash's fudging and providing half-hearted apologies to the staff of Bill Shorten, she had chosen to be in the bear-pit of politics. She did not have to say anything nasty about someone else's staff! Apologist say she was tired and emotional!... Big deal. It could have been the wrong time of the month! Who cares?... She previously lied big time about a raid and she should have already dismissed herself from parliament. One (repeated) lie is one too many. Trying to threaten the staff of Billy the Short is beyond contempt. For Miranda Devine to stand for Cash — even against Tony Turdy — is beyond contempt as well. 

meanwhile at the national birth certificate...

Barnaby Joyce has publicly cast doubt on the paternity of the child his former staffer and now partner, Vikki Campion, is expecting in April.

In an interview with Fairfax Media on Sunday the former deputy prime minister suggested the identity of the biological father was “a grey area” but said it made no difference because he intended to raise the boy as his own.

On Saturday Fairfax had quoted Joyce as denying the paternity rumours. “It’s mine, on the record, there it is,” he told journalist Mark Kenny. “And can I say, even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t care, I’d still go through this, I’d still love him.”

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A GREY AREA? What the f..k!  


using female staffers as political weapons...

Cash threatened to “expose” young women staffers – based on nothing more than “rumours” – if she was questioned any further about her new chief of staff. It has since emerged that her new female chief of staff has been transferred from Trade Minister Steven Ciobo’s office — a demotion, as Cash is a junior Minister.

The women in Shorten’s office are likely outraged by Cash’s murky innuendoes. And it is quite startling that the former Minister for Women should single out young women to use as a threat in an effort to avoid scrutiny of her own staffing arrangements.

In effect, Cash used the female staffers as political weapons. She didn’t threaten to expose Shorten, or any men rumoured to engage in office affairs. She focused right in on the young women, whom she implied were sluts.

Parliament House is not a workplace that looks out for women as a priority. For example, there is no specific procedure for addressing complaints of sexual harassment. A 2017 investigation revealed procedures in place for dealing with these complaints are woefully inadequate, even described by the investigators as “shocking” and below Human Rights Commission standards.


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hell... miranda is lost without hell....

In today's Daily Terrograph (4/4/18), Miranda Devine is horrfied! The pope declared (no, he did not) that there is no hell... How and why could she, as a sinner she suggests, repent? Or wash those ugly sins out of her beautiful soul? And in the article, there is cartoon of the Pope looking more like Mussolini than Jesus Christ. How can the pope side with the enemy (understated: the atheists) she laments? 

I'm sorry, Miranda, I cannot help you except draw your miniscule attention to Dante who as a satirist was far too subtle for bigoted religious people who thought he was really talking about hell...

not humbled by honesty...

I'm still dreaming or am I not? This morning (6/5/18) rant by Miranda took the cake for... I was going to say dishonesty, but because she believes the crap she writes, I cannot use that word. Her argument to shame the selfie-generation was to expose the IMHO acronym used by these selfish critters instead of IMHO used by Miranda... What's the diff, I hear you say? Well according to Latin imbued Miranda, the words are In My Humble Opinion, while she resent the young upstarts for thinking it means In My Honest Opinion. And she writes a metre/column about this across a 3/4 page. 

For Catholic Miranda, the today's yooth should be chastised because ... because? Because? Hey! Humbleness, humility and expressing an opinion about something does not go well together. There is nothing humble about having an opinion — especially a strong one, otherwise there is no point having an opinion. If your opinion is so humble, go and disappear somewhere. Having a honest opinion is far more... honest. Yes I know, some people still believe that the guy who believed he was god and died to save humanity from the original sin was humble... Bullshit. Not an ounce of hubleness in this presentation, though the writers who wrote the story afterwards, did not hesitate to demand humility from the followers. The Jews did not fall for the trick. They had their own problem though. As the god chosen people, they had the opposite problem: a big head. Really I mean a big head start...

Not humbly yours, but honestly me

Gus Leonisky