Friday 22nd of March 2019

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trumble is with the donald...

I believe Trumble offered to send "a couple of rubber slingshots" in support of Donald's aggression on Syria. The answer came in a Presidential Tweet: "thank you, but not for now. Keep the good work brown-nosing."

comrads, wake up!

The Americans are moralistic liars, piss-elegant thieves and out-of-jail murderers. They are the kings of deceit. And here I do not mean the whole country, though far more than half of the population can be counted. 

It started when the space was invaded by pilgrims who traded a few beads for a bit of space and some turkeys. Soon this became the fight for survival for the American indians, and for those further north, fighting the French and the English. Like the Australian Aborigines, they stood little chance against a better armed and ruthless “civilisation”.

I know I am taking a few shortcuts in the history of the USA but this shortcut — in which much glory was acquired by the invaders — is basically that of robbery, lies and murders. The same applies to Australia. 

Martin Luther King was fighting against segregation in the USA which more or less stopped officially about 50 years ago. The end of “segregation" did not stop the lies, the robbery nor the murders. All it did is officially assimilate the blacks, the descendants of slaves, into the underlying spin of lies, robbery and murders.

The whole method is inherited from the English ruling class, an hegemony which for all intent and purposes was based on lies, robbery and murders. There is nothing decent in the glorious English history, and it’s the same for most of the Europeans, possibly to the exception of the “Germanic” Saxons who for a while preferred peace to war. All others would be burning in hell, if hell existed. 

Reading the English “history” is a exercise in following deceitful people, from kings to ministers, “usurpers” who had as much right to be king or queen, and knaves who cultivated flattery like one grows carrots in a field of beans. Despicable but successful.

This heritage stained the USA to the core and with their second amendment being misinterpreted by all the ruthless mutts, the USA became the headquarters of violent crime — with firearms. 

In Europe, the poor people had at most some pitchforks for their revolution, while in the USA, guns became the armoury of choice for everyone. 

Meanwhile, lies, robbery and murders stood at the core of US politics who became embroiled in fighting each other, not so much on a “slavery issue” but on who would lead the whole lot of nutcase to the next step of glory. See, the US Civil war did not stop slavery. It was truly abolished, way after JFK was assassinated, when the black riots had to find a way out for the white folks. They thus, under the cover of “morality” got the blacks to join them in their crimes against other people on the planet. 

That a huge portion of Americans have no idea of the Theory of Evolution speaks volume as to what’s in the head of the average americans who let their president bomb another country illegally. I know it’s a big step here between Charles Darwin and the monkey in the White House, but it has to be made. 

What underpins the lies, the robbery and the murders is a powerful self-righteousness, based on an amazing belief in god that "we’re right and everyone else is wrong" — thus god gave “us" the weapons to prove the point. 

Not to find this outrageously cynical and ridiculous would be lacking intelligence. 

The US lie. This has been obvious in recent times, since WW2. The 2003 foray in Iraq, was based on manufactured “intelligence” to suit a lying government. We knew this but the media, which is mostly in the pocket of the US master psychopaths, played the music. 

Presently there are very little “left-wing” media in the Western world prepared to take on the USA’s hegemony. Even someone like John Passant, a socialist in Australia, is barracking for the removal of Assad, the whatever "butcher of this and that” which are the epithet used by the ruling class to con you. Few left-wing outlets will tackle the US lies as we have done on this site. Not that we are left-wing here but for the exposing the truth.
Comrads, It’s time to pull your socks up and realise that you have been hoodwinked by the MSM (main-stream media) otherwise named here as the MMMM (mediocre mass media de mierda) under order of the liars, the thieves and the murderers called the USA.

Gus Leonisky

trumbullian bullshit...

The Australian prime minister has given strong support for the military response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons and urged Russia to exercise its authority to ensure the weapons are destroyed.

At a press conference on Sunday, Malcolm Turnbull said the Australian government was a strong supporter of the “targeted, proportionate and responsible action by the United States, France and the United Kingdom in targeting three chemical weapons sites in Syria yesterday”.

“The use of chemical weapons is a crime,” Turnbull told reporters. “It cannot be tolerated. And we call on Russia, which is the sponsor of Syria, to use its influence to ensure that this most recent chemical weapons attack ... is thoroughly investigated.”

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Err, Trumble are you talking shit or what? The Russians and the Syrian organised for the OCPW specialists to reach Douma. But the US bombing happened before they were able to get there.  Same with Blix when he was looking for "weapons of mass destruction". The USA told him to get out of Iraq because, whether he found some or none they were going to bomb anyway.

And please note that you won't find any report in the Aussie media that the Skripals were not hit with a Russian poison but the samples sent to the authorised labs showed it was a UK/NATO/EU nerve agent. The next thing to find out is were the Skripals ever "poisoned" at all?

killing some buildings...

From Chris Floyd...


One simple point: if the US/UK/France really believed the building they targeted (and hit) in a heavily populated civilian area of Damascus was actually making chemical weapons, what do they think would have happened if all that toxic material had been dispersed by explosions throughout the surrounding neighborhoods? Hundreds if not thousands of civilians would have died. So either the "Western powers" knowingly risked killing thousands of innocent people -- or else they knew the building was not actually a chemical weapons facility.

Thus we are left with two possible conclusions: either they are "gas-killing animals" happy to murder untold numbers of innocent people in a military action (the very crime of which they accuse Assad); or they are deeply cynical liars using entirely bogus "humanitarian" concerns to advance a geopolitical agenda of domination in the Middle East that has already killed more than a million innocent human beings, displaced millions more, destroyed several countries and destabilized the entire world. There really are no other options.

Again: either they genuinely believed it was a chemical weapons factory and they blew it to smithereens without the slightest regard for what would happen to those in the area; or they knew it wasn't a WMD site at all. Either option makes an utter mockery of their sickening false piety about their concern for "innocent Syrian victims."

And by the way, what DID happen after the strike? Nothing. There was no dispersal of deadly chemicals, not even in the ruins of the building itself, as AFP and the Times of India report. Foreign reporters toured the site, without protective gear, in perfect safety. Obviously, there had been no chemical weapons there. Of course, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has repeatedly verified that Syria has dismantled all its chemical weapons facilities and that its stocks of chemical weapons were destroyed years ago, under international supervision. That doesn't necessarily mean there might possibly be some secret government chemical weapon facilities somewhere in Syria, although there has not yet been any evidence of this. But it does mean that the "chemical weapons factory" that the Trump-May-Macron axis claims to have hit in Damascus was almost certainly nothing of the kind.


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Yes, Chris. The Western media — that awful mediocre mass media de mierda and the more refined caffe-latte Saturday bumsheets — won't ask this important question of spreading chemicals because, already placed in the journalistic rarefied ether is the idea that the targeted bombing would destroy ALL the nasties. All we see now is that "the threat of WW3 has receded". or that "Trump's strike against Assad futile, but will make him feel better"... basically like him going to the toilet after some problematic constipation.


But one would expect more accuracy from Peter Hartcher, at the Sydney Morning Herald, who, adding to the sauce, does not flinch when he writes:


It's little enough. Assad has killed at least 400,000 of his fellow Syrians in seven years of civil war. Of those, he has killed perhaps 2000 with chemical weapons, on the best estimates of human rights observers. That's just half of one per cent of the total toll of his great butchery. And all of Assad's conventional butchers' tools remain, sharp and ready.


Of course, according to Peter, all the dead from this war in Syria were done by Assad himself, not the countless attacks by the rebels, the al Qaeda, the Al Nusra and the Daesh — this last outfit being a Wahhabi creation of the West and the Saudis to destroy Assad and the Shia Iraq, but Daesh (IS, ISIL, ISIS) had escape its inventors' brief by becoming "too ruthless" and out of control. Nor should we count the numerous sorties by the allied bombers that did not hit anything obviously. A bit like a long-nosed Pinocchio, Mr Hartcher. Nor that we the US/UK/France never supplied any weapons to the rebels or instruction on how to use them. The parcels were never opened. Hartcher had been moving off the reality-track for a while but this article in one blow just killed his journalism ethics, if he ever had any. He wrote what his masters wanted: Bash Assad. 


Moving on, the Sydney Morning Herald republishes an article by Josh Rogin from the Washington Post:


The House has passed another bill, this one named after "Caesar", which would impose sanctions on Assad for war crimes and halt the flow of weapons used to kill civilians. But it languishes without a hearing in the Senate.

Just before he was fired as Trump's national security adviser, HR McMaster gave a speech at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. In it, he said, "All civilised nations must hold Iran and Russia accountable for their role in enabling atrocities and perpetuating human suffering in Syria."

But the Trump administration has largely ignored the atrocities, as did the Obama administration before it. Until the United States and its allies confront Assad, Russia and Iran for all the crimes committed during the conflict, Syrian civilians and international norms will continue to suffer.


Josh Rogin is a columnist for the Global Opinions section of The Washington Post. He writes about foreign policy and national security. His photograph makes him look that he has just come out of fascist training college. What he writes tends to confirm this by his desire to blame inaction by the West to "stop the flow of weapons" usedin  the" crimes" on the Syria populations — populations which were joyful that the old Russian weaponry worked well enough to down nearly 70 per cent of the illegal Western bombings... 


We're in for some more doozy writing where the hacks of the West are trying to cover their arses by telling fibs and more fibs. HR McMaster is another fascist with decoration for having been a successful fascist on the glory fields of war that of course did not kill anyone.

full of his own himself-importance...

Malcolm Turnbull says security issues will dominate a 10-day visit overseas, kicking off with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

Before leaving Australia the prime minister told reporters he would discuss Syria with the British prime minister, Theresa May, and with the prime minister of France, Édouard Philippe, following weekend airstrikes launched in response to a chemical attack on 7 April on the Damascus suburb of Douma.

Turnbull said on Monday he had spoken with May over the weekend and would resume their conversation in London. The weekend airstrikes were launched by the Trump administration, alongside UK and French forces.

The Australian prime minister said the trip also presented an opportunity for broader security matters to be canvassed given four of the five members of the Five Eyes alliance would be present. The Five Eyes intelligence alliance comprises Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Read from top. Note that the chemical attack on 7 April on the Damascus suburb of Douma DID NOT HAPPEN but the "weekend strikes" did happen.

australia — the nappy state...


Before reading the comment below, please read the toon at top before. Now here is the nappy state:


Claims by a ‘sexuality expert’ that parents should ask their babies for permission to change their diaper has sparked a flood of reaction with political parties criticizing the Australian news channel which interviewed the woman.

Deanne Carson, who works with Body Safe Australia, made the comments on ABC News as part of a segment on establishing a “culture of consent” in the home. She explained that she works with children from birth and, when asked to give examples of how children can learn about consent at such an early age, she said parents should ask questions such as “I'm going to change your nappy now, is that okay?”

“Of course the baby is not going to respond 'yes mum, that's awesome. I'd love to have my nappy changed.' But if you leave a space, and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you're letting that child know that their response matters,” she continued.


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Please stop laughing and keep changing those nappies in need of bomb (turd) defusing. You can ask permission of bub if you feel like it... but do it soon otherwise bub will be able to sue you for a red itchy infected smelly butt.

There are good lawyers in Australia: the government is run by lawyers and accountants. They could not organise a piss-up against the wall of a pub though.

Australia, the nappy state? sure is. Remember that a few years ago it was "the happy state"... now gone to the dog of liberalisation, free market lunacy and bankers sniffing your pockets...


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