Monday 20th of August 2018

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Last Wednesday (2 May), Liberal MP Julia Banks – one of the nodding heads behind Malcolm Turnbull when Question Time is televised – claimed she could live on the Newstart allowance of $40 a day while looking for a job.

This $40 is the pittance a single unemployed person gets for the system's failure to create enough jobs.

Banks’ claim is, of course, nonsense. Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australiaadmits she could not live on itDeloitte Access Economics Partner Chris Richardson – hardly a radical economist – called for the "unnecessarily cruel" payment level to be increased by $50 a week, saying doing so was more important than budget repair.


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Low and middle-income earners will get tax cuts worth up to $10.50 a week in tomorrow's budget.

The ABC understands that while the measure will start on July 1, the tax break will come in the form of a bigger end-of-year tax rebate.

The tax relief will be delivered by an increase to the Low Income Tax Offset (LITO) which doesn't show up in weekly or fortnightly pay packets.

At the moment, the LITO is worth $445 a year for people earning below $37,000 annually.

It gradually reduces and cuts out completely when people earn $66,667 a year.

Treasurer Scott Morrison is expected to announce the value of the offset will more than double to $1,000.

It will be extended to people on incomes of about $90,000 a year, the ABC understands, and would still be phased out so that the more a person earns, the lower the rebate they would receive.

That would mean an extra $10.50 a week for those who receive the maximum benefit.


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I'm sure you don't need these extra three cups a week since you're already caffeine maxed-out to block out your ineptitude, your pain and your average inability to cope. So you can spend the extra cash on soft drinks that, full of sugar, will onset your oncoming diabetes 2 earlier. But you can choose to be generous and give the cash away to one of the charities the government has cut funding to. You will thus do your bit to fight those Chinese who are invading the now deprived-of-Australian-government-cash island in the Pacific before they go under water due to global warming. Here's a thought: Give the cash back to the government so it can keep public education public. Hey don't push the barrow too hard...

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Annie McLoughlin had one thought when she heard Liberal MP Julia Banks’s claim she could live on Newstart’s $40 a day.

“I just thought, she’s not really on the same planet as people who are under the pump,” McLoughlin said. “If you’ve got children to look after, how are you actually expected to get out from under?”

“I thought she was a fool, basically.”

McLoughlin was so outraged by the comments that she joined a small protest outside Banks’s electorate office in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on Friday. The protesters, organised by the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union, wanted to give Banks the weekly budgets of Newstart recipients, to show her the kind of hardship they faced.


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