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Les bleus ont des bleus


The French soccer team players get embroiled in bruising events…

There is a pseudo-revolution brewing in Paris. Unfortunately, the Bastille has already been destroyed. Now it’s a question of goons working for the King, Macronleon the First, who have gone overboard to prevent the joy of the people in the street, especially on the “Place de la Concorde” (seen above during King Louis XVI's execution).

The centre of this square is presently occupied by a giant Egyptian obelisk decorated with hieroglyphics exalting the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II, or presently Macronleon the First. It’s one of the two pieces the Egyptian government "gave to the French" in the 19th century, after Napoleon the First had ransacked that country. The other Obelisk stayed in Egypt, too difficult and too heavy to move. In the 1990s, President François Mitterrand gave it back to the Egyptians. How generous. 

The 3,300-year-old Luxor Obelisk arrived in Paris on 21 December 1833. Three years later, on 25 October 1836, King Louis Philippe had it placed in the centre of Place de la Concorde. It looked a damn sight better than the guillotine on the same spot where King XVI lost his head, in front of a revolutionary army and a people that was not amused...

So this Obelisquesse Obelix has become the rallying centre for the people who can eat cake, because they have no more bread. There, 229 years after the Revolution, 300,000 people wanted to celebrate “les Bleus”, The French soccer team after their victorious world cup in Russia. 

Came a few complications…

A fellow called Benalla, in full police riot gear apparently, had been seen hitting a French citizen during a May demonstration/celebration. When this event was related by the press recently, the French miniature King, Macronleon the First, reacted by taking the blame for Benalla’s “indiscretion” — and criticised the media for making a meal out of it. Rival politicians slammed the move as provocative and dangerous. Alexandre Benalla was the (now former) SECURITY AIDE of King Macronleon the first. Hum… the little king taking the blame for his trooper’s crap?...

The head of the conservative party in the upper house of Parliament, Bruno Retailleau, told the broadcaster France 2 that King Macronleon the First shouldn’t have spoken to his own people about his aide Alexandre Benalla’s faux pas. This could prejudice the law and justice, should it come to this.

"It's sort of giving the finger to the opposition, journalists, the press, and even the French people when [King Macronleon the First] basically says "come and get me'" Retailleau told the media.

A parliamentary from the left-wing La France Insoumise, Alexis Corbière, also lambasted Macron for his publicity stunt and provocation.

According to the information of the “Canard Enchainé” — the most INFORMED satirical newspaper in the world (that does not publish on the net) — during the day of the return of the French team, having had trouble with a gendarmerie commander on the tarmac at Roissy — as also reported by RT France on July 20 — Benalla, the (now former) security aide of King Macronleon the First, instructed the police to get the Blues' bus at super-high speed through to Paris and to the Champs-Elysées, so that King Macronleon the First could appear, triumphantly, on the 8:00 PM news with the Blues, live from the Elysée Palace.

The Canard also revealed how the evacuation of Place de la Concorde took place later in the evening, as the 300,000 fans massed in the area lingered, disappointed at not having been able to celebrate the coronation of their world champions: "Benalla, as a good master of ceremonies, gave the order to a police commissioner — who rebelled, before obeying — to disperse the people of the Concorde by hitting them with police batons” This did not go well with the cake-fed people...

This information confirmed the same news that RT France had published on 20 July. 

Of course, King Macronleon the First wanted the French Team, les Bleus, all for himself and did not want to break bread with the peasants…

Nothing new…

As an aside, a movie of the team rest rooms, visited by the dignitaries after the game, shows the French, les Bleus, singing "Putin, oi, oi, oi" as well as a few other oratory chants celebrating the also present Croatian Prime Minister, as well as, "bien sur", Macroleon the First. Oi, oi, oi...

freemason benalla...

Member of the National Grand Lodge of France since January 2017 in the centre of the Knights of Hope, Alexandre Benalla has been suspended as a precautionary until the end of the judicial proceedings concerning him.


According to L'Express magazine, Alexandre Benalla was introduced to the "Lodge of the Knights of Hope of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF)". This freemason carries the number 106161 of this obedience since January 2017, according to internal documents.


The suspension of Alexandre Benalla was pronounced by order of his Provincial Grand Master at the beginning of this week, July 23rd or 24th


The weekly quoted the Grand Master of the GLNF, Jean-Pierre Servel, who explained that the National Grand Lodge had to proceed with the suspension of Alexander Benalla as a precautionary measure during the current investigation. "In accordance with our settled case law, as soon as a brother is put under examination, we respect his presumption of innocence, we therefore take no sanction but we suspend him as a precautionary measure until the end of the judicial proceedings", he explains.


The Masonic source of the newspaper states: "The suspension of Alexandre Benalla was pronounced by order of his Grand Master Provincial at the beginning of this week, the 23 or 24 of July." The Express also mentions the little assiduity of 'Alexandre Benalla during the ritual meetings of his lodge since the election of Emmanuel Macron in May 2017.


Benalla in the Grand Orient of France? Bad pick !


At first, the Valeurs actuelles et Explicite websites had evoked a proximity of Alexandre Benalla with the lodges of "Emir Abdel Kader" and Grand Orient of France. What the latter was fake news: "Denial of a pseudo-membership. Several pseudo-information disseminated and relayed by conspiracy sites ensure for several days that Mr. Benalla would be a member of the Grand Orient of France. A formal denial can be made. He is not a member of our Obedience and has never been, "says the GODF in a statement.


In this period in which antimastonism is flourishing again, it is up to us collectively to exercise particular vigilance with respect to truncated or misleading information ...


He also castigates a "false assertion made by reputable media outlets, who have in the event never sought to cross check and verify this false information, which alters the image and reputation of our Obedience and its members". "In this period in which anti-masonry is flourishing again, it is up to us collectively to exercise particular vigilance with regard to truncated or misleading information maliciously relayed to Freemasonry or lack of deontology" concludes the text.


Translation by Jules Letambour

le anti-fake news laws take a plongeon....

After their vote in the National Assembly on the night of July 3, the "anti-fake news" laws bumped into the threshold of the upper house of Parliament. The Senate overwhelmingly rejected by 288 votes against 31 the laws.

The "ordinary" law, applicable during the European elections, legislative, senatorial and referendums, and the organic law, dedicated specifically to the presidential election, aim at allowing a candidate or party to seize the judge of the summary to stop the diffusion of "False information" during the three months preceding a national poll.


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who is benalla?...

The Elysée and « Gladio B » 


by  Thierry Meyssan
During the Cold War, the pro-US states experienced a bloody precedent of illegal, secret repression. While it is clear that this system has been progressively dismantled in Europe, it has never been interrupted in the « Greater Middle East » although it has been transformed. The behaviour of the Elysée in the context of the Benalla affair allows us to admit the possibility that this story is not yet over.

Who is Alexandre Benalla ?

Revealed by Le Monde, the Benalla affair has given us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in the Elysée. One of Emmanuel Macron’s collaborators is a hooligan who, posing as a police officer and equipped with a police armband and a police radio, took to the streets on 1 May and beat up two demonstrators. He enjoyed « unhealthy cronyism », to borrow the phrase from Prefect Michel Delpuech. This aspect of the affair is now the object of a judicial enquiry in which 5 people are indicted. This is doubled by an administrative investigation by the Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale (IGPN).

It so happens that far from being a vague collaborator, this yobbo was none other than the « Assistant Director of the cabinet of the President of the Republic ». He escorted his boss on a great number of occasions, both public and private, and possessed a copy of the keys to the President’s second home. He had been awarded a permanent license to carry a weapon because of his function (which was what exactly?) He had been provided with an official car equipped with flashing lights and sirens (by whom?) He owned an access card to the hémicycle of the National Assembly, a diplomatic passport, and Secret-Défense accreditation (why?)

According to the police unions which gave testimony under oath before the Senatorial Information Mission, the President’s street thug inspired « terror » in police officers. He would not hesitate to threaten and curse high-ranking officers of the Police and Gendarmerie to whom he would even issue orders. He went to meetings with the Minister of the Interior and the Prefecture of Police accompanied by « barbouzes, » or secret agents. He recruited « security guards » for the Elysée. All these charges are firmly denied by the cabinet of the President of the Republic.

President Macron declared that he had been « betrayed » by Alexandre Benalla, and that he had sanctioned him with fifteen days of suspension without salary and reassignment to a less important position. However, for « technical » reasons, the financial sanction has not yet been applied. Besides this, a few days later, due to a « lack of personnel », the same Benalla once again accompanied the President as if nothing had happened. None of the people tasked with the President’s security, not even the Minister of the Interior, were troubled by this persistent proximity, although they all knew about the beatings of 1 May.

This, of course, is why the parliamentarians of the Board of Enquiry asked the obvious question - was Alexandre Benalla part of a developing parallel police force under the unique command of President Macron?

It is important to understand that in the French Constitutional system, the President of the Republic has no power over the administrations which are ruled by the government alone. His security is guaranteed by civil and military personnel [1]. If the President had a security service placed only under his orders, he could not be controlled, since he would benefit from the « irresponsibility » accorded to the President for the duration of his mandate.

After six days of mutism, the President of the Republic addressed his faithful supporters, who were gathered for a private soirée. Forgetting that even these supporters were asking questions, he mobilised them against the enemies who were harassing him. He declared that he had been betrayed by the assistant director of his cabinet. He claimed that he was the only chief and thus the only person « responsible » for this casting error (in reality, the sole author of this error).

His speech was quite graceful and touching. But it did not answer the question asked.

Above all, it hindered the work of the parliamentarians by relieving the personalities questioned of the necessity to answer in detail, since only the President is - or rather, will be when his mandate ends - « responsible ». Move along, there’s nothing to see here!

The parliamentarians had already been destabilised by a statement made under oath by the Director of Public Order for the Préfecture de Police, Alain Gibelin, which contradicted the declarations from the Elysée… until he corrected his statement the next day; then by the contradictions between the official description of Alexandre Benalla’s position and the motives figuring on the prefectorial order for his license to bear arms; or again, by the declaration from the Elysée that he did not enjoy the privilege of official accommodation, which was contradicted by the fiscal declaration concerning his change of address of 9 July at the barracks of Quai Branly.

Not to mention the theft of the surveillance videos from the Préfecture de Police of Paris by police officers acting on behalf of Alexandre Benalla; videos which occupied an entire day at the Elysée, where they were watched by numerous collaborators.

The « Gladio B » hypothesis

We have published in these columns that the mission of Monsieur Benalla was to create a French equivalent of the US Secret Service which would integrate both the function of Presidential security and the fight against terrorism [2] ; information which has today been widely borrowed by our colleagues without mentioning us.

The Minister of the Interior, who declared that he knew nothing of this affair, is convinced that the recasting of the Elysée’s security services was not aimed at keeping them sheltered from the control of the traditional hierarchies. We hope that he has not allowed himself to be led astray on this subject too.

Nonetheless, we may remember that during the Cold War, the United States and the United Kingdom had created, in all of the allied states, a service designed to combat Soviet influence – without the knowledge of the national institutions. This system is known to historians as the stay-behind, and to the public by the name of its Italian branch, Gladio. All over the world, it was under the joint command of the CIA and MI6, via the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) [3], except for Europe, where it was connected to NATO [4]

The main operational officials of this stay-behind network (in other words, capable of becoming clandestine in the case of a Soviet invasion) were the ex-officials of the Nazi repression. While the French people know that SS captain and head of the Gestapo in Lyon, Klaus Barbie, became the official representative of the stay-behind network in Bolivia working against Che Guevara, they do not know, for example, that the Police Prefect for Paris, the collaborator Maurice Papon, who massacred a hundred Algerians on 17 October 1961, was one of the leaders of the network in France, working against the FLN [5]. Here in Damascus where I live, people remember another SS officer and director of the camp at Drancy, Alois Brunner, who was placed as an advisor to the Syrian secret services by the CIA and MI6 in order to prevent the country from swinging over into the Soviet camp. He was arrested by President Bachar el-Assad as soon as he came to power.

In France, when the stay-behind turned against France, accused it of leaving Algeria to the Soviets, organised the coup d’état in 1961 and financed the OAS (Organisation de l’Armée Secrète), President De Gaulle recuperated certain of its agents in order to form a militia to work against the militia - the SAC (Service d’Action Civique) [6].

Despite appearances, these stories are not as old as all that - the world of politics still hosts personalities who were part of the stay-behind network. For example, the current President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, was the head of Gladio in Luxembourg [7].

Of course, in the 21st century, we no longer torture and assassinate people as we used to, we simply discredit trouble-makers by way of the Press. Above all, there is no more Soviet Union, and consequently no more stay-behind network. But the personnel we used and who were replaced have had to be recycled. A number of elements attest to the fact that these agents first of all led the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and then, today, against Russia [8], to the point where they are labelled by the FBI as Gladio B [9]. The efficiency of this network in the « Greater Middle East » over the last 17 years needs no further proof.

Precisely, the question of the fight against terrorism – or its manipulation - was handled by the United States secret service, which the Elysée was preparing to replicate. Oddly enough, the Elysées anti-terrorist task force, directed by Prefect Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, is already doubled by a « cell » entrusted to an executive of the President’s chief of staff, Admiral Bernard Rogel. According to L’Opinion, this executive, Ludovic Chaker – who hired Benalla – is a « veteran » agent of the Direction Générale de la Sécurite Exterieure (DGSE) [10]

We are not attempting to compare Alexandre Benalla with Maurice Papon, but to enquire whether an element of an illegal force of repression is in the process of being (re)created in Europe.

Who revealed the Benalla affair?

It is extremely clear that in the absence of complaints by Monsieur Benalla’s victims, and given the difficulty of defining the nature of his acts of violence on the video, this affair did not spontaneously become public.


The people who revealed the affair must have been really well informed, not only about Alexandre Benalla but also about the confusion that currently reigns in the Elysée. However, their official status apparently obliged them to remain discreet. This immediately makes us think of officials of the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure (DGSI) or the Direction de la Protection du Renseignement and de la Sécurité de la Défense (DRSD).

It is not impossible that certain police officers gave Alexandre Benalla the police equipment that he usurped on 1 May. In this case, it means that he fell into a trap [11].

We are no longer in the same situation as during the Cold War and the Algerian War. This affair has nothing to do with the SAC. President Macron was not seeking to protect the nation from a militia by breaking the law himself. On the contrary, we are in a situation of confrontation between, on the one hand, the Russia-United States alliance, and on the other, the Anglo-Saxon deep state which is on the rampage against President Trump.

Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley



his wife is more popular...

After his victory in last year's presidential election, Emmanuel Macron was hailed as a defender of liberal values against nationalism and authoritarianism. However, amid the so-called Benalla affair, observers reevaluating ruling style are saying that Macron may be turning into a modern-day King Louis XIV.

The Benalla affair, involving presidential security aide Alexandre Benalla, who was caught illegally beating protestors at this year's May Day demonstrations, reached a crescendo last week as France's National Assembly debated two no-confidence motions against the Macron government.

Although the government survived, thanks to support from Macron's La Republique En Marche party, which enjoys a comfortable majority of seats in the French lower house, pundits and lawmakers both in France and abroad believe the affair, and particularly the presidential administration's effort hush it up, will become a major blot on Macron's presidency at least, and at most could culminate in his political downfall.


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sprouting fake news from "brussels"...

EU Disinfo Lab's attempt to pin the blame on Russia for the Benalla controversy is actually a Brussels-backed effort targeting French conservatives ahead of the EP vote in May 2019, Nicolas Bay, secretary general of Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally, told Sputnik.

The EU Disinfo Lab, a Brussels-based non-governmental organization, has kicked off a Cold War-style scandalous smear campaign ahead of the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections, said Nicolas Bay, an EP member from France and secretary general of Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally, formerly known as the National Front.

On August 10, the NGO published a list of names of Twitter users who were actively criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron and his former security aide Alexander Benalla, who assaulted a street protester during a May Day demonstration in Paris. Many of those who found themselves on the list belong to the electorate of Marine Le Pen.

The MEP believes that Disinfo Lab "is closely connected with European institutions, being their partner and, possibly, it is even financed by the European Commission's External Relations department."

"There are 10 months left before the elections to the European Parliament, and the use of such methods by persons acting in some way on behalf of European institutions raises serious concerns about the democratic nature of these debates and the observance of the principle of equality and impartiality within the framework of elections by these structures," Bay told Sputnik France.

According to the French politician, the Belgian NGO "is methodically labeling those who do not adhere to the political line of the European institutions, especially when it comes to relations with Russia."


"They tried to convince everybody that the Benalla case was orchestrated by Russia, but this is completely absurd," Bay emphasized, adding that the French were outraged by the way Emmanuel Macron and his closest associates defended Alexander Benalla.

He believes that the investigation carried out by EU Disinfo Lab is nothing short of a "propaganda tool sponsored by European institutions," which are targeting his conservative and right-wing counterparts.

"This affected not only our political status as a parliamentary group of the National Rally, we were also accused of being close to Russia," Bay pointed out. "This confirms that [the investigation] is about pinning political labels; it is not limited to social categories, people are ranked in one or another category regardless of their political affiliation."

France's National Data Processing and Liberties Commission (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés, CNIL) reported that soon after the results of the investigation had been published, a large number of complaints were received from internet users included on the notorious list. Le Pen's National Rally is also considering lodging a complaint against EU Disinfo Lab.


Bay underscored that the National Rally reserves the right to defend itself and initiate appropriate procedures, but its response would be primarily political. "We want to say that there is no desire for Russia to interfere in France's policies," he concluded.


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the wolf in sheepskin...

He had been left furious, pouring out to a journalist of France Inter, for 9 minutes, his contempt of the senators who allowed themselves, "these little marquis", to summon him in "flouting our democracy". Eight days later, this Wednesday, September 19, it is a completely different Alexander Benalla who appeared before the Senate commission of inquiry.


Paved with his now unavoidable small round glasses, the former chargé de mission of the Elysée even began his hearing with an unexpected act of contrition, after taking the oath: "I have a deep respect for the Senate and senators I have a deep regret for what I said about you Mr. President and I apologize ". And to address more specifically the President Philippe Bas (LR), which was targeted by the expression "little marquis": "I have a deep regret for the remarks I made against you.I wanted to assure you of my total respect, and apologize to you, Mr. Bas ".


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Read from top... Blokes like Benalla exist in Australia, but they are so far a bit more discreet, apart from our Dutton and his colleagues such as Roman Quaedvlieg...



another macron stuff-up?...

The French Presidency of the Francophonie: a French scandal

by Pierre Péant

Louise Mushikiwabo is Rwanda’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. The African Union and the French President, Emmanuel Macron, are sponsoring her candidacy for head of the International Organization for Francophone Countries. Pierre Péant explores this unfathomable event, slated by almost all the former French Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Louise Mushikiwabo is the Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs. She has applied for a position as the head of the Francophone Countries. By sponsoring her candidacy, Emmanuel Macron is raising French Bashing to the highest level of the state. He is asking Francophone leaders to back someone who has achieved notoriety through her hatred for France; someone who never misses an occasion to bash French soldiers and French politicians accused of complicity in genocide. A lady whose soul is such, that she can justify the kidnappings and assassinations of opponents abroad.

An Al Jazeera journalist questioned her about the strangling of Colonel Patrick Karegeya in a South African hotel and her response was: “Why should I lose sleep over my enemies and the people that threaten us” She has also firmly defended Kagame’s decision to make English the language of instruction and the administration. And to make Rwanda, the 54th member of the Commonwealth.

On 11 September 2011, did not the candidate for the position as head of the Francophone declare in Paris: 

“it is somewhat a sign of the times. English is language with which you can go further than French. For French in Rwanda is going nowhere” ? 

And four years ago, Louise Mushikiwabo had the French Cultural Centre bull-dozered down! On numerous occasions she spat on the French judge that was leading an investigation into the attack on the bringing down of Habyarimana’s airplane. On 11 November 2016, she then threatened to publish a “new list of the top French political leaders accused of complicity in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis”.

But above all, this lady is the chief loudspeaker for one of the worst dictators in the world. Paul Kagamé is elected with “Soviet rates”, locks up and kills those that dare to challenge him and spits on the freedom of the press. Yet the values promoted by the International Organization for Francophone Countries (“IOF”), are they not “democracy, human rights, the rule of law and justice”? By supporting her, Emmanuel Macron is condemning the IOF and sending out a very clear signal to African dictators: “the contempt of your people will not challenge our support.”

The Macron support is quite unfathomable. Unless, we speculate that his dossiers have been badly drawn up or influenced Kagamé’s powerful lobbies who have gangrened the main French media outlets and part of the administration. However it is not very difficult to obtain independent enquiries on the true nature of the Kigali regime. Let’s start with the Gersony report. This report states that from September 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), under the orders of Kagame, unleashed mass massacres on the Hutus. The Americans helped Kagame to burry this UN Report so that today, it is generally considered to have never existed!

There is also the UN Mapping Report (2008 and 2009), making observations on the mass crimes that Rwandan soldiers committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo between 1993 and 2003. This report does not rule out that a genocide may have taken place. There is also the justification by the Spanish Judge Merrells for issuing 40 arrest warrants against Paul Kagamé’s closest collaborators (6 February 2008) of which I would only mention the opening words: “once power was obtained by violence, they used the same methods to lay the foundations for a regime of terror and a criminal structure running parallel to the Rule of Law …”

We don’t need to spend much time on the Rwanda dossier to understand that the history of the drama is completely distorted. That Paul Kagamé and his Anglo Saxons supporters have succeeded in their request that the ICTR enquiries are limited to crimes committed by the Hutu genocidaires”. Some days before the vote at Erevan to elect the head of the Francophone, an unpublished document transmitted recently to the French judiciary shows to all, the true nature of the regime that Emmanuelle Macron is supporting. It is an ICTR Report, dated 1 October 2003 (thirty pages) on the “crimes committed by the APR”.

It allows us to get a better insight into the mindset of Carla del Ponte, the ICTR’s Former Prosecutor. Ms del Ponte authored a book Madame Prosecutor: Confrontations with Humanity’s Worst Criminals and the Culture of Impunity [1] in which she relates that her problems started when she decided to lead an investigation on the Rwandan Patriotic Front, “because President Kagamé and other Tutsi leaders based much of their claim to legitimacy on the victory of FPR against the genocidaires in 1994 […]. They presented their conquest of the country as a just fight to put an end to the genocide”. And she explains in detail that the Rwandan authorities were in control of each stage of the enquiries.

The bottom line is that Carla del Ponte was chased out of her position by the American administration. Then, all investigations into the APR were abandoned. The document summarizes the huge work that a team of Special Investigators carried out into the crimes that the APR committed in 1994.

This document is shocking. Seeping from it, is the blood of tens of thousands of victims, the vast majority of which are Hutus. The entire mechanism by which the APR took power is described in minute detail. Eighteen sites of massacres are listed. The techniques for execution are exposed with precision. Also analysed is the role the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) played in designating the victims and the famous “experts” who depend on the High Commandment of the DMI.

The commandos that operate dressed as civilians, trained to poison water and to kill with a chord, with a plastic bag, to inject oil in their ears to use “agafuni”, to make mines explode in public places … some were tasked with infiltrating the Interahamwe at certain barriers; “their role was take to part in the massacres and to incite the Interahamwe to commit more massacres”.

In short, this report tears to bits the official account of the Rwandan drama, an account imposed by the Kigali regime and his numerous supporters – both his partners and friends in the media: a clash between Good and Evil, between the Good Tutsis and the Hutus whose throats were parched and thirsting for the blood spilled by Genocide. According to that novel, Paul Kagamé is deemed to have led a war of national liberation, put an end to the genocide and took power in fine the power, on 12 July 1994, and all this despite the help brought by French soldiers to the Hutus.

The reality is quite different. The Rwandan drama is a savage civil war between the Tutsis and Hutus. It was unleashed in October 1990 by an armed aggression comprised of: Tutsis of the FPR, the diaspora installed in Uganda, supported by the Ugandan army. The war was then relaunched in 1994 by the attack on Habyarimana’s plane … which triggered the genocide of the Tutsis and the moderate Hutus.

Pierre Péant


Anoosha Boralessa


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