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The Day of the Jackal (1971) is a thriller novel by English writer Frederick Forsyth about a professional assassin who is contracted by the OAS, a French dissident paramilitary organisation, to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France.The novel received admiring reviews and praise when first published in 1971, and it received a 1972 Best Novel Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. The novel remains popular, and in 2003 it was listed on the BBC's survey The Big Read.[1]
The OAS did exist as described in the novel, and the book opens with an accurate depiction of the attempt to assassinate de Gaulle as led by Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, but the subsequent plot is completely fictional.
So history is manipulated by various novel-filmic-devices for public consuming entertainment but this spoils the mind of nations as the “fake” story can enter the realm of historical legend… This is not new. Victor Hugo wrote his epic poem about Roland, Homer wrote about Ulysses, The Poms had Shakespeare, the Germans had Till Ulenspiegel, the Christians have the bible, the Muslims have the Q'ran...

So, why do it? Most importantly history is quite sketchy and even the best historians do not have all the elements of truth in hand as some of the elements can be out of chronology or bent by secret undercurrents of deception, and have some or no influence on the outcome. But mostly, we love legends that will prop up our “spirits” with glorious delusions. History is the official repository of the condensed milk of events. Sirupy to suit the present fake narratives.

One can also say that there are still characters alive who could give another version of “history” against fake facts and real facts alike. Thus, 20 years hence, we might have an admission by Vladimir Putin that he interfered with the elections in 2016. We have no such admission and all the indicators point to a different “influence”, in which the media has been blind-sided by hubris and led to believe in false facts to maintain traction on a phoney yet powerful narrative.

Bin Laden was supported with weapons and cash, by the Americans to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The Russians gave up eventually their support of the socialist/communist government that had been installed in Kabul, by the Afghani themselves. The Taliban won. The Americans hate socialism far more than they hate terror, and they will use terrorists to achieve the overthrow of socialist governments.

We were told that Bin Laden was then involved in trying to fight the US with "his" terrorists. Or was he the fall guy — and possibly happy with this, for cash — for a lot of terrorism around the world — including 9/11, the USS Cole incident and much rebellion in Africa? So, has this stopped since we “got rid of him” with “applause from the circle?” 

You know as much as me on this subject. Not a slight deceleration. Terror is still terror and we are told to quake on our boots…

Africa has been weakened by the west in order to carry on with an undeclared local slavery to benefit easier exploitation or resources. Bin Laden or his equivalent have tried to use this to push for an economic and ideological change in many parts of Africa. In many part of this continent, it is Muslims versus Christians, whether we like it or not, while the original tribes are being used as pawns. 

The tragedy of 9/11 is still unresolved (read: the united nations and the deep state you cannot trust...) as to who really did it. I believe that Bin Laden knew the culprits — though he got fully blamed for it. 

The USA did not want BIN LADEN to spill the beans and give his version of “history”. He got killed, murdered, dumped at sea from the deck of a US ship, and it appears all his documents were seized and burnt. Why? Even the “recorded history" of Bin Laden assassination is conflicted, including his "burial" at sea in accordance with Muslim traditions:

Some details of Bissonnette’s account of the raid contradicted those of another ex-SEAL, Robert O’Neill, who claimed in Esquire and on Fox News to have fired the fatal bullet. Public officials with security clearances told reporters that the torture scenes that were so realistically depicted in ‘‘Zero Dark Thirty’’ had not in fact played any role in helping us find bin Laden.

Then there was the sheer improbability of the story, which asked us to believe that Obama sent 23 SEALs on a seemingly suicidal mission, invading Pakistani air space without air or ground cover, fast-roping into a compound that, if it even contained bin Laden, by all rights should have been heavily guarded. And according to the official line, all of this was done without any sort of cooperation or even assurances from the Pakistani military or intelligence service. How likely was that? Abbottabad is basically a garrison town; the conspicuously large bin Laden compound — three stories, encircled by an 18-foot-high concrete wall topped with barbed wire — was less than two miles from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point. And what about the local police? Were they really unaware that an enormous American helicopter had crash-landed in their neighborhood? And why were we learning so much about a covert raid by a secret special-operations unit in the first place?

American history is filled with war stories that subsequently unraveled. Consider the Bush administration’s false claims about Saddam Hussein’s supposed arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Or the imagined attack on a U.S. vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin. During the Bay of Pigs, the government inflated the number of fighters it dispatched to Cuba in hopes of encouraging local citizens to rise up and join them. When the operation failed, the government quickly deflated the number, claiming that it hadn’t been an invasion at all but rather a modest attempt to deliver supplies to local guerrillas. More recently, the Army reported that the ex-N.F.L. safety Pat Tillman was killed by enemy fire, rather than acknowledging that he was accidentally shot in the head by a machine-gunner from his own unit.

Mohammed al-Qubaisi, Dubai's grand mufti, said of Bin Laden's burial: "They can say they buried him at sea, but they cannot say they did it according to Islam. Sea burials are permissible for Muslims in extraordinary circumstances. This is not one of them."

Abdul-Sattar al-Janabi, who preaches at Baghdad's Abu Hanifa mosque, said: "What was done by the Americans is forbidden by Islam and might provoke some Muslims.

Here we have to remember, how the west interfered with the Africans, while now the Chinese are improving the locals’ lives by doing trade and “investments” which we fear will … Will do what? Expose our devious games of pitting tribes against tribes, for profit? 

We know that the IMF and the World Bank won’t lend moneys to socialist countries in Africa and that this led to massive starvation — and deaths. I know this is my short-cut “interpretation” of what happen but after much succession of negotiations and refusal, this was more or less the awful result. 

In his very IMPORTANT summaries of much of recent history, Thierry Meyssan gives us much closer to the truth versions of facts. In 2001, he wrote about Africa and the French and the CIA, yet again fiddling with others butts to prevent the “socialisticallisation” of Africa. As the French government and the US administration were at loggerhead, their secret services were working together to “de-socialistise” Africa.


8. Summary Methods

The “events in Algeria” justify recourse to terror. The General President [Charles de Gaulle] uses and abuses his extraordinary powers and the international complicity of the “stay-behind” networks. He submits all books and newspapers to censorship. Transforming France into a terrorist state, he orders the assassinations of political opponents who have taken refuge abroad. The murders bear the signature of a puppet organization, La Main Rouge [11], that poorly masks the French Secret Services. Furthermore, Constantin Melnik, will claim more than one thousand political assassinations. Thus the following are eliminated: Georg Puchert, the German seller of arms, assassinated in Frankfurt on 3 March 1959; Marcel Léopold, his Swiss colleague, poisoned at Geneva, on 19 September 1959. And one more: the explosion of the cargo Atlas, right in the port of Hamburg; and the inspection of the Czech cargo Lidice in the Mediterranean.

To prevent FLN Marxists being equipped with arms, the CIA puts in place an agreement between the French Foreign Secret Services (SDECE) and Lucky Luciano, the Italian-American “godfather of godfathers”. The latter began collaborating with the American Secret Services during the Second World War, enabling preparations for landing in Sicily. He was then included in the “stay-behind” networks. Men, part of the Cosa Nostra, point out ships carrying arms across the Mediterranean so that they can be boarded and searched. In exchange, France closes its eyes to contraband operations and drug trafficking. The SDECE contact with Luciano is Étienne Léandri. He is a French criminal and a former French collaborator with the Nazis, recruited by the “Stay Behind” following the French Liberation  [12].

The CIA also authorizes some European “stay behinds” to collaborate with their French equivalents. Thus René Dubois, the highest Swiss judge, the Attorney General of the Confederation is recruited to obtain information gathered by the Swiss police and transcripts of telephone tappings. After being discovered by a Swiss policeman, René Dubois commits suicide on 23 March 1957 rather than delivering information on the Atlantic Alliance’s secret network.

General de Gaulle is not satisfied with confining the use of summary methods to Algeria. He uses them everywhere, whenever his “reserved domain” is at stake [13] and the East-West balance provides a justification for it. In order to punish Guinea, the President General, cuts ties with this country from the day it was granted independence. When withdrawing from Guinea, the French officials receive the order to destroy their administration. When Guinea withdraws from the CFA zone and creates its own currency, De Gaulle tries to ruin it. In Paris, Colonel Beaumont  [14] prints false Guinea currency. It is carried to Senegal, to be taken up by Commander Maurice Robert who will then flood Guinea with it. When Sékou Touré seeks help abroad and turns to USSR and to Czechoslovakia, he is denounced as Africa’s communist danger incarnate. Jacques Foccart tries several times to have him eliminated. Assassination attempts are supervised from the Ivory Coast by Yves Guéna, who has just left the cabinet of Michel Debré to act as High Commissioner in Abidjan [15].

As for the Cameroons, here the French colonial administration is facing opposition from the Union Populaire du Cameroun (UPC), most of whose members belong to the Bamikele race. The High Commissioner, Pierre Messmer, entrusts repression to Maurice Delauney. The men at the helm of the UPC are assassinated and punitive expeditions are led in their rear bases situated in the British Cameroons. On independence on 1 January 1960, Jacques Foccart installs a puppet government, presided by his friend Ahmadou Ahidjo. The same day, the young state signs a military assistance pact with France. Paris dispatches five battalions on the order of General Max Briand. What Charles de Gaulle did not dare to do within the Community framework, he does under the cover of a pseudo-independence. One hundred and fifty six Bamikeles villages are burnt and razed to the ground. Tens of thousands of people are massacred [16]. On this terrible repression, the French press, muzzled and blinded by the Algerian crisis, will not utter a word on this dreadful repression. Finally, on 2 October 1960, the new leader of the UPC, Felix Moumié [17] is assassinated at Geneva by SDECE assassins.

In 1960, France, citing as evidence a 1883 agreement, claims Congo-Kinshasa (Zaïre) when the Belgians withdraw from it. Instead of annexing it, France supports the rebellion of Moïse Tschombé in the Katanga mining region, weakening the authority of the UN. Arms are brought by Barracuda, a company “owned” by Dominique Ponchardier. Rebel troops are enlisted by Colonel Roger Trinquier and Commander Roger Faulques in the conflict zone. Irving Brown travels to the Congo to coordinate French-American operations. Using its own French and Belgian networks, the CIA entrusts to “stay-behind” Otto Skorzeny to plan the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the legal (de jure) government of the Congo, and support the rise in power of Colonel Joseph Mobutu. Increasing support for Moïse Tschombé, Jacques Foccart sends mercenaries headed by the French Bob Denard, a hired gun involved in an attempt to eliminate Pierre Mendès-France [18], and the Belgian Christian Tavernier. For propaganda purposes, Foccart puts in place Radio-Katanga, hosted by François Duprat.

In Congo-Brazzaville, Charles de Gaulle supports Abbott Fulbert Youlou in the face of all opposition. The latter is advised by Jean Mauricheau-Baupré, former editor-in-chief of the Courrier de la Colère.

To manage the “reserved domain”, the President-General provides all means necessary to Jacques Foccart. The adviser operating behind the scenes has an office in the Élysée, adjoining that of the President of the pseudo Republic. He also provides a type of ministry, installed in Hotel Noirmoutiers, rue de Grenelle. But Foccart only demands the position of Secretary General of the Community and not the Ministry. This means he does not have to respond to questions about his activities before parliamentarians.
Foccart recalls Maurice Robert, in post at Senegal, to Paris and entrusts him with handling African leaders during their trips to Paris. To this end, “Bison” base, is set up at Invalides, Paris which maintains very close ties with the US “stay-behinds”.


Now you know a bit more why Africa is "still a bastard case*"… Well it’s not, but the Western conflicted fiddles there have had a long-drawn impact till today. This is why the presence of the Chinese could improve peace and prosperity in Africa, something the West NEVER WANTED for its former well of slaves. What is not explored here is the nasty role the CIA and US mercenaries have played in weakening Africa. This for another time.

*This is written to explain a few facts to people I know who still tell me that "Africans" are inferior to white people. There are plenty of racists still lurking in Australia, including too many inside the government ("African gangs", etc). Note: Gus spent a lot of time in Africa and knows a bit more about it than the average hamburger in Kanbra.

improving africa...

the poms meddle in africa...

While the British media dined out on Theresa May’s Africa trip last week, Africans are still reeling from the reporting. Sky News captioned Uhuru Kenyatta as “president of Africa”, while the BBC gave the title he should have had, “president of Kenya”, to his rival, Raila Odinga.

There are a million metaphors in Britons declaring an African superstate based in Kenya – who knew our broadcasters were such pan-Africanists? – and declaring an Odinga coup. But the reality is that there is widespread cluelessness in Britain about the political and economic situation across the continent today, and it shows.

The royals have shown more interest in African countries than our elected political leaders have. While we have had to tolerate endless patronising and presumptuous slogans about how African economies will fill the gap left by the EU, it’s worth asking what it is that Britain really has to offer Africa.

The continent’s countries are growing, both in terms of their economies and their population, and – bucking the trend elsewhere in the world – are seeing job creation outstrip demographic growth. Most African economists differ on just how effectively that will translate into prosperity in the coming decades, but they tend to agree on two things. What Africa needs is greater regional integration, and a more intense focus on domestic manufacturing, especially agricultural machinery and goods for domestic consumption – moving away from the old colonial pattern of exporting raw resources and importing food, patterns that hugely benefited the former imperial powers.

Britain is hardly a role model in either respect. It is abandoning the EU, and has never recovered from the long-term decline in its manufacturing. Britain’s economy is based on service industries and consumer debt, a pattern that no one in Africa wants to reproduce, even if – with 40% of the continent’s countries now at high risk of debt distress – it is in significant danger of doing so.


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Watch the doco about tax haven and the financial British empire... This is where Brexit could hurt Britain or not... The real deals are secret... Meanwhile Africa is being looted... Russia would have been on the same boat had Putin not come along and stopped the rot. THIS IS WHY THE USA AND THE UK HATE RUSSIA — ESPECIALLY PUTIN and will do anything (mostly illegal, dirty and propagandist) to destroy Russia.


AND THIS IS WHY THE WEST IS WORRIED ABOUT THE CHINESE IN AFRICA. The Chinese might actually HELP the Africans rather than rape them, like the West has done for a few hundred years TILL TODAY...


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not dealing exclusively with sewing machines....

Italian soldiers on mission in Djibouti have offered sewing machines to the humanitarian organisation which aids the refugees in this tiny country in the Horn of Africa. It is situated in a strategic position on the most important commercial Asia-Europe route, at the mouth of the Red Sea, facing Yemen. Italy has a military base there, which, since 2012, « supplies logistical support for Italian military operations located in the area of the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Aden, the Somali Basin and the Indian Ocean ».

So in Djibouti, then, it would seem that the Italian military are not dealing exclusively with sewing machines.

In the exercise Barracuda 2018, which took place last November, chosen sharp-shooters from the Special Forces (whose headquarters are in Pisa) underwent training in all sorts of environmental conditions, including night operations, with the most sophisticated high-precision rifles which can centre the target at a distance of one or two kilometres. We do not know in which operations the Special Forces participated, since their missions are kept secret – however it is certain that they took place essentially in a multinational context under US command.

In Djibouti is situated Camp Lemonnier, the huge US base from which the Horn of Africa Joint Task Force has been operating since 2001. The Task Force is composed of 4,000 specialists in top secret missions, including targeted assassinations by commandos or killer drones, particularly in Yemen and Somalia. While aircraft and helicopters for these special operations take off from Camp Lemonnier, the drones have been concentrated at Chabelley airport, a dozen kilometres from the capital. New hangars are being built there, and the work has been handed by the Pentagon to a company from Catania which is already employed for the work taking place in Sigonella, the main drones base used by the USA and NATO for operations in Africa and the Greater Middle East.

There is also a Japanese and a French base in Djibouti, which house German and Spanish troops. A Chinese military base was added in 2017, the only one outside of its national territory. Apart from certain basic logistical functions, such as the housing of the crews of the military vessels that escort merchant ships, and warehouses for the storage of supplies, it represents a significant signal of the growing Chinese presence in Africa.

This is an essentially economic presence, to which the United States and other Western powers oppose a growing military presence. This accounts for the intensification of operations led by AfriCom (US Command for Africa), which has two important subordinate Commands in Italy - the US Army Africa, at the Ederle de Vicence barracks ; the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, whose headquarters is at the Capodichino base in Naples, composed of the warships of the Sixth Fleet based in Gaeta.

In the same strategic infrastructure is another US base for armed drones, which is under construction in Agadez, Niger, where the Pentagon already uses air base 101 in Niamey for drones. This base serves for military operations that the USA has been leading for years, with France in the Sahel, especially in Mali, Niger and Chad. President Giuseppe Conte will be visiting the last two bases as from tomorrow.

These countries are amongst the poorest in the world, but very rich in prime materials - coltan, uranium, gold, oil and many others - exploited by transnational companies based in the USA and in France, who are increasingly afraid of the competition from Chinese companies who offer African countries much more favourable conditions.

The attempt to halt the Chinese economic advance by military means, in Africa and elsewhere, is beginning to fail. Probably even the sewing machines, donated to Djibouti by Italian soldiers for the refugees, are « made in China ».

Manlio Dinucci

Pete Kimberley

Il Manifesto (Italy)



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