Friday 21st of June 2019

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The Opposition is calling on the Prime Minister to sack Mr Dutton, but Mr Morrison told Channel Nine there was no need.

"Labor Party's about stopping au pairs. We're about stopping boats, criminals, bikie gangs," he said.

"If the Labor Party thinks that the worst thing that can happen in Australia is an au pair comes and reads you a bedtime story, then that tells you everything you need to know about their views on national security."

The inquiry was examining two cases where Mr Dutton intervened to assist with visas for women visiting Australia on tourist visas who intended to work as au pairs.


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"Diseur de bons mots, mauvais caractère".

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"political"? sure he did it for favours...

The Greens and Labor will attempt to move a motion of no confidence in the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, after the tabling of a Senate report finding he misled the parliament in relation to the au pair controversy.

The motion will be brought on in the House of Representatives on Thursday after the Labor-dominated Senate committee concluded Dutton “had a clear personal connection and existing relationship with the intended employer of the au pair in the Brisbane case”.

Dutton was asked in parliament in March, when reports of the use of his ministerial discretion to grant tourist visas first surfaced, whether he could rule out “any personal connection or any other relationship between you and the intended employer of either of the au pairs”.


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gonski funding stands...

The New South Wales Government has announced it would not sign up to any school funding model that offered "special deals" for private schools.

The Federal Government yesterday announced an extra $4.5 billion for Catholic and independent schools, moving away from a funding model based on census data to one based on parental tax data to calculate a school's wealth.

But NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes said funding should go to the students that need it most.

"We've always been the Gonski state," he said. 

"The Gonski principles provide that school funding should be needs-based and sector-blind. And these are the principles we hold very dear."

"Certainly, the Gonski principles and the whole basis upon which we've been negotiating the next funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government is that there would be no special deals."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed the funding boost for private schools on Thursday, saying it would "mean the opportunity to get the best results from school" for students and "for parents, it will mean that choice remains affordable".

"For teachers, it will mean certainty of funding so they can get on with the job," he said.


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Morrison is a religious nut and will fund religious schools more than public schools. UGLY, MAN!