Monday 16th of December 2019

he would do a far better job than scummo...


Briggs is an Indigenous Australian of the Yorta Yorta people and the tribe name is tattooed on his forearms.[9] He has stated in an interview with G&T magazine that the tattoo's purpose is "so every time I rock the mic people know that I am representing."[9]

Briggs grew up with his family in Shepparton, a city in rural Victoria, Australia. In respect to growing up in the area, the artist has stated that:

...where I’m from a lot of people are pretty far behind in their race relations. ... Growing up in Shepparton, it’s big enough not be a small country town but it’s just not that big yet. There are still a lot of small minds and a lot of stagnant attitudes as well.[10]

As a solo artist, Briggs has released one EP, Homemade Bombs in 2009, and two albums, 2010's The Blacklist and 2014's Sheplife. He has also made appearances on songs with  Hilltop Hoods, the FunkoarsDrapht and The Last Kinection. In the live arena, he has supported international artists such as Ice CubeKRS-OneNecroGhostface KillahDilated PeoplesM.O.P., and Pharoahe Monch.[2][3][4][5][6] In 2015, Briggs founded his own record label, Bad Apples Music, which has signed several Indigenous hip-hop artists and houses A.B. Original, a joint project with Trials from the Funkoars.[7]

Extending his career beyond music, Briggs has appeared in several television series on ABC: as a writer and actor for the second season of the sketch comedy Black Comedy in 2016; playing the role of Maliyan in the drama series Cleverman in the same year; and becoming a regular cast member on news satire program The Weekly with Charlie Pickeringin 2017.[8]


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Definitively Prime Minister material, unlike Scummo, the chief of the Noah's Ark Society...

and she would too, be a better PM...

Judith Lucy is single again… and 50. She recently reflected on her entire history with men and concluded that maybe it was time to shut up shop.

“Whatever it is that I’m selling, a lot of straight guys simply aren’t that interested in buying it and I’m including people like my father.”

In amongst exploring stereotypes and her own desires, Judith will recount her full history with the opposite sex and leave it up to the audience to determine whether she should ever date again. Should Judith hang up her vagina for good? Australia – the decision is yours.

“If you love your comedy uncompromising, deadpan and drop-dead funny, buy a ticket.” ★★★★ The Advertiser, 2019

“Great comedians have time for a sip of water after delivering a ripper punchline. There were times when Lucy could have gone to the bar for a glass of red and we’d still be laughing when she got back”. The Age 

“It’s not laugh a minute, it is bucket loads of laughs per minute… She is fast, she’s clever and most of all Lucy is very, very funny.” The Sunday Telegraph



Charlie Pickering and correspondents Tom Gleeson, Adam Briggs and new superstar signing Judith Lucy return for a new season of The Weekly - packing the funniest and stupidest moments from seven days of news into 30 minutes.


I did pan The Weakly in its first season... It gradually improved and now it seems it has gone the full hog without fear nor favours, unlike the Scummo government who seems to be doing a lot of favours for mates and a lot of shit... I am of a weird opinion that Judith Lucy could do a much better job as PM than Scummo, because she is aware. Scummo lies. But I think that Judith would not take the offer, unless...

am I being stalked?...

It's no laughing matter anymore — a Ukrainian comedian known for playing an accidental president on TV has now been elected the country's actual president.

Exit polls show political novice Volodymyr Zelenskiy has won in a landslide, ousting incumbent President Petro Poroshenko.

While the result rightly has serious implications for the region and Russia, Australians have leapt on the appointment and want in.

ABC audiences have cast their vote for which Australian comedian they think should be our next Prime Minister, turning out in such numbers it would make the Australian Electoral Commission proud.

Here are the comedians they want to lead us.


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We were there first... Actually, BRIGGS started it... Read from top.