Monday 16th of December 2019

the bad feeling of brexit's success or failure: boris is wearing a ski mask...


Boris Johnson recently had his hair cut short. In the past few weeks, he has visibly lost weight. He has even learned to hold his tongue. When the former British foreign secretary left parliament in Westminster last Tuesday, he was, as always, confronted by journalists. But the man who otherwise never avoids a microphone pushed his ski hat down and walked off.

Since then, London's political pundits have been convinced that Johnson is up to something. They claim he's merely waiting for the right moment to catapult himself back into the spotlight. That day, it seems, is not so far away. 

After another bruising week in the United Kingdom, the end game has started. Not only for Brexit, but also for the prime minister. Theresa May herself pointed out in front of parliament on Wednesday that her days as prime minister might soon be numbered. 

That much was already clear to anyone who saw Theresa May's unabashedly populistic televised address on Wednesday, with which she tried to deflect any blame from herself. Or who has read her listless letter to European Union leaders, in which she almost beseechingly requested an extension to the misery. Or who has listened to her level-headed fellow party member Dominic Grieve, who said that, because of her, he has "never been more ashamed to be a Conservative."


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at least she is not blaming "the russians"...

If only we had built more windmills, and changed more light-globes we could have prevented the British voting to control their own nation. It all makes sense — if you are insane, or a broadcaster paid one billion a year to promote Big Government.

What a disaster — the fifth largest economy choose to trade more with the rest of the world and be less under the thumb of Germany and Brussels. Such madness needs an explanification. So here it is: Our coal plants caused a terrible drought in Syria which made lots of nice people seek refuge in rich countries, I mean “globally”, and that made people talk about a refugee problem in the UK (which wasn’t really a problem, see) and that made scared, selfish and small minded populist voters choose fear and Brexit over the glorious wonder of the EU.


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Jo Nova is a blight on the landscape of understanding global warming. She has no clue and will use any excuse to blame the windmills for all the wrongs in the world. She has been mentioned on this site for a while now. 

Jo Nova — fiction writer...

 At least she is not mentioning the Rooskies, like a lot of other main stream media... but When ABRA LANE asks 'Could it be that Brexit, the UK voting to leave the EU, is the result of a cascading series of events due in part to climate change?' Jo Nova might have a point though the reality is that global warming "has changed" crops in the UK. But what was actually more to the point is that a lot of countries in Africa and the Middle East have experienced unprecedented droughts (and wars) and people are moving on...