Thursday 22nd of August 2019

scummo's women, now in great number behind him in photo ops, will save your petrol guzzlers from labor's electrics...

petrol heads

The latest stage of the unofficial 2019 federal election campaign has opened with a battle over Australia’s electric car future, with Scott Morrison accusing Bill Shorten of wanting to “end the weekend”.

In response the Labor leader accused the government of running out of steam on “scare campaigns” and so it had resorted to “scaring you about their own policies”, as the two major parties argue the toss on very similar policies.

Both the Coalition and the Labor party have policies to increase Australia’s electric car take-up, with the government assuming electric vehicles will make up between a quarter and half of all new car sales by 2030, while Labor has set a target of 50% of all new car sales by the same year.

But despite the similarities in policy, confirmed by an environment department official during last week’s Senate estimate hearings, the government immediately launched into attacking Labor’s plan as ‘out of touch’.


“Now, if you go and buy an electric car, well obviously you don’t pay the fuel excise, what is that going to mean for that revenue stream and what’s the cost of that?

“What about all these charging stations, how much is that going to cost? I mean if you have an electric car and you live in an apartment, are you going to run the extension cord down from your fourth floor window?

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...fourth floor window?... Of course yes!... My extension cord is already ready to be connected to the grid once I can afford to place solar panels on the roof and a battery pack/converter unit in the old laundry, the old tub of which has been turned into a lovely herb garden. This is the future, especially a small car the size of a2b, that can survive the interminable Gladys tunnels while she clears the wildlife out of the countryside... with satnav and virtual signalling of roads panels. Makes the city prettier than having no standing/no stopping/clearway/parking meters bizos in from of the leaning tower of Pizza (Pisa, yes I know, old joke...)


parachuted female or thrown under a bus advert...

If you're the Prime Minister's pick to try to save a marginal seat, there's an expectation that comes with the spotlight. 

Key points:
  • The Liberal Party holds the seat on a 3.3 per cent margin following a redistribution 
  • Child psychologist Fiona Martin is the Liberal candidate, hand-picked by Scott Morrison
  • Labor candidate Sam Crosby has been campaigning for more than a year 


So far that's not the case for the Liberal recruit Fiona Martin, in the marginal federal Sydney seat of Reid.

Parachuted into the seat last week after it was vacated by Malcolm Turnbull confidant Craig Laundy, the child psychologist was formally endorsed by the party's state executive over the weekend. 

However she is yet face any media scrutiny, despite the election coming up sometime next month.

Ms Martin, a regular on TV screens in her role as a psychologist, declined several approaches from the ABC for an interview and has so far confined her campaign to a handful of social media posts. 

The Liberal Party holds the seat on a 3.3 per cent margin.


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The advertising gure knows how to twist your neurons. This how deceptive advertising works:

deceptive advert

The record shows that the government schools get "notasmuch" (or bugger all) of the increase funding while the "Catholic schools get the lionshare"... Mixing the lot gives an impression of fairness. It's fake and false. A Scummo "quality" education does not mean equality in education. You know that.


and uncle rupe adds smoke to the arse-view mirror...



This costing is total bullshit of course by the Daily Trompogruff... As well, despicable Scummo lambasted Bill Shorten for claiming that one could recharge an electric car in SIX MINUTES! Oh the misonformation!!! In fact it's likely that in six minutes one could get about three quarter of a full charge considering the resistance of batteries and that a full charge takes about 15 minutes. But of course, Warren Brown — right wing cartoonist and supporter of Scummo of the Noah's Ark Society — will stretch the gag and sort of claim that it takes six hours to charge an electric car...


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