Tuesday 19th of November 2019

scummo needs palmer more than palmer needs him...


Scott Morrison was questioned extensively on Wednesday about how the Liberals and Nationals could seal a preference deal with Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party despite the treatment of workers at Queensland Nickel.

Although Palmer has now promised to pay workers $7m in outstanding entitlements, the commonwealth had to step in to pay $74m through the unpaid wages safety net, the Fair Entitlement Guarantee, when the company went into liquidation.

Morrison brushed off any suggestion that past bad blood between the Coalition and Palmer should prevent a preference deal: “Look, I’m not going to be held back by that, nor am I here to offer any defences of Mr Palmer,” he told reporters.

“He’s big enough to do that for himself. Parties will have discussions before close of nominations and the preference tickets, which will be issued next week in the normal course of events.”

It’s an extraordinary rapprochement after Palmer was persona non grata in Australian politics. Here is what the Liberals and Palmer have previously said about each other.

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Palmer is a deceitful trickster. He is a double-crosser. A vote for Palmer is a vote against safeguarding the future of this planet...

voting for the sausages...


Voting is arguably the most prominent cornerstone of democracy – the means by which we each get to participate in the democratic process. Your vote is supposed to represent ‘your say’, and collectively the outcome of the voting process should represent ‘our say’ in how this country is run – the will of the Australian people as it were.

But what is your vote worth?  When you trot along to the polling booths later this year, run the gauntlet of ‘How to vote pamphlet’ pushers, enjoy your democracy sausage and cast your vote – what exactly are you getting a say in?

The following are some common expectations people have about the power of their vote:

  1. Elections are about picking which party you want to vote for
  2. The election outcome represents the will of the Australian people 
  3. All votes are equal
  4. We determine which policies will be used to guide the direction of the country
  5. The Australian people elect a Prime Minister
  6. Your vote determines who will represent your individual electorate

Let’s take a look at each of these, and see exactly how well our expectations about what our vote is worth match up with reality…


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scummo and the fat man...

The Liberal Party has struck a deal to exchange preferences with Clive Palmer.

Key points:
  • The Liberal Party will preference the United Australia Party second or ahead of Labor
  • Clive Palmer is running for a Senate spot, after catapulting ex-rugby league star Greg Dowling into the seat of Herbert
  • The PM has repeatedly said the issue of preferences is one for the party organisation to deal with, but left the door open to a deal


The deal will see the Liberals place the United Australia Party second, or above Labor, on its how-to-vote cards in Lower and Upper House seats.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly said deciding preferences is an issue for the party organisation to deal with.

That is despite the fact he directed his party to preference Pauline Hanson's One Nation below Labor in the wake of revelations the minor party had solicited donations from the National Rifle Association in the US.

Political strategists have spent the past 48 hours locking in crucial preference deals ahead of pre-polling, which opens on Monday.

Mr Palmer is attempting a return to politics, throwing himself into the running for a seat in the Senate.

The billionaire businessman was tipped to run in the north Queensland seat of Herbert, but catapulted ex-rugby league star Greg Dowling into the contest instead.

His party is experiencing a resurgence in the polls, with the latest Newspoll showing it had a primary vote between 5 and 14 per cent in four marginal seats in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.


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Scummo prefers to align himself with cheats rather than decent human beings...

cheating the locals...

Clive Palmer’s $100m foundation to benefit Aboriginal people launched 10 years ago only has $109 in it, despite never having disbursed a grant or allocation, according to financial records published by the Australian charity commission.

The Western Australian government said it intends to investigate the situation.

“We are currently investigating any avenues which might be available to compel Mr Palmer to make good on his promise,” WA’s Aboriginal affairs minister, Ben Wyatt, told Guardian Australia.

“Any candidates standing for Mr Palmer’s reheated political party should explain how they themselves reconcile standing for a party whose central figure has behaved in such a disgraceful and untrustworthy manner towards Aboriginal people.


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