Friday 19th of July 2019

Well, thank God for Mr Magic .....

Hot air from the arse end of the world

From Our ABC

Campbell upsets China with greenhouse gas accusation
Australia has upset Chinese delegates at the Climate Change Conference in Nairobi with claims the Asian giant is set to become the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases.

A press release from Australia's Environment Minister, Senator Ian Campbell, asserts the Kyoto protocol fails to curb China's greenhouse gas emissions.

China has responded by pointing out Australia emits more greenhouse gases than China per head of population.

The head of the Greenpeace delegation in Nairobi, Steve Sawyer, says China has taken offence at the comments.

"It should be taken as a rebuke," he said.

"They're not going to get away with that and if this sort of thing persists then I would expect that from the Chinese side it would be reflected in a whole range of bilateral arrangements, which is something I don't really think Australia can afford to wear."

Senator Campbell denies he has caused offence.

"Australia has a close understanding of China's development goals and a close understanding of China's action on climate change and China understands Australia's position well," he said.

"Greenpeace and other NGO's are trying to cause trouble that is actually not overly useful in trying to move climate change negotiations forward here in Nairobi."

The United States and Australia are the only industrialised countries to refuse to ratify the UN's Kyoto Protocol on curbing greenhouse gases, a stance that has earned them the wrath of many environmentalists.

arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites .....

Yes Gus, our politicians are as full of arrogance as their yankee coaches ....

Only a dill of the first order like Campbell would insist that he would know if his words / actions gave offence. I was always taught that such conclusions are normally reached by those on the receiving end.

No wonder the "developing" world, including China, is so sceptical of initiatives like Kyoto, when, for the last two hundred years, the west - namely Great Britain, Europe, the US & Australia - has plundered their resources & trashed their cultures, whilst pumping their filthy pollution into the world's atmosphere on a completely unrestrained basis, & then they want to turn around & lecture them about restraint.

Until the west - prominently the US, Canada & Australia - get-off their self-righteous high horses & lead by example, why would anyone pay them any mind at all?