Friday 19th of July 2019

the value of "aussie tony's" legacy .....

‘They say the fountain in London's Trafalgar Square turned the color of blood on Armistice Day last weekend, as Britons in the hundreds of thousands trudged out in the November gloom to commemorate the end of the First World War, and lament the dead in all the wars thereafter.

But the turning of the water was no miracle, no divine judgment on the leader whose fateful partnership with George W. Bush is producing - week after week, month after month, year after year - fresh cause for future mourning. The color came from the thousands of fake poppies tossed into the fountain in what The Observer called "a spontaneous act of remembrance": an offering of the ubiquitous charity emblems worn by most of the population in the week leading up to the memorials.

In any case, Tony Blair never saw the vision of blood in the Square; he was in Hyde Park, with the Queen and other worthies, conducting formal ceremonies where no free action or unscripted word from the public was allowed to intrude. These offices of the dead were a fitting end to a week which saw Blair and his ministers launch a massive new fear-mongering campaign, promising a "generation" of terror, war and tyrannical security measures in a "long and deep struggle" against his own nation's Muslim minority.’

Blair's Post-Election Panic Attack

special friends .....

Senior State Department analyst, Kendall Myers, characterised Tony Blair’s relationship with George Bush as “totally one-sided”. Myers said that: “we typically ignore them & take no notice - it’s a sad business” & he admitted feeling “a little ashamed” of the way Bush has treated Blair.

Certainly the great deciderarian’s deputy sheriff in the antipodes, the “man of steel” - our prime chumster, little johnnee – can't claim to have been ignored.

Bushit has publicly humiliated our warrior prince by confusing him with John Major (the ex British PM) & mocking him by suggesting that he was “not the prettiest person on the block” & didn’t “have any hair”.

In spite of bushit's boorish behaviour, our little Winston keeps running back for more, having visited the Texan's outhouse on more than a dozen occasions.

With a “special friend” like bushit, you'd think that the serial rodent would prefer to be “ignored”, just like his fellow war criminal “ausie tony”?