Friday 29th of May 2020



Thought bubble caption:

Donald: "I'm going to kill the guy who put me in this straightjacket..."

The Queen: "Thank God, someone put this pussy-grabber in a straightjacket..."

Melania: "Why are my boobs in a straightjacket designed like a Sydney Opera House?"

The Photographer: "Smile... SMILE! SMILE for chrissake!!"

of meghan and of lamas...

On the first day of his state visit to the UK, the US President was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, while on Tuesday Donald Trump met with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

US President Donald Trump has revealed his true feelings about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his sole interview in the UK, with Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain.

In the 33-minute conversation in the Churchill War Rooms, Trump revealed his thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex after she was said to have criticised him as “divisive”.

When asked if he thought Meghan was indeed “nasty”, a claim he earlier denied as "fake news," Trump said:

“They said some of the things that she said and it’s actually on tape.” “And I said: 'Well, I didn’t know she was nasty.' I wasn’t referring to she’s nasty.”

“I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me. You know what? She’s doing a good job, I hope she enjoys her life… I think she’s very nice.”

Trump continued: “She was nasty to me. And that’s okay for her to be nasty, it’s not good for me to be nasty to her and I wasn’t.”


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Meanwhile at Buddhism Central:


The Dalai Lama hailed the initiatives of the Russian president toward the situation in many countries across the globe.


"I think that Russia is a great nation, very powerful. Recent events showed that Putin as a leader of the Russian nation pays more attention to the issues in different parts of the world. I think that is good", he admitted.

The whole world is facing a very difficult period, the Dalai Lama said in an apparent reference to numerous conflicts and arguments.

"Today the world is passing through a critical period. In such a time President Putin should think very carefully, take into consideration a wider perspective and a long-term interest. That's important", he stressed.

'Trump Carries Great Responsibility'

The policies of US President Donald Trump did not escape the attention of the foremost spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

"President Trump is the leader of the great nation and carries great responsibility. I think the leader should think of a wider perspective and long-term interest – that's important. He should not think just of immediate benefits", he said.

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"President Trump, of course, it is his work. I have no right to criticize, but he has sold billions of weapons to Saudi Arabia. I think this is wrong. He also withdrew from the Paris climate accord. This is unfortunate", he said.

Monarchy Outdated, Democracy Future

Tibet's spiritual leader believes that monarchy as a form of a political system is totally outdated.

"A few days ago the Japanese emperor [Naruhito] acceded to the throne, and yesterday a new British prince was born [Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal baby]. I really feel that [monarchy] is outdated. Russian Bolshevik revolution eliminated the czarist rule, and the French Revolution also eliminated the king’s rule. I feel this is right. All these kings, queens are part of old thinking. In that system, there was too much emphasis on military power", he said.


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the potomac yobo philistine had a chemistry set...

The US president, Donald Trump, has boasted about having “automatic chemistry” with the Queen during his state visit to the UK.

Trump, during an interview with Fox News, said people had noticed how well he and the Queen had connected.

He said: “The meeting with the Queen was incredible. I think I can say I really got to know her because I sat with her many times and we had automatic chemistry, you will understand that feeling. It’s a good feeling. But she’s a spectacular woman.”

When asked by the broadcaster’s Laura Ingraham if he fist-bumped the Queen, Trump said: “I did not, but I had a great relationship, we had a really great time.

“There are those that say they have never seen the Queen have a better time, a more animated time. We had a period we were talking solid straight, I didn’t even know who the other people at the table were, never spoke to them. We just had a great time together.”

Trump, when asked if he would keep the conversation going, added: “Yes I am, she is a spectacular woman, an incredible woman.”

The controversial billionaire-turned-politician was feted with a ceremonial welcome and a grand state banquet at Buckingham Palace during his stay in London this week and sat next to the Queen at the D-day commemorations in Portsmouth on Wednesday.


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a lovely frock...

On 5 June, the media projectors zeroed in on President Trump and the European leaders of NATO, who, for the anniversary of D-Day, auto-celebrated in Portsmouth “peace, freedom and democracy in Europe,” vowing to “defend them at any time, wherever they may be threatened”. The reference to Russia is clear.

The major medias have either ignored, or somewhat sarcastically relegated to the second zone, the meeting that took place on the same day in Moscow between the Presidents of Russia and China. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, for their thirtieth meeting in six years, refrained from presenting rhetorical concepts, but noted a series of facts.

The exchanges between the two countries, which last year exceeded 100 billion dollars, are now extended by approximately 30 new Chinese projects for investment in Russia, particularly in the energy sector, for a total of 22 billion dollars.

Russia has become the largest oil exporter to China, and is preparing to do the same for natural gas : the largest Eastern gas pipeline will open in December, followed by another from Siberia, plus two huge sites for the export of liquefied natural gas.

The US plan to isolate Russia by means of sanctions, also applied by the EU, combined with the cessation of Russian energy exports to Europe, will therefore be rendered useless.

Russo-Chinese collaboration will not be limited to the energy sector. Joint projects have been launched in the aero-space and other high technology sectors. The communication routes between the two countries (railway, road, river and maritime) are being heavily developed. Cultural exchanges and tourist flows are also expanding rapidly.

This is wide-scale cooperation, whose strategic vision is indicated by two decisions announced at the end of the meeting :

— the signature of an intergovernmental agreement to extend the use of national currencies, (the rouble and the yan), to commercial exchanges and financial transactions, as an alternative to the still-dominant dollar ;

— the intensification of efforts to integrate the New Silk Road, promoted by China, and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), promoted by Russia, with the “aim of creating a greater Eurasian partnership in the future.”

The fact that this aim is not simply economic is confirmed by the “Joint Declaration on the reinforcing of strategic world stability” signed at the end of the meeting. Russia and China share “identical or very similar positions”, which are de facto contrary to those of USA/NATO, concerning Syria, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

They are issuing a warning : the withdrawal by the USA from the INF Treaty (with the goal of deploying intermediate-range nuclear missiles around Russia and China) may accelerate the arms race and increase the possibility of nuclear conflict. They denounce the US refusal to endorse the total ban on nuclear testing.

They also deem “irresponsible” the fact that certain States, although they are signatories of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, practice “joint nuclear missions,” and request the “return to their national territories of all nuclear weapons deployed outside of their frontiers”.

This request directly concerns Italy and other European countries where, in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the United States have based nuclear weapons which may be used by the host countries under US command : B-61 nuclear bombs which will be replaced from 2020 by the even more dangerous B61-12’s.

The major medias have said nothing about this, but were busy on 5 June describing the splendid costumes worn by First Lady Melania Trump for the D-Day ceremonies

Manlio Dinucci

Pete Kimberley

Il Manifesto (Italy)


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more royal yucks with the pussy-grabber...

President Trump insisted Friday that Queen Elizabeth II had more yucks with him during his state visit to the UK than she’s had in more than two decades.

“I have such a great relationship, and we were laughing and having fun. And her people said she hasn’t had so much fun in 25 years. Then I got criticized for it because they said we were having too much fun,” Trump told “Fox & Friends.”

Trump spent time with the 93-year-old monarch during his visit, touring Westminster Abbey and dining at Buckingham Palace.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told CNN that Trump’s claim was “not something we would comment on.”


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The picture at top shows the queen rolling in the aisles with laughter...



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