Monday 25th of May 2020

Unscheduled downtime 17/11 - 19/11

As many of you would have noticed YourDemocracy was unavailable for a couple of days. This was due to our domain name expiring. The name was under the control of a member of the IT team who is no longer active in the project, and no-one noticed that the domain was about to expire.

This has now been rectified, with the domain once again the under control of the core IT team. We also took this opportunity to move servers to deal with space and bandwidth issues. Every month we have grown in disk space and numbers of visitors. The new hosting basically has unlimited of each of these.

Please attach any issues as comments to this post.


thank you .....

Hi Nigel.

Thanks for your efforts in getting us back on line .... well done.

Thanks also to Hamish & James Woodcock for the assist.

And thanks everyone-else for your patience.

Danke sheun

Thanks to all for making magic happen... Eternally grateful...


  What, you mean to say that Martians wearing cloned Dick Cheney faces haven't targeted the site in revenge for our attacks?

Damn.  I was just about to get feisty.

;)  Glad all's well.

Nigel, HEEELP!

I've lost editing access to that first Halliburton blog.  This is vital to me as it's the one linked to Hal Watch and I add all the time?


Can we fix it? 

How are we going with this?

How are we going with this? I noticed the update date on this entry is today.?


Still no good, Nigel


I still can't edit that blog anymore. 

OK, Fixed.The issue was the

OK, Fixed.

The issue was the "Input Format" had been switched to "Raw HTML" from "Filtered HTML". In the new Drupal this obviously prevents people without Raw HTML permissions from editing an entry. Don't know how it came to be on Raw HTML,  but it is back on Filtered HTML now. Richard, you should be able to edit your entry again, although I must comment, it almost crashed my browser editing it. It's no small piece of work.

FYI, we typically only allow filtered HTML to try to prevent entries from breaking the site style sheets. Nothing personal, and if it becomes and issue I'll give you Raw HTML access.


Nigel, the only way I go

Nigel, the only way I go near html is if it's pre-cooked.  Self saucing even.   I must've fiddled something the wrong way.  Or perhaps it was trying to get a picture back.

No matter.  I'm glad it's workable again.  Because of the link from Halwatch it's visited regularly and as it's still unrolling I'd like to keep it going as a kind of one-piece diary.  

Many,many thanks. 

The problem I'm having is

The problem I'm having is that with some pages, such as the one we're referring to, I can only see 70 of the way across the page.  Even when I cut and paste from something correctly formatted it just spilllls across.

Is there some sort of generic html right hand margin code you could use to pull it in by 30 per cent?  If so it will save me many hours of tearing my hair out.

 I don't know if you've my new Parkin piece but I feel that first blog is getting quite cluey.

I think I understand what

I think I understand what you are talking about. You mean the entry starts to scroll horizontally? If this is the issue, it is caused by long strings of charactors without a space in it. For instance, in this instance there is a web address from SMH which is really long. I converted it into a real link under the text "(link)".

I have noticed this issue in other places, which I tend to correct if I notice it. I don't think there is any HTML trick to get around this, just make real links, perhaps using the descriptive text.