Friday 19th of July 2019

"aussie tony" & the value of heroes .....

‘The global battle against Islamic terrorism will be decided in the harsh desert of southern Afghanistan, Tony Blair yesterday told British troops as he made a flying visit to the country.

The Prime Minister flew into Helmand province in the south, where 3,500 British troops are engaged in a "stability mission" that has seen them facing daily clashes with Taleban fighters - combat of an intensity commanders say the British Army has not experienced since the Second World War.

Mr Blair told the troops that anyone would feel "very humble and very proud" in the face of their courage and dedication. "People back home are very proud of what you do, regardless of what they think of the politicians," he said.

Lance Corporal Kieran Ryan, 25, of the Royal Marines 45 Commando based at Arbroath, tackled Mr Blair over pay, asking why firemen and police officers are paid more than combat troops.

The Prime Minister told him: "I cannot give guarantees about that. I think there is a desire to recognise the work that is being done."  

The answer did little to convince the commando, who replied: "Cheers, I'll watch out for my wage rise."’

Blair Tells Troops They Are Securing World ... And They Ask: What About A Rise, Then?

so demented .....

‘After 1990 many hoped that an age of stable peace might dawn. Rich nations might disarm and combine to help the poor, advancing the cause of global responsibility. Instead two of history's most internationalist states, America and Britain, have returned to the trough of conflict, chasing a chimera of "world terrorism", and at ludicrous expense. They have brought death and destruction to a part of the globe that posed no strategic threat. 

Now one of them, Tony Blair, stands in a patch of desert to claim that "world security in the 21st century" depends on which warlord controls it. Was anything so demented?’

Blair Is Wildly Exaggerating The Threat Posed By Terrorism

Kill, kill, using soneone else's bullets...

From our ABC


British troops forced to borrow ammo
The British Defence Ministry has admitted some troops in Afghanistan were sent a defective batch of ammunition and were forced to borrow rounds from Canadian and American troops.

A Ministry spokeswoman says the incident happened three months ago and the defective batch has since been replaced.

The spokeswoman was responding to a report in a British tabloid newspaper, which alleged a platoon from the Parachute Regiment had refused to go out on patrol until the problem was resolved.

The newspaper claimed the faulty ammunition was a cheap variety which kept jamming.

However it also said technical officers had tested five different batches of ammunition and all had been found to be defective in southern Afghanistan's extremely hot and dusty conditions.

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