Monday 25th of May 2020

at the democratic museum of socks, lies, porkies, speedoes, too many bloody ideas and square-wheeled tricycles...


The MoAD director, Daryl Karp, says the museum is always on the lookout for objects that tell a story and connect with the public, part of an effort to “rebuild trust in the processes of civic engagement … and encouraging people to be excited by democracy”.

She cites previous acquisitions including Julie Bishop’s shoes, a tracksuit from John Howard, and a bicycle from Tony Abbott.

Leigh’s principles include noble sentiments that Labor communications “should try to engage with the better instincts of Australia, to tell stories, make new arguments and convey fresh facts”.

“When we dumb down debates and demonise our opponents, progressives lose. When we enrich the public conversation, we win.”

That plea for positivity seems a bit incongruous, coming after the 2016 election which Labor almost won on the back of a negative campaign arguing the Coalition would privatise Medicare, and the 2019 election, in which Labor lost offering policies so extensive it seemed to be running as an incumbent government.


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contemptuous janet...

Contempt, the conservative columnist Janet Albrechtsen told a crowd at a Rydges Hotel in Sydney on Friday, is a dangerous thing.

“Contempt is cold,” she said. “It reeks of scorn. It says that you don’t care about another person, that they’re worthless. When someone treats another person with contempt, they’re putting that other person down and making themselves feel superior.”

It was, she offered, part of what is exacerbating polarisation in western countries, Australia included.


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