Friday 24th of January 2020

scummo is like a cheshire cat playing with a nearly dead mouse...


Scummo is slowly destroying the ABC...

The Scummo government is cutting the ABC budget. The Liberal (CONservative) government has been cutting the ABC budget since that fatal day, the day Tony Abbott got elected by default, after some mighty interference from Uncle Rupe. We all (we all should) remember that promise made by this Tony-turd on camera then about not cutting the budget for this and that—  including the budget of the ABC and SBS. 

The first thing the Turd did, once disguised as a primal minister of this fair country, was to cut all the budgets of social services and cut the ABC budget by a whopping amount, with “promises” of further cuts. He had lied of course. But inside his hypocrite Catholic bulging budgie-smugglers that passes for brains, süße Lügen (sweet lies) are not a sin. Lying is part of the political landscape — especially for the Libs (CONservatives) who would not survive without Lügen. Big big big Lügen...

Since then, under Turnbullshit the self-important-vacuous-white-turnip and Morrison-the-advertising-dodgy-brother-of-the-two-previous-PM-ningnongs, the budget of the ABC has been further cut and will be cut until the ABC bleeds to death.

Not only the budget is cut, but the ability to tell true stories about the government has also been frightfully reduced under the real treat of jail terms for journalists exposing the shenanigans of the Scummo and his coal-ition morons.

Meanwhile Ita Buttrose, the new Chairperson of the ABC board, hopefully, said that no staff will loose their job while she is Chairwoman… Good luck to that if she lasts that long with about $83.7 million further cuts... It looks she won't be able to stem the dismissal of staff, due to this oncoming Scummo government imposed austerity belt-tightening measures for the national broadcaster while the bloated defence budget with obsolete submarines has been boosted by three extra billions bux, without request, for better bullet-proof vests (not yellow). 

Meanwhile, there is a lot of disinformation being peddled by the government and its lackeys in the "free" press.

Most of (ALL) the other media organisation HATE the ABC. The worst of the lot is the Murdoch media that has been trying hard to get the government to destroy the ABC with a pick-axe or sell it off to private enterprise… him mainly.

Selling the ABC to private enterprise is also a goal of the Libs (CONservatives) but they cannot do this OVERTLY because of public outcry — so this Scummo Liberal (CONservative) government is doing it by stealth. It’s slowly murdering the ABC in a back dark alley, away from every one’s view. 

One of the key factor here is a few furphies about the change of technology — including podcasts and iView. This new techno is equated with cheap messaging which it is, but in the mind of idiots, they think that the budget can thus be reduced. But where are you going to source messages, create content and new shows on various subjects relevant to Australia if you murder the ability of the ABC to produce programs, including news that don’t involve a cat? (I had to write a cat in this editorial to link with the cartoon at top).

Actually, the Mad as Hell show on the ABC TV had this sketch, probably already mentioned on this site, about a “lady” (an actress) in the audience telling Shaun that she was on Newstart (or the pension or whatever), but could not even afford cat food… and she did not have a cat. Yep. this is a fair description of Scummo’s empty bottle he uses as a thinking dunny.

And this is where the budget of the ABC is heading: no food, no cat. no ABC

Actually, according to some well-informed insiders, the ABC will survive — but "only for the countryfolks”, because the other network are lousy with showing real cows and haystacks, thus the bush needs the ABC. See:

Reading the lines and in-beween this bush-bull-crap, it appears the Scummo government wants to impose bushies on the board of the ABC, while having “an advisory board" from beyond the Burke black-stump. It could be that the Libs (CONservatives) would eventually create a sub-board at the ABC, made up of country-party (picked from the Nationals RMW mob) to only serve the “news interest of the farmers and the miners", in Whoopwhoopland (like a 24/7 Landline) but more slanted on the begging bowl style, showing why the (RICH and poor) country folks need more government handouts during floods and droughts (which is 99 per cent of the time) — and why the destruction of the bush is necessary for the miners [Adani and its choochoo train] and farmers [clear-felling]. Hurrah!

The rest of the ABC — if everything goes to plan for the Scummo gangsters, led by Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communications — could be dismantled bit by bit and sold off to Murdoch, like ABC books… and hidden from view like ABC Enterprises...

One of the latest rumours on the uneven pavement is that should you have been watching iView, you will be counted (fair enough) but you will be discounted from being a viewer of on-air programs. Thus the ratings for on-air programs will eventually bite the dust, not by reality, but by minus “accounting". I don’t know if this is true, but you cannot trust the Libs (CONservatives) on being inventive with such lunatic arithmetics to push their rotten views.

Although the rest of the media might gently rumble about the Scummo government, they won’t touch the core of the rot, which is to tell porkies and rob the poor. We need the ABC to expose the government crap — and more. 

And we cannot expect any joy from Labor... While Shorten was simpatico, the new Labor boss, Albo, is a friend of coal and appears to be an anti-friend of the ABC. He wont rock the CONservative navy boat and he is ready to follow Scummo's troops with salute to the Strait of Hormuz. Crap.

Imagine that per capita, the budget of the ABC is a minuscule amount compared to that of the BBC. Imagine all the great shows that have already been destroyed on Australia’s ABC because of budget cuts? Now, the only "sciences" on the ABC-TV come from the BBC or are downbeat populist views on health food and how to survive old age… Nothing wrong with this but it's a bit puerile at times and often lacks real scientific balls. Lucky we still have The Science Show on Radio National...

Imagine that in the USA, that land of the free-falling ethics into the Potomac sewer and white housing hubristic megalomaniacs — both ideals to our Scummo’s thick empty skull, there is no real national broadcaster. Even PBS is a beggar for funds. Remember that one of the presidential Republican hopeful, Romney, wanted to cut the pitiful government supplies to PBS, under the pretence that it was not a public service to have a show like Sesame Street as part of broadcasting… 

And this is one of the deception of the Scummo: he’s subtlety trying to make a distinction between populist broadcasting and the ABC. It’s perverse. Most people in the street don’t think they will “loose the ABC” while others don’t see it as their “public service” anymore, but as a burden to the national purse and also "contrary to the national interest" — as journalists who expose the government shenanigans should be hanged. Any mention of global warming, and the ABC presenter will be burned to the stake by other media. 

As the public at large cares less and less about the ABC in step with the Scummo (who cares as much about the ABC as a sinking island in the Pacific), Scummo beams like a Cheshire cat being served double portions of cooked Tweety Bird. If the majority of the public cared about the ABC, the evangelical Scummo-shitface would have been thrown out at the last election. I know there are motels in Western Australia where the ABC isn't on their TV menus, though the ABC is broadcasting loud and clear. It's possible the story is the same in Queensland... End of transmission. 

So the battle to save the ABC is REAL… We have to protect the ABC from the rabid idiots in government. It won’t be easy. We might have to be devious and help Murdoch defeat Google news… Really? Why? Well, most of our youths are on the Google teat addictive smartphone apps and don’t care about the ABC, despite having been raised on Play-School... 

Google is evil. Murdoch is spruiking rubbish on many issues and support the mob that could destroy the ABC and certainly destroy the planet. The Sydney Morning Herald is moribund. The Guardian is right of centre, often dippy as if caught between a latte and a cappuccino. Your news are shit. The ABC is on life-support and the Scummo government will cut the tubes as soon as it can do it when you turn your back.

Throw this "Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Rural and Regional Measures) Bill 2019" out of Parliament. It skink of cow-poop from miles away.

"A free press can,..., be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad..."
                                   — Albert Camus.

Gus Leoniksy
ABC watcher, listener and angry...

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destroying the ABC has been on the liberals' (CONservatives) mind for a long time...



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Dear friends,

Sr Susan Connelly has sent these links to information about what has been happening in the dreadful case about  Bernard Collaery and Witness K. There is also an attachment of a statement that she has written which is, I believe, very important which is in PDF.


Claude Mostowik msc

Four Corners 
Secrets, spies and trials: national security vs the public’s right to know.
Monday 26 August 2019 at 8:30pm AEST

Please advertise this widely

Bernard Collaery

Bernard Collaery appeared at the ACT Supreme Court on Thursday, August 22.  There will be another short hearing on September 26, followed by a three-day hearing beginning on December 11. At that time decisions will be made as to the conditions of his trial by jury, which may take place in early 2020.

A group of supporters greeted him on his arrival, after speeches in defence of those who “speak truth to power”.

Here is a video of the speeches, and the text of the speech I gave is attached below.

"Witness K"

The fate of “Witness K” may be known this coming Thursday, 29th August.

His lawyers will be appearing in the ACT Magistrate’s Court.

Further information will be sent in the next few days.