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‘This rampant, arrogant, and care-less US militarism has nowhere been more evident than here in South Korea, especially in the village of Daechuri, near Pyong-taek City. The loathing for George Bush, America, Americans, irresponsible capitalism, corporatism, imperialism and militarism is a planetary phenomenon, but apart from what the US is doing to the wretched countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, I have never been more ashamed of the US government than when I visited the village of Daechuri with 17 other American peace and social-justice activists and a campesino from Colombia.

On the day after Thanksgiving, when most Americans were watching football, trampling each other in Wal-Mart in a frantic feeding frenzy to get the newest cheap toys that are made off of the backs of virtual slave labor all over the world and/or spending most of the day circling parking lots at malls across the country to find a coveted parking space, four women from our delegation - me, Medea Benjamin (founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink), my sister, Dede Miller (co-founder of GSFP) and my assistant, Tiffany Burns - walked across about 2 acres (up to our armpits) of ruined rice crops toward the "dmz" between the village and Camp Humphreys to hang a sign that said: "Farms Not Arms" on the nasty looking razor wire, despite the warnings of the Korean guards who were waving their arms and screaming something at us from behind two rows of the barbed wire.’

Siege & Seizure In Korea

Behold a Man

From Jimmy Carter: "Iraq Invasion...:

CARTER: I would immediately convene an international conference and let it be known -- which is not known now -- that America has no desire to maintain a permanent military presence in Iraq. Almost every Arab leader with whom I have discussed this issue in the last year or two believe that the current plan is some day, 20 years from now, still to have a military presence of the United States inside Iraq. I would make that clear. And I would involved as many of the neighbors and other leaders in the world along with us, not in the occupation of Iraq, but in the orderly withdrawal from Iraq of American troops and a reassurance to the Iraqi people that you can control your own affairs.


From Don’t just ask Gates questions; dig deep:

In all cases, Gates will say that what the senator said was important, but, no, he will not provide any specifics. The line will be that any particulars would “prejudice” his work as secretary of defense, but exactly how a discussion of the pros and cons of expanding U.S. occupation forces in Iraq, building more F-22 fighters or C-130 transports in Georgia (Saxby Chambliss [R–GA], will ask about those), or basing a new aircraft carrier in Florida to replace the USS Kennedy might force Gates to go in one ill-advised direction or another is quite unclear. However, no senator will show the skill or determination to extract a real answer.


From Iraq: The Killing Fields, With Oil:

Here’s the saddest truth: The “noble cause” that justifies continued American military presence in Iraq may now be as simple as: preventing a Killing Fields by the Tigris.


The Swiss bank account trick again

BAE secret millions linked to arms broker

Swiss bank accounts traced as row over Eurofighter contract escalates

David Leigh and Rob Evans
Wednesday November 29, 2006
The Guardian

Secret payments of millions of pounds from Britain's biggest arms company have been found in Swiss accounts linked to Wafic Said, a billionaire arms broker for the Saudi Royal family, according to legal sources.