Tuesday 10th of December 2019

if your pay packet is not reaching the stars, blame the desire to balance the soft cheese of the economy...


The conspicuous exhilaration of the near-death escape turns up pretty regularly in politics as spectator sport.

There are all those election victory speeches for starters. We're not talking about the speeches by the leaders who felt chosen by fate to fulfil their destiny as our leaders. 

We're talking about the ones in which the elected or returned leader quite obviously can't believe they've actually won.

Wearing a telltale silly grin of disbelief, you can almost see them trying to process the win as they speak, and turn it into a story of how their victory is an endorsement of everything they have been saying (when it usually actually isn't).


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is it a miracle, luck or eventually a curse?...

Scott Morrison described his election win as a "miracle". It turns out that the miracle was not so much his shining brilliance as the depth of Bill Shorten's unelectability.

We always knew that the Labor leader was unloved. During the election campaign one Melbourne man in a focus group, a pharmaceutical manager named Stewart, said of Shorten that “he’s someone you’d like to punch in the head".


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Errr... No need to tell us this. We knew it from the start...

brown paper bags superseded by plastic ones for cash donation.

ALP national president Wayne Swan has indicated there could be a clean-out of the party’s NSW branch over the now notorious Aldi shopping bag donation.

Mr Swan pledge the party would “act on” findings by an Independent Commission Against Corruption which could see Labor’s dominant right wing in NSW — “The Machine” as its operatives once grandly called it — lose power and personnel.

The right’s energy and authority have already been reduced by spectacular evidence to an ICAC inquiry which last night led to the NSW party’s general secretary Kaila Murnain being suspended.


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