Thursday 21st of January 2021

blaming labor is going according to plan...

the plan...

The Morrison government needs to wake up. It spent the entire election campaign telling us the economy was strong despite clear evidence that was not the case, and now in the light of some of the worst economic growth figures this century it would have us believe all is going to plan.

If that is so, what the heck does that say about their plan?

At the Liberal party election campaign launch in May, Scott Morrison told the audience: “You know, it all begins with keeping our economy strong.”


And the plan is the big issue, because right now the government is trying very hard to do two things – convince you they have a plan, and that what they had planned previously has worked.

In effect they want you to both forget and remember that they have been in power for the past six years.

They want to respond to these awful economic figures (the first time since 1991 that we have seen four consecutive quarters of trend growth below 0.5%) as though they have been elected to fix the problem, while also saying that the plan they had put in place before the election doesn’t need any tinkering.

Morrison suggested on Thursday that they have “a plan we put in the budget. The tough economic circumstances we face are no surprise to the Coalition. That’s why we framed the budget we did.”

We’ll leave aside the fact that the 1.9% growth did actually surprise them because it took just the months of May and June for the figures in the April budget to be overly optimistic.

But if they saw this coming, why then, despite boasting as the treasurer did this week of “the commonwealth’s 10 year $100 billion pipeline of infrastructure spending”, did public investment fall in the June quarter and see its lowest annual growth for nearly four years?

Was that the plan?


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don't worry: the rich are getting richer...

THANK GOODNESS the test cricket, the footy finals and the tennis are providing distractions. With most economic data for the financial year 2018-19 now delivered, Australia ranked lower than ever within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD is the club of 36 wealthy mixed capitalist economies with which comparisons can be made.

The facts and figures confirm Australia’s economy is currently managed by one of the world’s least competent administrations: the Morrison Government.

Jobs overall

The number of people unemployed at the end of June was above 710,000 for the first time in 13 months. The jobless rate was 5.24%, which ranked 19th in the OECD. That was the worst ranking since records have been kept.

Average weeks jobless spend looking for work

In June 2013 this was 37.7. By June 2018, it had risen to 49.6. By June 2019 this was up to 50.9, more than 13 weeks longer than when the Coalition took office.

Workers over 65

The number of Australians above the retirement age having to return to work soared over the financial year, from 542,400 to 610,000, an all-time high. The percentage of the population over 65 now working increased from 13.9 to 15.1%.


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well-off australians are pulling away from the rest of the nation...

the sport of bashing labor....

And question time ends.

But first we have to congratulate the Australian cricket team. Especially Tim Paine. Because this is what we use parliament for now. 

How good is sportsball?


Clare O’Neil to Josh Frydenberg:

Can the treasurer confirm that under this Coalition government business investment has fallen 20% to its lowest level since the 1990s recession?


Mr Speaker, I can confirm non-mining investment is growing 1.4% through the year, compared to negative 8.4% through the year when Labor left office, Mr Speaker. So the record there is that that we have overseen a better result when it comes to non-mining investment than the Labor party did, Mr Speaker.

Now, in terms of the mining sector, we have seen a transition from the investment stage to the production phase, and one of the positive points out of the national accounts for the June quarter was actually mining investment was up. Mining investment was up, Mr Speaker.

So the reality is, under the Coalition, we are creating more than 1.4 million new jobs. We are lowering taxes, Mr Speaker, and we’re bringing the budget back into surplus. But the question I have for the member of Hotham and those opposite is why do they continue to talk down the Australian economy, Mr Speaker?

Anthony Albanese asks if the opposition can answer the question. Tony Smith says sadly no, but Frydenberg is straying off the topic and to get on with it.


As I have said, our record of investment is better than the Labor party when it comes to the non-mining sector, Mr Speaker. We’ve created more jobs, we’re lowering taxes and we’re bringing the budget back into surplus.

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In the case of statistics, one has to be cautious. When the government say "we created more this and that", the real measuring stick isn't the numbers but the proportions. Say Labor six years ago added 200,000 jobs when the population was 23 millions. Now the Scummo government may have added "more" jobs, say 200,100, when the population is 24 millions... 



Scummo understands boring people want a boring government...


By Chris Uhlmann, SMH/Nine

Let’s raise two cheers for boring government. For the first time in nearly a decade we are heading towards the end of the year without speculating whether the Prime Minister will survive until Christmas.

And that is a good thing.

One of the perversions of reporting is that any good day for journalism is usually a bad one for many other people. Catastrophic floods, fires, massacres, corruption, bastardry, ineptitude and high political farce or drama fill news bulletins and column inches but they aren’t something any half-sensible citizen actually desires.


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Chris Uhlmann, now Nine News Political Editor, has always been controversially boring, making up ideas designed to salvage the CONservative idiots in government. His articles on the power outage in South Australia are a disgrace of engineering ignorance. But Chris is used by the CONservative Channel Nine that is in bed with the CONservative in Kanbra, to promote the CONservative crap... And since the Sydney Morning Herald has been bought by Channel Nine, its line "independent, always" sounds as hollow as a dead stringless guitar in the middle of the Gibber Desert.

Presently the Qld' and NSW Rainforests are on fire, possibly due to record years of drought, all possibly due to inaction and boredom by a CONservative government (Turdy Abbott/Turnbullshit) now boringly led by Scummo's proud inaction on global warming...

So the bastardry, ineptitude and high political farce continues quietly, away from the REAL journalists who are too busy salvaging what's left of "press freedom"...


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grubby undertones spread by ASIO?...

The Prime Minister has dubbed attacks on Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu a "smear" campaign with a "grubby undertone".

Key points:
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison backs Liberal MP Gladys Liu to remain in Parliament
  • Ms Liu has faced questions about her links to a secretive Chinese influence network
  • Mr Morrison says "smears" on Ms Liu are an insult to all Chinese-Australians


The ABC on Wednesday revealed ASIO had advised then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to not attend a meet and greet Ms Liu had arranged in Melbourne in 2018.

The advice was given based on the guest list for the event.

That revelation came hours after Ms Liu confirmed she held membership of an organisation linked to China's foreign interference operations, less than 24 hours after saying she could not recall being a part of it.

Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman, Penny Wong, called on the Prime Minister to assure the Parliament Ms Liu was "fit and proper" to be an MP.

Mr Morrison has backed Ms Liu to remain in Federal Parliament and said questions about her fitness as an MP are an insult to Chinese-Australians.

"This has a very grubby undertone in terms of the smear that is being placed on Gladys Liu," Mr Morrison said.


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We know Ms Liu, used despicable tactic to get elected, including illegal posters indicating to Australian Chinese people the way to vote for her was "official"... This is more the point...