Wednesday 18th of September 2019

potty training junior .....

potty training junior .....

Lincoln hat too big for the "Decider"'s head...

Bush to decide on Iraq policy within weeks

The White House says President George W Bush will decide on his country's policy in Iraq within weeks.

The high-level panel that has been looking at America's options in Iraq hands its final report to the President next week.

American newspapers are reporting the Iraq Study Group will recommend the phased withdrawal of 15 US combat brigades but will not set a timetable.

The Washington Post has also reported the group would recommend a shift from combat operations to support and advising in Iraq.

US national security adviser Stephen Hadley says Mr Bush will act on the report's recommendations within weeks, rather than months.

Mr Hadley says there is now a real sense of urgency about the situation in Iraq but insists panic has not set in.