Sunday 15th of September 2019

leadership illusion, allusion & delusion .....


leadership illusion, allusion & delusion .....


Johnnee's IR laws are crap

From our good ABC


Rudd rejects IR rift with Gillard

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has denied there is a split between himself and deputy Julia Gillard over Labor's industrial relations policy.

Prime Minister John Howard says there is a rift between the two because Mr Rudd stopped short of repeating Ms Gillard's pledge yesterday, that Labor would rip up the Government's workplace relations laws.

But Mr Rudd says there is no confusion in Labor's stance.

"Mr Howard is panicking on industrial relations because he knows that for working families his unfair, extreme laws are causing all sorts of problems for his Government," he said.


Gus: despite the noises made by Joe Hockey — sprouted from the wrong end, trying to show a schism between Gillard and Rudd — there is no dispute between them: Johnnee's IR laws are crap and designed to male people work harder for less...