Tuesday 21st of January 2020

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Peter Gleeson, of the Sunday Terrograph (13/10/19), employed as a writer, advises us with a headline that “Our streets  are blocked by a wave of couch-surfing bludgers”…


Yes, he carries on: The dole in this country is a rort. Yeah yeah, I know that’s a sweeping statement and not all Newstart recipients bludge on the welfare system. But a significant percentage do and now we have climate activists describing themselves as “full-time protestors”.

Peter, you're a lucky bastard to be able to have a published opinion in a rag-sheet to puts meat on your table, but to put it bluntly, we need people to employ themselves — on Newstart, which is less than peanuts, or survive on any other means, like flocking to the Salvation Army soup kitchen for a feed — at protesting against the stupidity of our leaders on global warming. Scummo is an idiot on a half-a-mil a year who can’t think of climate change beyond Noah’s Ark’s big flood, as a punishment for the sins of humanity. 

We love protesters. It’s a legit employment that is far more honourable than writing shit "opinions" for the Murdoch press, with a red-neck and a smug meat-eater grin on your face — as per picture. Protesting is also far more astute than believing in biblical floods.

Meanwhile the shit-pumping philosopher of the Scottish island where the sewers need to be wheeled above the low water mark, Piers Akerman, makes a few silly comments in regard to the ABC not having “a single conservative viewpoint”. Obviously he does not watch the ABC TV caper enough, nor does he listen to Radio National. Yes, on some issues — more important than islandish turds floating in Pittwater — the ABC goes as far as it can to accommodate the loonies, the ratbags, the Nazis and the denialists, but there is something called truth, which tends to place a restraint on the propagation of porkies — especially those of the Scummo rightwing evangelical government.

Now for dessert, we visit the Claire Harvey polemical rubbish dump, where she more or less blasts the old people — that is to say us, the red-ned drinkers who have passed their used by date and are rolling downhill, hanging like grim-death to a zimmer frame, towards a hole in the a disused churchyard cemetery — because they get arrested as they protest with “Extinction Rebellion”. She describes them as scallywags who have nothing better to do because they're bored. Yes, saving the planet and the other animals is a bore, but someone has to do it... Is Harvey full of her own important role as a granny — no, really? She looks too young in the DT picture (taken 20 years ago?) — yet she terminates her inane views with:

"If you ever ducked your head into a court during a criminal trial, you’ll have noted the jury is full of old people, as are public benches inside the courtroom, where underemployed retirees come to pass a few hours of a morning. These people are Extinction Rebellion. They are just bored. They want grandkids. Then they’ll be too tired to protest.

Just like the rest of us.

Please skip "the rest of us..." Go away...

Why do we bother… She is an idiot.

this is uncle rupe's dummy speaking...

As it is becoming obvious that political responses to global warming such as the Paris treaty are not working, environmentalists are urging us to consider the climate impact of our personal actions. Don’t eat meat, don’t drive a gasoline-powered car and don’t fly, they say. But these individual actions won’t make a substantial difference to our planet, and such demands divert attention away from the solutions that are needed.

Even if all 4.5 billion flights this year were stopped from taking off, and the same happened every year until 2100, temperatures would be reduced by just 0.054 degrees, using mainstream climate models — equivalent to delaying climate change by less than one year by 2100.

Nor will we solve global warming by giving up meat. Going vegetarian is difficult — one US survey shows 84 percent fail, most in less than a year. Those who succeed will only reduce their personal emissions by about 2 percent.

And electric cars are not the answer. Globally, there are just 5 million fully electric cars on the road. Even if this climbs massively to 130 million in 11 years, the International Energy Agency finds CO₂ equivalent emissions would be reduced by a mere 0.4 percent globally.

Put simply: The solution to climate change cannot be found in personal changes in the homes of the middle classes of rich countries.


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What a lot of garbage... Let's burn the place down, faster, please!

the murdoch parade...



the mighty wurlitzer”

Skip Scott 
November 1, 2019 at 09:05

This is a perfect example of what the late Robert Parry called “the Mighty Wurlitzer”. It matters not a whit that anyone who bothers to do any real research knows that Browder’s story is a complete fabrication. The percentage of people who know the truth is infinitesimal compared to the vast majority of lazy MSM consumers. The truth is simply drowned out and the empire’s lies live on.



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