Sunday 15th of September 2019

julia confronts a new, improved pauline .....

julia meets the new, improved pauline .....

Our muckaroonist creates havoc in NZ

From the ABC

NZ PM walks out of press conference

Prime Minister John Howard's final news conference during his trip to Wellington has ended abruptly with his New Zealand counterpart Helen Clark walking out.

Sections of the New Zealand press corp zeroed in on the gulf between John Howard and Helen Clark over Iraq, asking whether Ms Clark thought things were better or worse in Iraq as a result of the 2003 invasion.

"Well, I don't really want to go down that track today," she said.

When questioning persisted, Ms Clark called an abrupt halt to the press conference.

"I'm sorry, you endeavour to heckle from the back row of every news conference I give and you are not going to do it to this one," she said.

Mr Howard is now on his way home...


Gus: it looks that wherever Johnnee goes, the controversy of his muckaroonic policies creates havoc, leaving bodies behind, barely cooled off when he sits down at home with his slippers on.